Sunday, March 29, 2020

catching up with v + rant + announcement

It's been a fat minute since I've done one of these posts but they are some of my favorites to look back on. I honestly just need to write on this blog. It doesn't matter about what I just want to have content to be able to look back on. That being said the quality should still remain high- by no means should a writer put out words just to put out words. Have a general-purpose.

April will bring challenges with all us being at home more often. I've tried so hard to make my days the least repetitive as possible but because I am waking up and going to bed in the same place it's hard to feel like the days are any different. Being in the same location all the time will do that. I've been trying to keep writing, cooking, and doing things I enjoy.

I've started to run again. My legs were sore for the first couple of days- they just now feel okay. There are still blisters on them but I am proud of those. They are showing real commitment to my running goals. I am not much of a runner but since I don't have gym access right now running and getting air is about the only form of exercise that feels worth it to me. (All this coming from someone who is a personal trainer, yikes.)

Latin based music has been therapeutic to me. I've been listening to a lot of the Spanish songs my mother would play at home when I was growing up. I am surprised at how music can bring my mind into ease. It feels so natural to connect with that part of who I am. I live in a household of Latinos but sometimes the culture is stripped away because of how engraved we are in accepting and becoming more American. I miss listening to my family talk Spanish instead of English. I am proud to be of two cultures but sometimes I need a break of the American culture that is always in arms reach.

I've been dancing to this music too. That feels better than anything else. I use to dance to the songs my mother would play in the living room with my sister when we were younger. Some of the best times of my life were those times. I bring dance into everything I do with little groves. Spanish music seems more natural to dance to than anything else some times. Thankful for it.

Sunnier days. I am not a sun child but I am craving some sunshine and sitting in the middle of a field. It sounds so much nicer than sitting in the same house day in and day out because it's raining. I was upset the other day because the tennis courts were closed due to the virus and our governor's closing parks. It didn't make me happy and I was irritated when I got back into the house. So much so I cried a little then went on a run, which had made me feel better.

I need more nature in my life. Maybe to connect with my inner child by making mud pies and some fairy houses too. I have been writing down a lot of childhood memories. I have been loving going back into the past and almost reliving childhood as I type words about the things we did as kids but it also makes me long for those days. The writing of all the stories is awful but for some reason, I simply feel the need to note all these memories down into one page. So that's what I have been doing. No idea what it will turn into other than some stories to read when I am bat shit old and have memory loss.

Dramatic I know. If you have kept up with me till here you are a true hero. I've always wondered why bloggers have stuck around for years. I have stuck with you all because I am attached to everyone's stories. It's like being fed a drug to know you are alive sometimes. I get happy and I think about what your lives are like. If you are anything like I, I hope you've enjoyed this post.

The Beatles is playing now. I've been into them and John Denver. Ah- good music. I will say Here Come The Sun really does make me cry though.

I need to write about my sad/ crying obsession soon...

OHHHH ALSO IF YOU WANNA MAKE THE MOST OF APRIL. This challenge is for you! I've come up (hehehe I mean am coming up with) 30 different challenges that will help you stay sane through everything that is happening. Here is the link. Please sign up!


*notices how half the post is me ranting... okay bye.*


  1. SUNSHINE YES! I need all the sun at this point!

    1. I agree! Oh man I wish it were a little sunnier today. <3 But I'll take the rain. Last night it was raining and the fogs were all signing their songs.

  2. I've been anticipating summer too, and I'm much more of an autumn person.
    Making a mud pie sounds fantastic too.

    1. Winter will forever have my heart but all the seasons do have their perks.

  3. I never really thought of myself as a sunshine girl until the sun went away. We all do need a little more of it :) I love what you said about being attached to everyone's stories. I agree <3

    Hope you have a great April Vanessa!

    1. Thank you Lia! I hope you do too. I can understand that. It's like not knowing how happy you were until you are sad.


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