my hiding soul, you can't see

Sunday, March 10, 2019

you can't see within me
unless i told you how i felt or what i was thinking
you'd never know

i told you once before
i shared what i wanted and felt
but once was enough
you took those feelings and thoughts and
turned them into a blank canvas

i don't know what to tell you anymore
i don't want you to see me anymore
we tried that already
it's left me empty becuase you
don't help

you share your thoughts on mine
but i don't feel your understanding
maybe if i held on and shared more
there would be some miracle

but it's too late

you can't see me

i am a white canvas with a story under it
i am a blue sky with clouds as fine as vapor
i am the darkness of the night with shadows no one can see

i am a soul
with feelings
and love

i fear you will never see me


  1. OH MY WORD GIRRLLL!!!!!! This is so good! Keep fighting -- you are loved. XOXO

  2. This hurts. You're writing always hits me so hard. <3

  3. i'm confused. All that is showing up is blank space where normally you write in???!! The content ain't showing up!

  4. You know when you read something so beautiful and meaningful and you want to say something meaningful back but there's nothing? That's me right now.

    You are loved. You are beautiful. You are one in a billion (7.53 billion to be exact).

    Keep writing and keep loving and keep inspiring, dear!

  5. Wow, wow. I relate, this is me. Thank you for these words, and keep hoping! Your people are out there. xx

    1. I still can't understand why others read my work but I love and appericate it so much.

  6. Thank you for putting what I feel into words, and expressed so beautifully. I see you.


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