Thursday, June 8, 2017

Graduate of 2016

One year ago. I was standing behind a curtain and hiding from a few thousand people until I heard my name being announced. "Vanessa Jacqueline Best." The jitters in my stomach walked with me to the front of the stage as I grabbed my diploma, made contact with the principles hand, walked down the stairs, and waved a symbolic empty diploma case in the air at my family.

I had made it. I along with 494 graduates, made it. Together we struggled through high school, made enemies, created drama, sat in countless useless classes, sat in the corner crying about assignments,  and lived in our developing minds. We also made friends, shared countless laughs, made memories to last us a lifetime, and grew as individuals.

I was someone who didn't know where she was going. I was lost. Missing in thought and at lost when it came to careers. Many of my peers knew where they were going, what they wanted to do, and I didn't know. Senior year made me feel so discouraged. There was too much pressure. It was an overwhelming amount of pressure and all though that year I wondered if it would ever get better.

Summer went by and I thought about what I might like to do. In fall I attended college and saw a lot of the people I graduated with, in the winter I took more classes and made new friends, and finally in Spring like the flowers, I bloomed. Took me about a year, but I figured myself out. I discovered that I wanted to be an educator and I want to help children, that I want to enrich their lives in any way that I can. The passion to teach had been there all along but up until now, I didn't know.

A year after I walked off that stage and life got pushed onto me faster than I wanted, I found out where I want to stand, who I want to be, and where I want to go.

This is for all my graduates, for all the students, for all my friends, for the people who didn't know me but stood with me for so long. For the people who know where they are going still, for the people, like I was, that are still lost, for the people who have found themselves. For everyone...

Take your sweet time.


  1. there is nothing but admiration and love i have for this post <33

  2. I like that last line. Thanks for your encouragement. :) And I'm glad you've found what you want to be doing.

  3. AGH THIS IS AMAZING. <3 You are the most inspiring blogger, Vanessa. Wow I love this post so much. xx


  4. Congrats! Graduating high school is one of the best accomplishments and the feeling is still surreal to me. This was beautifully written Vanessa <3 And I think it's awesome that you want to be an educator! <3

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn's Korner

  5. That's great you'd love to be an educator! Kids are just fun to work with. I'm so happy that you figured out what you want to do and who you are. I'm kind of approaching the same boat of figuring out what to do and to make a decision in several months is nervewracking. I really hope God and the universe can help figure out what my calling is. >.<

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs


  7. Wow this is really nice Vanessa. Good luck on your journey! :D

  8. this post is amazing. i'm so happy that you found your passion! :)

  9. Love this. I had a lot of stress during my senior year. Lots of days of being lost, and sometimes I still do feel lost, even though I think I know where I am going. It's good to remember your life's pace doesn't have to be like everyone else's. Wonderful post!


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