Tuesday, December 17, 2019

(I have bangs now actually.) 

Here are some of the wonderful things happening in my life//

I'm going to be teaching 14 classes of dance in January- Bring me your children. I moved teaching  locations and the lady who I was working with before apparently spoke very highly of me. I am so honored to hear that. My face was smiley when my new employer told me that. I can't wait. Within the next weeks, I am going to come up with some very detailed lesson plans and progressions then share them with THPRD so they have some basic lesson plans.
I am making Dance CEUs- these are courses for trainers who need to keep their personal training certs active. I hope to educate dancers by my own experiences. 
I am going to university- You heard it here first! I am going to get my bachelors. I didn't think I'd end up here but I love education too much not to. Writing minor maybe?
I am healing- This takes time but I am so happy to have people who support me and my healing process. Teachers have given me time and understanding, friends have supported me, my family has been there for me, and I have shown up and kept trying. I have a little wind-down time and I am looking forward to that. 
Coffee. It's how I am collecting donations for the things I do. This season, if you have it in your heart and are able to consider buying me a coffee through this link.

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  1. Dancing is such a wonderful way to heal and find joy! Your pic is so cute :)

    MB> keturahskorner.blogspot.com
    PB> thegirlwhodoesntexist.com

  2. These all sound awesome! Glad you're healing. <3


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