Monday, February 12, 2018


The world thinks they know who bloggers are. They have ideas about the kind of people we are and the kind of things we do. Are they right that we are a little odd? Yes. But have they discovered all our nitches. NO. So Mckenzie and I are here to tell you about all the things bloggers do, and in some classes don't do as well as the things we love and the things we don't.

Grammar correctors will never understand us. No, Grammarly, the name I entered is correct. Please stop trying to correct it.

Our calendar includes blog events and blog posts. Blogging to us is like a job.
Bloggers take blogging seriously.
It is our hobby but it also is something that goes up on the internet for everyone to see so the quality of work must be excellent. Also, we've got dates on our calendars all about when to post something and when to take the pictures for that post. We go a little over the top when it comes to making blogging fit into our schedule.

We’ll write a ten-page post about irrelevant things but barely three words when sometimes extraordinary happens to us Ever put your heart and soul into a post only to see it being misunderstood or be irrelevant to the rest of the world? Yes? This happens all the time to us!! Then we go to write a small update post and BOOM. It. Blows. Up.

We’ve all gone through an awkward stage. Year one and possibly some of two are very awkward blogging stages. Just look back into the first year any blogger started. What a horror scene. We all need to go through an awkward stage to figure out ourselves but let's not speak of it anymore, shall we...

We're still timid when it comes to making friends online. No, making friends online is not easier when you read their blog and have access to a messaging app. It's still just as intimidating.
Here are some tips for making a friend on Instagram
1. Comment on their posts
2. Comment on their stories (you are more likely to have conversation this way)
3. DM them about something they blogged about

Cameras are just another organ to us. It's true. Most of us know the camera forward and backward with our eyes closed. It's just that we spend a lot of time in awaked positions trying to get the best angle, and lighting, all while doing it before our friends walk away from us or eat the food we're trying to document.

We don't accomplish everything.
As if we are superhuman. Were just people with too many goals and little time. It's impossible to get done all the existing projects plus the ones that we're drafting in our minds.

Drafting a post takes up the majority of the time. We could spend forever just drafting. Any blogger will tell you they spend a good portion of their time drafting posts. It's natural and it's fun. Sometimes easier than actually writing the post. I know me and McKenzie spent a good amount of time drafting. Two weeks talking about it? Yeah, wow.

This is a collab post I did with Mckenzie. She has been the most enjoyable person to work with! She's got a light heart and is really funny and charming. Her blog reflects her personality so well. On there you will find the most relatable posts. AND MORE TO THIS POST. Check out Paper Pizza! You will fall in love with Mckenzie just like I have!


  1. I wish more people did understand. Blogging is harder then it looks.

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE THESE SO MUCH! Bwhahaha- @the awkward stage: YES. Even things I've done YESTERDAY feel awkward. o-o I guess it's just a never-ending stage. XD

    Even though we both came up with ideas together, I loved seeing the different ones we were able to come up with. Like the drafting one? YES. I didn't even think I did that until you pointed it out.

    AHH, I'M CRYING! Thank you so much for saying those super sweet things about me. *sniffles and wipes cheek* You're honestly too kind. <3 And I can only say the same about you! Thank you so much for doing this with me. I had SO much fun! I definitely think it was a long awaited post and I'm really glad we did it. I hope we are able to collaborate on something else in the near future! <3 Love yah, girly!!

    xx Kenzie

  3. THE AWKWARD STAGE OMG. This was beautiful. So accurate, V xD Love it! People really don't understand just how dear blogging is to bloggers, they don't understand the depth we feel when we complete little accomplishments. But that's why we have our blogging communities!!! Let's have a big gigantic blog party where we just celebrate blogging and all it's drama and heartache and victories and joys!!!

  4. The cameras part and the drafting .... SO TRUEEE <3 <3 <3 loved this SO MUCH!!

    sophy of xx

  5. Hahaha... the awkward stage. I think I'm FINALLY getting out of mine... just don't scroll too far back. *chuckles nervously* And blogging is totally a job. XD

    All of this was so TRUE!!

  6. YESSS SO TRUE! I was nodding along for this entire post. My calendar has more blogging things on it than anything else. And the awkward stage...noooo don't remind me xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  7. I LOVE THIS! I relate so much haha. <3

  8. This is so true! I literally have an entire Google Calendar that's just blogpost dates and blog tours and that kind of stuff XD

    Also pshhhhh who even think bloggers accomplish everything? I get 0.004329854397865 times busier and immediately miss a blogpost. It's bad XD.

  9. "All while doing it before our friends walk away from us..." - This. So much. My friends' patience has been sorely tried.

  10. I don't do too many left as drafts, cause most of my blog is creative poetry I have up in a mater of minutes

  11. WOW YES I CAN RELATE TO LITERALLY ALL OF THIS SO MUCH. 😂💛 Especially having too many goals and not enough time!! YES. And ugh the awkward stage of blogging… I THINK MINE LASTED ABOUT THREE YEARS LOL. But it's something we all have to go through, right?? :') ALSO THE CALENDAR THING. YESSS. I have more blog-related stuff on my calendar than actual events in real life… *nervous laughter* IT'S ALL GOOD. 😊

    Loved this post!! Both yours and Mckenzie's was so much fun to read!!

    rock on,

  12. (about to go stalk your first year of blogging mawhahaha)

  13. This. Is. So. True.

    Still going through the awks phase tho


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