Monday, August 13, 2018

EVERYTHING IS CLICHE. The internet has left me questioning and second-guessing everything I have written. I worry things are too cliche when I've said them. Have those things been said already? It sounds like they have. My words sound familiar. Why does everything I say sound so unoriginal? I will second guess my wording and actions like no one has before when I get in my head about this. 

But here is the thing. A cliche isn't cliche because the words and actions are mine. 

I am what makes cliche original!

"And I know that sounds cliche." -something I say all the time. 

It's true though! You and I have different stories that lead us to the things we do, therefore, being very different individuals. Two people may love buying plants for their rooms but how they came about putting plants in their room could be drastically unique.

On the surface level, things may seem cliche but the details make a story that is peculiar to itself. Boy meets girl sounds cliche but add in the details about how they met, their names, and what their individual stories are that lead them to meet and it's no longer cliche.

Will this mini-rant end my brain from ringing cliche cliche cliche about everything? Probably not. But will it help me see myself as more original? I think so.

What are your thoughts about cliches?


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

THESE FLOWERS AND THIS SKY// I took these pictures on Thursday of last week. (August 2, 2018) After a long day of classes and work these two things cheered up my mood. Look at how well the pictures go together too! I am a little obsessed. YUP, just a little. That's all. (;

FRIENDLY SOUNDING VOICES// Is this a weird thing to notice? I was sitting in the library and someone started talking and of course you can clearly make out every word they are saying because we're at a library and they are one of the few people talking. BUT this voice sounded like music. A one of a kind smoothing voice that you just want to listen to because it's a good one. I don't even remember what was said.

ENCOURAGEMENT// "Just keep going and don't stop trying. You'll make it." This was what one of the ladies at my word said to me while she was checking out. Just the right amount of you got this to make me want to keep going.

LAUGHING AT MYSELF// There are just some things that I am capable of doing and thinking that make me laugh at myself and sometimes in public. There are times where I really get into a thought and start mumbling to myself what's funny is when people catch you doing that. Talk about an awkward situation but that I am laughing about after.

THE HEAT// Normally, this wouldn't be on the list but 90 degree summer days are making me very thankful for the days where the heat is minimal. The PNW isn't suppose to be this hot. (This is what we say every year, while we blame it on global warming) This heat will pass.

AIR CONDITIONING// We've come back to the library in this oh so random post to talk about how the air conditioning is the best here. I actually bring a sweater with me when I am at the library that's how well their air conditioning works. If only I had this level of air conditioning in my apartment.

Hoping you all are having a wonderful summer and
having a great week! Thank you for all your support!

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