Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I got enrolled in the exercise science program at PCC! YES! You all it's happening! I am going to become a trainer and teach people to live healthy lives! You don't know how excited I am for this! It's going to be so wonderfully awesome! I meet with an advisor at another campus, got lost, and signed up for classes yesterday! FUN STUFF. Next term is going to be so busy! Full days of class from 9-2 on Monday- Wednesday and 12-6 on Tuesday- Thursday!

I applied for a job at a gym and didn't get it. So it's their loss they didn't hire me for a desk job to greet people BUT now that I have classes ready for spring I wouldn't have been able to work anyways. Thank goodness that God has a plan for me!

I started SIMPLE HEALTH HUMAN! + ONLINE COACHING! V opened up a new blog on V-day! (Valentines Day!) It's all health and fitness related and for all ages and levels of health and fitness! Go email subscribe! Pleaseee! LINK HERE.

I went through a lot of stress! Family, life, people, mental, and everything. It was a crazy month! From things with my aunt to that affecting my mental health, to that panic attack I had, and being busy! School is so irrelevant. I stay on top of it but it's at the bottom of my list. If it's at the bottom and I have so much going on imagine how crazy it is to manage all that!

"There are some things that I feel like I need to watch. Every passing day I feel less depressed and more talkative. It's nice but I know it'll go south again."]

"I was about to hit the bottom of the concert, or sea, or run off into a street of cars. I'm awake now. I am safe, I am safe, I'm okay... I become more relaxed the thoughts in my head become a screenplay. Then a dream. I'm walking through the hallways of a school. All these people near and around me. They are looking at me. I want to run. So, I run and the halls become the sky and the people are now trees and animals. The forest surrounds me, moss under my moving geet. The trees run with me."


"Remeber how back in January I said that I needed to go on more adventures and do things that put me out of the ordinary to create more experiences? Well, it's finally happening. There are weeks where the sun is out and the air is cold. Those are the days that make my soul happy."

"A sweet tea called Paris sits in front of my Journal. The taste is light, but also quite strong. It's a beautiful blend. A wonderful smell as well. I am trying to drink my tea perfect temp. tea before it goes colder than I wish it to be. A day like this is my favorite. I can tell I will be spending a lot of time in this so very peaceful coffee shop."

SUGAR// I did okay when it came to less sugar. I still have to have my coffee with sugar but it's normal honey and then at night maybe ice cream. It's a great thing, but sugar is like a devil. It's okay! I am still feeling good about this one!

GOD// OH YES. There have been so many amazing things that are God related. This weekend a little boy gave me a metal and said, "Here, I think you'll understand this." The metal was of a dove and on the back said something about the Holy Spirit. As I took a picture of the metal I saw that my ring was the same kind of bird as the metal. That was amazing that something like that happened to me. Hi, God! I hear you and am listening to what you are saying! Do these things happen to you all too?

Poems! I have been giving away random poems and writing more and more in a journal and in a google docs journal. It's been surreal! I love writing words and expressing those wonderfully hard to describe feelings of ours.

Music// THE FEELS. Check out this playlist!

People// People seem to just want to talk to me all the time! I don't mind at all! I have been some amazing and wonderful souls! Thankful they feel like they can up to me and say hi! So many times it's happened while I am dancing in the gym! "Oh, my goodness, that talent!" AHHH THANK YOU!! I am super excited about our dance show in March! I have a lot to learn though!
Keyboard// MY DAD FIXED AND BOUGHT ME A NEW KEYBOARD FOR MY LAPTOP! Oh my goodness! Now the N and B and UP and DOWN volume work!


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of good things happen this month! I love when God uses people to talk to us, or give us little reminders. Sorry you had a lot of stress, hope March will be better for you in that regard.

  2. I forgot to check out your exercise blog when you first posted on it on social media, but I just did! I love it; it looks so professional! Congratulations on starting your exercise science program!

  3. Sounds like life's been crazy but good. <33

  4. Congrats on getting into that program!! You know what? That's a good way to look at jobs. I was recently rejected from a job I applied to. They're missing out. XD

    I pray you feel better and less stressed with each passing day. <3


  5. What you said about school being strangely at the bottom of your list- I can relate. It's funny how things that seemed so stressful and #1 fall by the wayside so easily when something else comes along. I always wonder why I waste so much energy worrying about them other times.

    I hope March is less stressful, Vanessa!

  6. Hey, girl hey! It's been awhile since we talked. Hope all is well! Loved this blog post! Congratulations on getting enrolled in your school's exercise science program. (It's super competitive at my school!) I am a huge fan of your fitness blog, by the way! You're so talented. Keep up the awesome work!! Talk soon!


  7. I probably should have read and commented earlier but finishing up school before break became a priority. I just wanted to say I found it cool you write poems. Can you share your poetry?

  8. Woo, can we get a hell yes for making it through February?! Congrats on getting into the exercise science program! How long is the whole thing gonna be? And regarding sugar...have you tried coconut syrup before? I don't know how it compares to honey in terms of calories, but it definitely aggravates my allergies less than any other sweetener.


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