Friday, September 28, 2018

Watched Vampire Diaries// ... and got bored around season three. I can't commit to binge-watching shows. My attention span is short. I loved the characters but they became so predictable after the first season. Damon Salvatore does have some of the most amusing expressions I've seen a character have.

Got Bored During My Five Week Break// There's only so much I can do when I have time off from work and school. Although, I appreciated having time to simply relax I missed the stress of school. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't take classes over the summer.

Got Sick The Week Before Fall Term// Flash forward to now where I am 92% better but my mother and sister now have the same cold I have. I'm sorry!!

First Day of Autumn Beach Trip// My mother, sister and I took a small trip to the coast the first day of Autumn and wow was it amazing!! On and off rain during the drive, clear skies at the beach, lunch at the bay, a walk through the forest looking for huckleberries, and wondrous clouds and beach views.

Started Fall Term// Started the first week of the term on the 24th and I am already buried in school work. It's a little overwhelming but what isn't these days?


"The polish reminded me of last summer. I am sitting on the toilet seat with the fan on so the smell of polish vanishes, with lovelytheband playing, messily painted nails, half damp hair and a door that's 70% open writing on the counter of the bathroom counter."

"Two days ago, on Friday, it started to rain and I opened the deck window and stuck my hand out of the house. The first rain droplet fell on my hand kept we wishing one would fall on the center of my palm."

"What if I left my journal in an unknown place. Just dropped it there for someone to pick-up. Would that person be able to find out whose words these are? or would they even care enough to read them? If I read my journal without knowing who I am could I piece my life back together?"

"Time goes by fast... it's been seven days since I've journaled but it doesn't feel like it."


"I don't know how to run. I don't know where to leave you behind." Don't Cry- Tors

"A heart that's broke is a heart that's been loved." Supermarket Flowers- Ed Sheeran

"When you're lost and you're alone and you can't get back again. I will find you and darling I will bring you home" By Your Side- Matt Kearney (i love his voice.)


Sunday, September 23, 2018

I'm just going to accept that this picture has a blue haze rather than a white one. *rolls eyes* blogger + perfectionist struggles. Sometimes, you don't get what you want.

Ginger Tea is my all time favorite tea. It's a miracle worker. But you must be a ginger lover to love this tea otherwise you'll most likely throw it in down the drain. However, if you are sick and can tolerate the flavor ginger it'll heal your common cold symptoms.

I got a cold the past Monday and I've been making pots of this tea non-stop. For those of you that don't know, I hate drugstore medications. I've had my fair share of allergic reactions to probiotics and other prescription drugs I can heal myself with a natural remedy, I WILL. Keeping those toxins out of my body makes me feel better. I also drink this tea when I am not sick because it's delicious. Sweet, spicy, warm, and soothing.

3 cups of water
2 tablespoons of fresh chopped ginger
2 lemons
1 lime
4 tablespoons of honey

*I don't measure out this recipe but these are the
eyed measurements to what I like. 
You can add or subtract anything to your taste preferences. 

1// Boil water in a pot
2// Once the water is boiling add in the chopped ginger and juice of lemons and limes
3// Simmer on medium heat for 5- 20 minutes. The longer you boil ginger the stronger the flavor
4// When done boiling take pot off the heat and stir in the desired amount of honey
5// Pour tea into the cup (If you don't like chewing on chunks of ginger like I do, put a strainer over your cup)

Wanted to say happy autumn as well! I've been holding back doing all things Autumn all September because I want it to be officially autumn until I rejoice that the colder days are among us! Happy autumn friends! I'm about to collect some leaves. 


Monday, September 17, 2018

We're writing blogs and not enough people are getting punched. So if you need to punch someone. Punch them."-words from a random podcast

I know this sounds slightly violent but these words get straight to the point. Hear me out!

I was listening to a podcast late last night before bed when I heard this line. That's the G rated version of what was being said but it got my attention. The ladies in this Podcast mentioned blogging which totally woke my mind up because how often is blogging mentioned? AND they mentioned punching someone which is even more interesting. These couple of lines caught my attention so much I had to rewind the Podcast and listen to the lines again and again. Then I wrote them down:
We're writing blogs and not enough people are getting punched. So if you need to punch someone. Punch them.
I thought about these lines for a while and what I got out of them is a message that I am so pleased to have discovered. 

As a blogger, I tend to write about my feelings. The feelings I write about are usually caused by the things going on in my mind, in my life or by the people I'm around. I've written a couple of blog posts with certain people in mind to channel my feelings. These posts are vague and written in broad terms and the purpose of these posts is to sway my feelings towards neutral, avoid confrontation, and then move on. Sound familiar?

I've started writing blog posts instead of confronting the situation at hand. Others are starting to open blogs and write posts about traumatic experiences to share what's going on and figure out how they feel. But this little quote I came across is right. Sometimes we need to "punch" someone and move on. Sometimes others need to be confronted about what they did to hurt you in order for you to move on. Forget writing the ranty blog post that will minimize some of your feelings and instead get those feelings out of your system and do something about it!

These words struck me as motivational and spoke to me as a reminder to stop hiding behind my blog. I need to do what I need to do to move on and sometimes the blog posts aren't the best way to go.

It was around 11pm when my mind was on fire with a realization about something I had been doing since I started blogging. I knew I needed to keep this quote and these thoughts on record and my blog are where they belong.

What are your thoughts on this?
Is there anyone or anything you need to "punch"? 

CAN'T SLEEP? ME TOO. i'm an infj

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Is falling asleep difficult for anyone else because recently it's been has been a chore for me.

Falling asleep shouldn't be a difficult thing to do but sometimes I have nights where I am tossing and turning because of my mind being wide awake with thoughts. Those kinds of nights are annoying! A night like that isn't a problem once and a while but when I start to notice having troubles falling asleep night after night, I dread bedtime.

I wonder how do INFJs sleep

INFJs are known to be heavy thinkers and highly productive people. Lot's of INFJs view sleep as a waste of time. Thus, they put off sleep because they want more time in their day but in my experience, one can't be as productive as one wishes if they don't get at least some sleep.

Shutting off my thoughts, as an INFJ, is virtually impossible. Meditation is intimidating and sleep can be just as dawning. Times at which my mind is alone to thought can be intense. Emotions start to bubble up to the surface, all the uncomfortable situations I've been in replay in my mind, and the worries in my mind become mini screenplays.

O.O This isn't fair!!

Unlike normal human beings who seem to fall asleep within seconds, I am awake for what feels like forrrreveerrr. Talk about bedtime anxiety. Bedtime anxiety explained: being anxious about going to bed. That might be a little dramatic...

But, I've figured out how to get myself asleep!

I'm not talking about what one should do before bed like eating no sugar, or food, reading, getting off your phone an hour before bed, hot teas, and magic potions. Those things are fine but I don't think they help the mind wandering/staying up with your thoughts all night problem. I'm talking about when you head on the pillow, your lights are off, and you're getting into a comfortable position to sleep or if you're like me think.

Here's what I've been finding works for me. When my heads on the pillow and I find myself wandering through my thoughts I consciously redirect my thoughts. 

Redirecting my thoughts means that I am actively changing the conversation in my mind to something I want to think about.  Preferably something that doesn't cause anxiety. When I catch myself thinking about that awkward time or wondering what like tomorrow will look like I stop myself and redirect my thoughts.

I actively think about a made up scenario or a happy memory. This means that for a while I am thinking about what is happening in my happy scene. Thinking things like I am walking to the room and I see someone who makes me happy, they are smiling, and I walk to them... My INFJ thoughts will sometimes come back into my mind while I am thinking about a happy scene so I once again redirect to the happy scene.

TO RECAP: Things that keep you up, redirect your thoughts and think about the happy scene, intrusive thoughts, back to the happy scene, repeat. Until you fall asleep.

It may sound like a lot of work but once your body gets tired you'll end up dreaming instead of thinking about that happy scene.

Do you have trouble falling asleep?
What kinds of things do you do to sleep once your heads on the pillow?


Thursday, September 6, 2018

I still do tags! I guess so. It's been so long that I can't even remember when the last tag I did was. Ann from Ann's Space tagged me to do the awesome blog award. (She's saving me from bloggers block right now.) Thank goodness for that! Thanks, Ann! Take a look at her blog if you haven't- Ann has a sweet personality that you'll miss out on if you don't take a peek.

thank the lovely that nominated you.
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I do!! I normally don't walk out of the house without mascara and undereye concealer on. I have dark under eye circles. I've got eczema underneath my eyes and that makes my under eyes darker than normal. according to my doctor.

Comedies for sure. I've watched a few horror movies but they just weren't my thing. IT was okay and THE QUITE PLACE didn't even get to me. I found it a little more funny than it should be but that's me I laugh at the wrong parts of the movies. WE'RE THE MILLERS almost suffocated me from laughter. That movie.


I've been to El Salvador. That's where my mothers from. I was there my freshman year of high school. I've also been to Canada for a mini-train show club thing? and for dragon boating races. 


I'm in bed at 10pm almost every night and normally fall asleep before 11.

Black leggings and a long sleeve cream colored shirt.  

Nope! But I've got a spider plant!


A train pass! My sister remembered this better than I did. What's that say about my memory?


Foot. I say this because I ride the bus and train all the time. For those of you that don't know, I don't drive The bus and train is how I get around. I like the train better than the bus but walking is my top pick. Avoiding all the people and annoyances of public transportation. 


If I could be able to make choices in my dreams I'd love that. Dreams are super fun and I want to be able to live in them sometimes. Lucid dreaming is a superpower, right?


Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Veggie pizza is one of my favorite kinds. Or spinach and chicken. Never have been much of a burger person.

remember those deep + personal questions I answered a few posts ago? Answer those! Find them by clicking here.

I'm a rule breaker! BUT anyone who wants to do this tag should. You all are awesome bloggers.


Monday, September 3, 2018

The first time I saw her I held my breath. I couldn't believe it was her. I felt my cheeks tighten and my lips move into a massive smile. I couldn't hold myself together. It. Was. Her. I ran to her wanting to be as close as possible to someone I had spent so much time getting to know. My whole body gravitated towards her. I had been waiting for this moment for what seemed like forever.

The first time I felt her in my arms I knew she was home. I knew she was who I wanted to grow old with, who I wanted to come home to, who I wanted to cry and smile with. The moment I held her, there was nothing on my mind but her. I knew I was made to love this girl. 

The first time we said goodbye I knew I was going to come back to her. Our first goodbye wasn't blue. It was hopeful of seeing each other again. Our goodbye hug felt like a promise to come back to her. A goodbye that said I'll be back and we'll see each other soon. We both knew we'd be back together after we said goodbye.

I knew I was coming back home.
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