when it's scary

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

when life turns to shit:

you must not forget to breathe
don't forget to fill your lungs with air
fill any holes
your heart can only handle so much
be gentle, be kind, be careful

i know it's scary, i know that change isn't comfy
it's scary
changes are scary when you didn't see them coming
when someone decides something in the moment
in the spree
there is no turning around
there are no second chances
there is no time for disapointment.

sometimes you must make the f***ing jump.

March 21, 2019


  1. "breathe". it's such a simple and powerful message. thanks for sharing this vanessa!!

    1. I love the message of that too. Thanks for your love always.

  2. the line "Your heart can only hold so much" is really powerful.

  3. *intense applause* definitely needed this. the scary things are usually the best things for us, but that doesn't mean they aren't hard to go through with. thank you. <3

    1. They can hurt like crazy but at the same time tend to make is stronger at times.

    2. I wrote it a while ago and posted it because S A M E. I needed these words. Sometimes it's the words you write for your self in the past that you need now.

  4. This is so good. I need to make the jump.

  5. You are endlessly inspiring and so full of love. <3 Thank you for your beautiful poems!!


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