Thursday, August 3, 2017

103 Degrees

It has been so heated in Oregon that my skin is oozing with sweat. My body becomes sticky as sweat melts out of my pores. One touch of the sun's rays and my body instantly seeps out liquid stress in an attempt to cool off. The creases of my body pool with wetness. Dark places become wet, my body starts to feel like it's melting, and standing in the sun becomes too intoxicating. I run to the shade. For a second I sit there drenched in my own defense mechanism. 

Hiding from the sun has its own problems. My sweat drenched skin becomes a desert made of salt. As the pools of sweat evaporate into the air, grains of salt are left behind. What was wet is now sticky and what became sticky will soon become grainy that is until my body gets too warm again. Then it happens all over again but this time sweat sinks into salt kissed skin.

The temperature in the little city of Portland has been worst than normal. Stepping outside of the house is like stepping into a plastic bag that was left in the sun. My nose filters the smoky air as my body attempts to settle into the heat. Settling is impossible since 103 degrees is not what anyone who was raised in the pacific north west is used to. 

I feel like an astronaut that has just landed on the earth after a very long trip in space. Taking steps is hard and slow. Gravity works against my body. The sunlight blinds my eyes as well. As I imagine the astronauts might have problems adjusting to the brightness after being left in the darkness for so long, so do I. Everytime I step outside I feel heavy and tired. I am unwilling to move in this heat.

Heat like this is unbearable. So I hide in a room with the blinds shut, the doors and windows sealed, and the fans on full blast. I am hiding from something so unfamiliar to me, the heat.

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