Wednesday, April 1, 2020


I found out that something I believed for almost four months was wrong. The day someone passed away. adsfjkldfjklsjfkl. I don't know how I feel about that but I did want to get it out into the world and confess.


It looks like we are going to be at home for the whole month staring outside of our windows while our life remains, in a way, paused. It's like someone hit the pause button on a show we were all watching, Life, and never returned to hit play. Who knows when they will come back to hit the play button.

While we are all waiting I am working on a few projects. I wanted to take note of some of the things I am planning on doing this month. To me, it's more important to note what I did than what I am going to be doing but in order to keep accountable, I thought I would note this month's tasks on my blog.

I want to get back into the habit of running first off. I was reading older posts of mine from 2014-2018 and I noticed all the times I mentioned running. Since there isn't much of anything to do I think this is the perfect time to get back on track with running. I have gone on a few runs the past week and a half and boy, did I realize how stationary I had become. Put simply, I am going to try to add more running days to the month. That's it.

April Challenge. I put together a wellness challenge for anyone who wants to sign up. There are daily challenges for each day of the month. I had thought that another way for others to focus on their health during these times would be a great idea. Sign up here if you'd like another thing to do during social distancing.

Online fitness classes. There is nothing else to do but zoom fitness calls.

Writing down childhood memories.

Cooking more often.


  1. Running is a great goal, I've been trying to be more active since this started.
    Hope you have a good April!

    1. I love it! Good luck with your April goals too!

  2. I used to run all the time too, and I need to start again! I love you blog <3 so cute!!

    1. Thank you Shelby! Yes, you should start up again!

  3. OOH yes I 100% need to be more active now that I'm at home all the time. At least when I was at school I walked about 5 miles a day between classes. Now I walk from my room to the kitchen, hahaha

    Have a good April, V!
    Hanne <3 ||

    1. The hallways in high school and walking from class to class on campus at college is something I'll never forget. Thank you for always being supportive!


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