The Doors

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Dad marches his feet in place bending at the knees. "It has a lot of connection," he says as he nods his head and picks up a cord. "Leave it right there. This is good." His living room being cleaned along with the meloids of The Doors.
Riders on the Storm- The Doors

"THIS IS FAMOUS!" The jitters in his feet remind me that he was once a young adult in Oklahoma. He rushes to turn the music back up when it was turned down by a family member. I am not changing the music. This is great. 

My dad isn't one to share things about growing up and the navy but I can see his past flash through his navy blue tinted eyes. I am cuddled on the couch wondering what dad's experienced.
Break on Through- The Doors

I love when songs mention other songs. As we sing a song named Theatrical State of Mind we are going to mention someone listening to the beach boys. Ann Wants to Dance made we wonder who the artists singing this groovy tune was. It's the kind of Saturday where we are admiring the sunshine we haven't seen all year and drinking coffee while doing a little spring cleaning.


  1. Music is amazing! I love that it means so much too people and can hold a lot of memories.

  2. Music is my jam and has kept me sane many a time. <3

    1. Keeps me company, makes me laugh, cry and feel when I can not myself (:


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