Saturday, May 27, 2017

List of Little Things #1-23

  1. 1.Waterfalls with Exploration buddy.
  2. Waking up early and feeling fresh
  3. Poetry by myself at a park with lemon water
  4. Warm ginger tea
  5. Coffee and Art
  6. Music. Rap/ Indie/ Punk
  7. Reading blogs in the morning
  8. Taking pictures
  9. Showing people how to take picture
  10. Offering to take a family picture at random places
  11. Sushi
  12. Flower crowns
  13. People watching at the park
  14. Iced TEA!
  15. Eye candy. (Yes, it is a summer must.)
  16. Ice baths
  17. Good food! Vietnamese with Tay and Sushi with A 
  18. Taylor! (Childhood best friend!)
  19. Dancing (as always)
  20. Paddling with the youth team!
  21. Sophie Winkler! 
  22. Boobs (Girls, you can relate.)
  23. Henna at PCC Indian fairs with massages and free food!
  24. Job Training day 1

MY FRIENDS! I just got a job (my first official one) at QFC as a cashier. I have got to say I'm going to be such a cute cashier it's not even funny at the moment. Other than that! Life has been good. I have been being respectably healthy with my mental health as well as physical. I have also been getting together with lots of wonderful people and meeting all kinds of wonderful souls here and there. I am excited about life! 

A small and sweet post before I go to bed! Goodnight everyone. Thank you for the love you provide me with by reading my blog. Whether you are my internet blogging friends (who I love so much) or my friends who have started reading my blog (I love you too!) Thank you! It means so much to me to have people here for me and interested enough in my life to read about it!
What summer things have you been loving?
Like any of the things on this list?
Give me blog feedback!


  1. I lovee this idea and this post!! It's always great to think back on the little things that make life beautiful. I love your posts and how creative they are <33

    1. Thank you! The little things are some of my favorite.

  2. Love this post and seeing what you've been up to! A new job is always fun and I hope it goes well for you!!!! <3

    1. It's been fun so far!! Can't wait for summer.

  3. Saw your little post on SC about the new Job but never got round to saying congrats. So CONGRATULATIONS. Also, iced tea is literally such an amazing beverage.

    1. THANK YOU. IVE been ranting about it on there I'm sure you're sick of it. Omg yes it is.

  4. I always appreciate your focus on the little things! Congratulations on the job - I hope you enjoy it! :)

    1. Something I value highly! Thanks for as stopping by to read!!

  5. Love this! Unfortunately I think a lot of the wonderful little things about life go unappreciated, so I love seeing someone highlight them. #1, #2, #6, #8, and #19 are some of my favorites! And congratulations on the job as well :D.

    1. Yes, so many of those little things slip by in our minds. Wish it wasn't like that but it is. Yay!

  6. Awwe I'm happy that you've got a job and an amazing day :D I always like to read your post :D

  7. Love this list. Boobs, yup, I can relate ;) You are soooo pretty and such a good writer...I consider you to be a role model.

    Congrats on your first job. You're gonna rock the cashier thing.

    -T. x

    1. Aw!!! This means so much to me! Thank you! <3 but I consider YOU to be MY role model.


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