Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Next Decade

I want these last few minutes that I am 19 to be my own. To be in my own element with my own mind. Just me, myself, and I. I want an hour to reflect before I am 20 and an hour after I am 20 to think about how life has been, how it will change, and what my hopes and aspirations are. I need a soul-satisfying conversation with myself before I move the mountains and travel the seas.

For the next decade, I want to make a reflecting in the last hours of my old age and new age a tradition. The last few hours spent in the womb to the newest hours I spent breathing new air.

Within the next decade, I am to live, God grating, I will transition into a young woman to a woman. From 20 to 30. 10 to 20 went by fast and I was a child who embraced life. I can't imagine how fast 20 to 30 will go. The hours in my life are passing by before my eyes.

Times will be hard but they are said to be some of the most rewarding and soul fulfilling.

Here is to a new chapter. A huge milestone reached with many more which I am wishing to spend with friends, family, and myself.

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