Saturday, March 14, 2020

where does this blog go now

I'm not sure where to take Simply Me from here. Over the last couple of days, I have redesigned it to be a place that will showcase the growth I intend on making in my early adult years but there is a yearning for a blog that is more professional too. I love that my blog has been a place for me to share every thought and experience that's been monumental to me but part of me wants to write posts that are more directed and that will generate traffic.

I'll admit that with age comes the need to be seen as a professional and to make an income doing the thing I am passionate about. That's what makes blogging hard for me. It's one of my favorite things to do but when explained to someone it is seen as a hobby for teens. I won't stop blogging because I still want to be an older lady in her 70's that runs an advice blog or something similar but it's difficult right now.

Success is on the mind of so many young adults right now. I think that the vast majority of us would give up a social life, put aside relationships, and walk away from adventure just to secure our future careers. It's saddening because we all should focus on doing what makes us happy in the moment but instead we are looking years into the future and choosing to struggle right now so that life will be easier later.

So that life will be better later.

Life doesn't get easier later. I've learned this through four years of a college education. Every term I would struggle to get passing grades in classes and towards the end of the term, one of the only phrases going through my mind was that next term would be better. When the term ended and the new one arrived I became hopeful that classes would be easier and that life wouldn't get in the way. However, every time I thought it would be better it only turned out to be more work.

I don't like the phrase it will be easier later.

This is a tangent I didn't intend on going on but here I am talking about how we shouldn't live preparing for life in the future but instead, we should be living the life we have right now.

I write all this thinking about how I could be successful in writing one of the most in-directional books there is for young adults. Here I am planning out ideas for things I can make an income off of.

This blog is home for all my mismatched thoughts that have to do with me growing as an individual. I see success in a couple of blizzard ways. I think I am successful because I have inspired others. I also feel like I am being successful when I am growing as a person. As long as this blog can be direct towards those two things I think I will be able to continue writing on it.

Blog Goals:
Reflect on growth while inspiring others to become inspired.


  1. Love the new look. Where ever it goes, I know it will be great!

  2. been a while since I've caught up on the blogroll-- I love your introspection and beautiful conveying of these heartfelt ideas. whatever you decide to do with this space, it will be amazing <3 wishing you all the best!!

    1. You give out some of the best compliments in this world. Thank you! Until I know for sure I am going to keep writing!


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