Saturday, October 13, 2018

Self-care can easily make it to the bottom of one's to-do list. Sometimes we are too prideful about our jam-packed schedules to admit we make time for ourselves. And other times we seriously just don't have time. But self- care is so very important and should be done!

That's why I think busy days call for long showers.

After a busy day, a long shower is the easiest way to show yourself that you care. It's simple and effective. If you're going to take a shower why not spend some time in there! It seems like sometimes the only place you can slow down is the shower, you know, since it's just you and your thoughts.

We aren't taking advantage of our showers.
I know at times when I take showers I just go through the motions. I wash my hair, wash my body, and shave like I am a robot. This makes taking showers sound like a chore. Surely, we want to enjoy our showers. So stop going through the motions and go into the shower thinking that this is your time! Your uninterrupted time to focus and take care of yourself!

Stop rushing through your shower.
People who take care of themselves take long showers. This is the conclusion I've come too. No one but your siblings will tell you to hurry up in the shower. Why not take advantage of your "you" time and enjoy the shower instead of rushing so you can get dinner or move onto the next task.

A few ideas for your next shower:
-Turn on some sing along songs
-Don't rush
-Be mindful of yourself
-Remember to put on lotion

This is the simplest way to take caee of yourself sooooo Shower yourself with love AND remember shower time is you time. Don't waste it.


Sunday, October 7, 2018

I am feeling discouraged. I look into the mirror trying to see the beauty rather than the things that make me frown. I remind myself that my body is only what carries me and that my personality is what people love when I pass by a mirror. I remind myself that I am enough and that I a child of God and God doesn't take into account how we look. That these blemishes on my face aren't permanent. That I am smart, I am beautiful and I am enough. I am.

And although my appearance has me flustered that isn't the obstacle.

What has me down isn't so much about the way my body looks but rather the way I feel. I feel heavy, sluggish, slow, and bloated. I've felt like that more than ever in the past few weeks and I am not helping myself by eating foods that are raising my blood pressure, spiking my sugar levels, and leaving my face with acne. Those foods are not only affecting me physically but mentally too.

The mind works better when you feed it wholesome foods but every time I eat one oreo I say whatever and indulge in five more. My brain is foggy, slow, and doesn't have a long attention span. I am fixated in shaming myself for the bad foods I've eaten and punish myself more by eating an extra amount.

Exercise is something I don't do often. I am ashamed to do it because every time I do I am reminded that I am not as strong as I was in Spring. That my health has diminished. My left wrist has trouble bearing weight and my left hip is sore. I feel unable.

What does it matter what the number says on the scale if I don't feel healthy? What does it matter if I can do 43 push-ups without stopping if the only thing I can think about is my wrist hurts. What's it matter if I eat one good meal only to think about the unhealthy one I shouldn't have eaten. My mindset isn't where it use to be.

I feel like shit. I want to feel better more than anything. I want to feel healthy again because I miss that feeling. I want to feel cleansed because this feeling I can't take anymore. I want to be able to nod when people say you're so healthy than rolling my eyes because they don't really know my truth.

And forget starting the next day. "Tomorrow I am going to drink more water, eat better foods, and exercise," that is what someone who isn't serious is going to say. I am going to start right now. When the realization came into mind that I am going to change. My mind is no longer in a stage of pre-contemplation or contemplation. I am ready to take action. And I am going to do that now.

I am going to exercise today because it makes me feel strong and I am going to chop some carrots up today for a movie time snack so that I won't be eating the ice cream I indulge my feelings with at night. I am going to start fixating on the good things I did for my body rather than the bad.

The outcome is feeling healthy, being happier about my lifestyle, feeling less sluggish, looking brighter, and feeling like I can tackle anything. It'll work out with a little effort. It will and I will feel better.

This piece has sat in my drafts for a while now but I think it's something that will help others to read so I am posting it as inspiration, encouragement, as something one might be able to relate to. As support. As a reminder that we don't have to be perfect. We just have to try. 

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