Thursday, August 30, 2018

Smoke Infused Air// The air this month has been awful. There were a few surrounding fires around the Portland area and the wind had the smoke traveling to our area. 97 degree days combined with hazy air does not make for good weather. I tried to stay indoors as much as I could to avoid giving myself smoke poisoning.

Finished Summer Term// Two weeks ago on June 16 I went to my last on-campus class. Took the finals and ended the term for classes that were on my campus. Yesterday, I took my last online quiz for the SOC class. I am officially free from school until the 24th of September!! A lot of you have been starting school while I am not going back until the 24th. Oregon's schedule is unusual.

Lots Of Lazy Days// Now that I am done with classes on campus I have had a lot of time to simply chill. Doing nothing for once is a really nice change from being in school from October until the end of August. Why did I take a summer term? I've been reading a lot as well as playing the ukulele, writing letters, working out, catching up on blogs, and spending time with my family.

"I saw rain in the weather report yesterday. It didn't rain like they said it might. I was hopeful to see dampened sidewalks but there wasn't any rain. I remember how much I love the rain when there is none. I miss it."

"I shut the journal because it was heavy. Looking back at what I was doing/feeling while I wrote in my last journal is intense. I didn't expect to be washed over by a wave of cold ocean water when I went to read it. I know I've written important things if I feel this way."

"The highest step on the stairs is where I like sitting. It's kind of an odd spot to be comfortable in but it's my place."

"It all feels like one really long day. Everything meshed into one day."

"I-I-I-I haven't been much myself. And I feel like my friends are being put through this hell I'm feeling" Bambi- Hippo Campus 

"Passenger, I'm clinging to the driver's seat. But you've got all the fight we need" Passenger- Hippo Campus

"You found somebody who does it better than he can. No more making you cry, no more them gray skies" Leavin'- Jessy McCartney 


  1. Ooooo, I’ve never seen this kind of a wrap-up post before! Congrats on finishing this summer term, and have a great September!

    1. Wonderful!! I'm happy I can put something new out there. I've been doing them like this for a while! Thank you very much!!

  2. Wow. I love this. Your journal snippets gave me chills. I love how creative this is!

  3. We've had the smoke problem too.
    Glad you had a good month, and are getting some time to relax.

  4. You did the song quotes!!! Have a lovely September! <3

    1. I wasn't kidding when I said I liked your way of doing that!! <3 thank you! You as well

  5. Ugh, all the smokiness sounds awful, I hope things clear up where you live!
    AND YOU CAN HAVE SOME OF OUR RAIN. There's been too much of it here. XD
    Love your journal snippets and this post. <3

    1. I should have said that all the smoke has passed haha but yes it's all okay now. BUT I WILL TAKE SOME RAIN. I've missed it dearly. Thanks for these words.

  6. the smoke in oregon was just AWFUL. i am so so so thankful it finally passed!
    loved reading this....<3 thanks for sharing!

    1. It really was!! I'm glad it's gone now too!! Thanks for commenting!


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