Depression's Strangling Arms

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Arms are placed tightly around my core, strangling me.
Oxygen is leaving my lungs with every scream and kick
I look like I am having a seizure in the arms around me.
Fatigue is peaking out from behind a street light glowing. 

His grubby hands toss me up and over
for a second my body is weightl--
my stomach crashes onto the rock of his shoulder.
The air I held in escapes me and Hope is taken with my breath.

One more kick.
Mud stained and oil traced pink Bangs kick into the core of the problem

A hand takes a fistful of my hair and pulls my neck back
Millions of needles are pierced into my skin.
The bee sting like feeling makes me yell out 


There is a fire burning in me as I try to stay hopeful.
I'm fighting to stay in situations that didn't make me 
uneasy before

My lungs are letting out screams and I'm sucking in large inhales that burn on the way in
Traces of oxygen keep the fire burning in me
Until I am out of Depression's strangling arms,
I'll keep fighting the hardest fight with the most Hope for living.


  1. This is beautiful and tragic all at once. <3

  2. You always describe things in such a visceral way.

  3. love your writing + hope you are finding the rainbow ♡

    1. If you are referring to what I think you are, I LOVE YOU! (Still do if you aren't!)

  4. Wow ... that's so ... so descriptive in the best of ways.

  5. I had been off blogger for awhile but i'm back. I hope the depression has gotten better, V! It can be a living hell at times. Almost turned to self harm recently in a intoxicating depression battle. The trick is not let the depression get what it wants. As of now are you feeling OK? Your poetry is inspiring and stunning, and the poem was well written.

    1. Same same. I wasn't depressed when I wrote this. More of a reflective piece on what it's like or what I remember it to be. I am alright! Thanks for always supporting, Evan.


Every one of your comments makes me smile. Thank you for your support and love! It's truly appreciated, my friend!

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