Saturday, July 15, 2017


She cried about her stress
mad at the moon
happy for the stars
crying to the sun.

Lost In Orbit.
Flying like a butterfly
being like a rose
walls up as she went from
flower to flower
from topic to topic

peace in something far away
from her roots
little one helped

by her, and others
will come out strong

Little Girl Lost
no longer lost
guided, found, hopefully
and pleased because she is
that butterfly
wandering ever so gentle.

I've walked along my blood
I have learned, grown, and become.
However, influenced by the nouns. 
They have driven me, taken my mind, and shifted my views.
My blood is not pure. I'm different.

I want to walk backwards. 
Take back, recollect, redefine me. 
Take off the mask and show what I thought I couldn't.
I must bare judgment for I will be stripped.
The only way is to move forward is to be 
cautious of the backwards steps.

Did you know, you inspired me to write?
Did you know, you made my day better?
You made me laugh, you made me smile.
I was lonely until you came and trusted
that I wouldn't hurt you. Three feet away.
Whom would have thought we'd be friends?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Welcome To V's About Page

Just me is my simple. Just me is only V and no one else. No one to tell me I can't do anything or I should think a certain way. When it's just me my life is Simple and that is how life should be! Simple. I also preach self-love and self-love is all about me. OR YOU! Simply Me use to be just a blog name but it's so much more now.

Simply Me is about Me. Who is V? Let's find out!

Cold fall days where the sun is the only thing that warms you. Spending time with myself and growing as an individual. Dancing alone at the tennis court. Lifting heavy at the gym, again, alone. Doing my nails when I am stressed. Finding time to write poems. Listening to mother nature. Being present in the moments shared with family, friends, strangers, and I.

Treat each human bean with the respect you would want. To listen to people when they need someone to lean on. Family first and before anything else. Hold your friends close and dear to your heart, friends can become family if you chose. Don't look back on the past if it isn't doing you any good. Don't dwell and don't worry about the future, you don't have any control over what happened and what will happen. God is good, and God will love you even if you don't love yourself. Love yourself first before anyone else.

Self-love is one of the most difficult things to learn to do but I can tell you that it is one of the most rewarding things to have accomplished on your own. Self-love is so important to me because it's made me a better person. Something so little and simple has a huge impact on my life and for the love, I have given myself I am thankful for. Self-love is something I will always talk about on my blog and will try to help every one of you achieve self-love. It is truly so dear to my heart.

People. Dance. Me. My family. Poems. Words. Self-love. Writing. Photography. College. Stories. Love. Friends. Adventures. Nature. Ice cream! Food. Pretty meals. Animals. Lifting. Running. Enjoying rain. Fall days. Earth days. Eclipses. The moon. The stars. The sun. The earth. The universe. God. 

I like hugs better than kisses. I am so independent that being in a relationship isn't something I enjoy. I have danced all of my life but have never focused on one genre of dance until college. College classes are so enjoyable. I rather date myself than someone else. I like myself if that isn't clear to you yet. Chocolate is my least favorite ice cream flavor, however, I love mudslide. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017



I know, that's a huge shock after thinking for so long that I had those things. Thank you for your wishes and prayers, love, and support through that hard time. Thankfully your prayers got me through everything and I am okay now.

Scary to say but I really did believe I had those things. My mother, however, was a true believer in me and kept telling me that the doctors were wrong. Mom's are the best. I didn't understand what she was trying to tell me all along until I heard the term corticosteroid-induced mania from the doctor.

Long story short the doctors were lazy and diagnosed me with bipolar disorder just so they could enroll me in the inpatient treatment center but it turns out I actually just went into a manic phase because of a medication the doctors gave me for an allergic reaction. If you didn't make the connection yet here is it really straight forward. I don't have bipolar disorder and I am 100% okay and me!

Can't thank you enough for all the blessings that everyone sent me! Thank you so much! I appreciate every one of you so so much! Praying for each one of you. *

*Will still be touching on topics of self-care and mental health on the blog. Do not fear, that is still an interest of mine.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Too Tired To Come Up With a Title


Okay, hold on. I know what you are thinking. WHY ON EARTH IS SHE SHARING THAT WITH US? Okay, here is why. BECUASE MORE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH. If there is one thing I learned while in mental rehab it was that having people who are there for you is important.

So, with that being said. Hello.

I'm V and I have anxiety and I am bipolar.

Let us help one another out. I'll help you by sharing the experiences and you can help me by showing support and love. Which a lot of you already did in the most recent post. THANK YOU ALL. LOVE YOU GUYS.


I had been in the hospital for two weeks. TO SAY THE LEAST.  The first week I was there I was in and out of the ER and the second week I was getting mentally ready to tackle the world. It just so happens that I am home now. I have been home for an hour and 34 minutes to be exact. 

In that hour. I have awed at life and simply smiled because I got to shower, shave, do my makeup, and paint my nails. ALL STUFF I LOVE. Coming home after a mental retreat (I hate the work rehab, still.) has been lovely. The weather has been a shock but it's nothing I am not happy and excited about. A shock since I went from being in the air conditioned hospital to the apartment with no air conditioning. 

I'm about to watch the end of pretty little liars. I am soooo ready. I love this show and who is with me about that? if not... you have got to start PPL. WHHOOOP. Funny


Now, it's the day after.  I am tired as shit. I sleep a ton and I don't do much. The only thing I have done today was going to the gym and lift. I think I am tired of seeing so many colors and smelling so many things. Boy was that hospital bland. 

Dream while napping: We wanted to take a one day trip to NYC just the two of us. My friend and her energy and me and my skepticism. Together we marched around an airport in clothes that made us feel like divas and tried to find a laptop too but tickets so we could go to NYC for a few hours and come back. "Are we really going to do this?" I asked. "Yes why not, we got this." The excitement was at an all-time high. But in the dream, we never found a ticket. We just went to jail and walked naked to jail. the clothing we took had set off a police hunt.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Ive been around. Ive been in the hospital  mending and healing my soul for about two weeks. Happy July!! And dont worry about me im fine just learning how to deal with recently diagnosed bi polar disorder and axiety. Its been hard but gods been with me.

July goals:

Learn to cope with mental illness- mental illnesses arent a joke but they also arent something thats so serious you have to hide them.

More posts on self love, mental health, and other deep shit- health and talking are important i know lots of you have anxiety dont worry about it. I have it too. Lets do this togther.

Love more


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