Friday, May 5, 2017


we all grew up together
 we now all share the same childhood stories.

the countless laughs we shared
the adventures we all went on
then phases we went through
and the love we had.

childhood was a dream.
and because it is so close to our hearts
when we see each other after not seeing one another in a while
it's a warm familiarity.

i remember how much i miss everyone
as we all laugh at the things we did at a younger age.

thankful and blessed to have something like this in my life.


It's been a lovely day. The kind of day where you laugh at old memories and the awkward stages you went through as a child while you catch up on each other's lives. It's so nostalgic that I am in love. 

Today has been good. I got some chores done, ran, cooked, and I spent the last half of my day teaching my sister and our childhood friend how to waltz. It was so much fun and we made a lot of progress within the dance. The dance is going to look so great when they perform their dance. 

Just in love with the day! 


  1. This is a very nice poem Vanessa. :) It's full of love and happiness. Have a great weekend!

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  2. lovely poem Vanessa :) reading it brought back many [awkward and weird] childhood memories <3

    1. I'm sure it did. It's pretty vaguely written so that you can think up things in your own way!

  3. Beautiful <3 Sounds like an absolutely lovely day

  4. Ooh, waltzing. I love waltzing. I'm pretty bad it, though.

    1. I wasn't the best as well but teaching it wasn't hard.

  5. Aww! Brings back the nicest of memories.

    #sweetreats xxx

  6. gorgeous <3 childhood is a precious thing.

    ~ noor

  7. FEEELS <33333 your day sounds absolutely wonderful. :')

    rock on,

  8. I love your positivity! :) Waltzing sounds fun. One time in school we were taught the Cha Cha. A lot of the boys especially complained but I think everyone enjoyed it secretly. ;)

    1. AW thanks, I am glad it's seen. OHHH Cha Cha is fun!

  9. This fits my mind so perfectly right now. It's beginning to sink in that I'm graduating this year along with all of my friends. We're going to go separate ways and it's sad to think that we'll never be able to spend another Friday evening dressing up to go to the high school football game :(

    Beautiful post though!!!

    1. Aw haha I am glad that it fits into play with your life. Oh gosh. I would miss that too Sarah!


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