Tuesday, March 13, 2018


You are my Spring Forest.

Welcoming me in with your eye-catching wonders
I watch as the creatures of the forest find light in you
I see that your forest is alive
I see you growing but also wanting to nurture and learn

I see animals slowly and carefully walking into your forest but, oh, my dear, they leave with a sense of belonging, purpose, and love from what they found in you.
The forest tries to understand them and that is enough.

Understand me.

As I walk on your ground.
Feel my feet be nipped by the pine needles
My hands weaving through the ferns
and my voice tickling the wind

The clouds are overhead and a grey filter is covering your world
The rain falls on the trees and drips onto me
You turn drops of rain into sunshine in the darkest of days
Sweet little sunshine kisses placed all over my body.

My wandering soul finds a place to rest in your home.
A deep cry of air in and a light cry out
The water from the creek plays my favorite childhood songs
And the air doesn't leave toxins in my lungs.

One cherry blossomed laced shoe after the other I walk the paths of your heart.
A mud puddle is to be avoided but is leaped over
I leave little footprints over your forest ground
Picking up your leaves and rocks to hold in my hand

My world is feet away 
back to my world; the one that isn't easy to live in

As I walk away from you I feel these things

I feel as if I was the only thing that mattered in your forest
I felt like you accepted to what I hummed
You observed me, supported me and listened.

I walk into my world standing taller.

There is one place I can come to in the spring
The forest
I can come to you.

As I wander abroad I hold your rock in my hand


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