Monday, September 3, 2018

The first time I saw her I held my breath. I couldn't believe it was her. I felt my cheeks tighten and my lips move into a massive smile. I couldn't hold myself together. It. Was. Her. I ran to her wanting to be as close as possible to someone I had spent so much time getting to know. My whole body gravitated towards her. I had been waiting for this moment for what seemed like forever.

The first time I felt her in my arms I knew she was home. I knew she was who I wanted to grow old with, who I wanted to come home to, who I wanted to cry and smile with. The moment I held her, there was nothing on my mind but her. I knew I was made to love this girl. 

The first time we said goodbye I knew I was going to come back to her. Our first goodbye wasn't blue. It was hopeful of seeing each other again. Our goodbye hug felt like a promise to come back to her. A goodbye that said I'll be back and we'll see each other soon. We both knew we'd be back together after we said goodbye.

I knew I was coming back home.


  1. Ooh I really liked this! It's so sweet 😊

    Andrea @

  2. Aww, that's so sweet <3
    I've just seen your lovely comments on my blog (thanks so much for stopping by & following!!) and I decided to visit your blog. It looks great, I love the design of it <3 Your posts are so cool and I'll visit you often for sure <3

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading that!
      I'm glad you seem excited about the comments! I enjoyed looking through your blog!! Thank you for stopping by. Love new blog friends!<3


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