Wednesday, August 14, 2019

on teaching dance

Teaching children is a life experience I am so blessed to be able to say I've had. Being around preschoolers has connected me with my inner child, taught me to be more patient, and showed me how to love more deeply. When I started back in April I had no idea how much of a challenge it would be. I didn't know because I had never done anything like this before! April came with a ton of happy nerves but nothing like the nerves of June through July.

I went from teaching one class of five children in April to three back to back classes of some parents and about 20 children split in between those classes. Once I figured out how to run the classes and got familiar with the kids, Tuesday became my new favorite day.

There were a few things I learned. 

A week is a lot of time to forget what you did in each class.
I made sure to write down class activities and new skills learned before class started so I'd have that for the next week. It was easy to forget the skills I've taught every week but having them in a notebook helped keep things in order. Lesson plans are important.

Three-year-olds are very different from five-year-olds. 
Kind of funny teaching them. Three years olds kind of act like they are in space. I noticed I had to get their attention and keep it with activities and minimal standing around time. Whereas, five-year-olds have lots of questions and can listen to instructions. Finding a happy medium for the two age groups is something I still have to figure out.

Children are unexpected.
I didn't expect two of my children to randomly run around, hug each other, then touch tongues in less than five seconds... while the parents were watching. Oh man, I could have reinforced hands to ourselves after that but both the parents shot up out of their seats to apologize and tell their children that wasn't appropriate. Good times. 

Counting down from five is the easiest way to get children to their dot.
It took me forever to get all the kids to their dots and to stay on their dots when I simply asked them soooo I made a game out of it and managed to get them on their dots in about ten seconds. Less time organizing the kids and more time to teach and dance. 

I love teaching dance.

After teaching these children my heart is full. It's the kind of job that I am eager to go to and sad when it was over. These curious little dancers are some I am so thankful to have had in my life as they have helped me grow as a person, just like I have helped them.
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