Welcome Back, Now F- OFF.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

I'm on a huge journey to find out what life is and what it's not about. I have a zero fucks attitude at the moment. Life should be lived to the fullest and to do that I know I need to give "no fucks."

A lot has happened in the last few months but there is one thing that brings me back to my little home and community on the interweb- losing someone. I lost someone I love. They were a huge part of my life considering I saw them in class every day and rode the bus to and back from class. I was always there for that person, yet he still took his own life. I know I did what I could. I inspired him to go to therapy, try writing, to talk to others, and keep doing what he loved.

The last time I had a serious conversation with him he told me he was doing great. He was doing so many things he loved and I know he felt like he had a place. When I found out he passed a little less than a week ago my heart dropped. My chest is tight as I write this too. I'm in shock and I miss him dearly.

I wanted to keep writing on this space becuase I shared this place with him and he always told me to do what felt right.

I'm going to write on my blog again with the purpose of spreading suicide awareness, sharing experiences, and spreading love.

I changed the blog name a little to Simply, Fuck off becuase I am growing up. I needed a name with a little bit of an edge to match my current and a new attitude. I've been doing a lot of what I know is best for me in honor of myself and the people who can't have that freedom.

I don't give a fuck what you have to say about me using this word(there is the only power in the word if you make it a huge deal.)

I don't give a fuck what you think. I'm doing what is best for me.

Welcome back friends! Kindly, unfollow if this doesn't sound like something you'll like. If you are staying around for this new chapter, let's get happy and give less fucks.

This is inspired by you C.

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