Questions for today:
~What do I want to accomplish today?

~What did I learn today?
~What emotions did I feel and why?
~What could I have done better today?
~When did I feel the most myself?
~Where do I feel at home?

Questions for the week:
~What actions/words am I focusing on this week?
~What are my goals this week?

~What am I proud of accomplishing this week?
~What am I not proud of?
~What memories stick out the most?
~What emotions lay heavy?

Questions for the month?
~What are three things I want to learn?
~What am I working towards?
~Where am I going?

~How did this month go? Let yourself go and write.


Full Moon 10 March 2020
A moon that I wish forgiveness from and healing in. This moon cycle I want to be guided towards letting go of the past and growing in important relationships. I also wish for inner peace and clarity when it comes to decisions and growth.

18 March 2020
It's been a week since I've checked into this corner of my blog. There are a few words that come to mind when I think about the last week.

I have been embraced into a family of many. They are a wonderful bunch with individual traits that make them all stand out. I am thankful to be able to grow with the family. The past week has been a lot louder in the silence of social distancing for there are so many people here it is nearly impossible to feel bored or lonely. I have loved getting to know each of the kids by connecting with what they like doing or sharing what I fancy. I feel so accepted for their love is wholesome.

25 March 2020
I can't imagine life without you in it. I am so familiar with life with you in it- I love being a part of what you call home. "Let's go home," has one of the sweetest rings even though it sends me into wandering. Where is my home? It's a place within. I keep whispering that to myself.

Slowing down has made me sleepy. I can't seem to wake up from the haze that is there. My energy is low and I can't help but wonder what it'll be like to get out there again. How much anxiety will I have? If I go to a place with even fewer people will it make me feel worst? I feel okay. I do wonder if I find myself in a crowd full of like-minded people or alone in the corner.

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