Monday, June 4, 2018

sunshine sadness

she is like the clouds you see overhead
grey and white
threatening to spill rain

sadness is what the sunshine brings the sky
all the clouds she settles in- gone
herself, gone as well
for if she is like the clouds on a rainy day 
when the sky is clean and pale
she is gone along with them
her soul numb to her emotions when the sky is cloudless
like the atmosphere that shows nothing when it's blue

the sunshine allows no impassioned clouds
no sparkling whites and no mute greys
she can't feel anything on a sunshine day
she's paralyzed along with the sky

her problems as invisible as the clouds
her feelings as hollow as the blue
her thoughts as superficial as the beams
the sunshine burning away the weight she once embraced and accepted
pretending she has no problems

she's less herself when the sunshine is out than 
when the clouds are overhead pouring rain
because when the clouds are out she recognizes that she is as complex as the world.


  1. Mmm, any reflections on the sky or sunshine have my attention. :) Thanks for sharing! xx

  2. Very interesting....I love seeing things in a new light! <3

    1. Always healthy to change your perspective! Have a lovely week.

  3. me. this is me. wow. i can't even because this poem is literally... me.

    and i just now realized it

    1. Oh wow. That's powerful. I'm glad that you can connect to my words.<3

  4. wow this is so deep and beautiful <3 i always relate so much with weather.

    1. I always find it interesting how we can connect to our surrounds as much as we can with humans and experiences we've lived.

  5. Your poetry and writing is so beautiful. I love this!!


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