Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Different Mindset

We need to start thinking about ourselves differently. We are influential people. We create our own power and give it to others or objects. It's not the other way around.

It's not that we are pretty because of the shirt we are wearing, it's the shirt is pretty because we are wearing it.

WE give the shirt power. The shirt does not give us power or confidence. I want you to know that you are powerful and you can either give that power away or keep it to yourself and better yourself.

My dance teacher had a mini rant about chewing gum in the studio. For any of you dancers you know that's a huge NO. What I didn't expect was for him to talk to the whole group of dancers about how the gum doesn't make you cool. "I know for some of you chewing gum is a habit and it's a part of you but if you think that you need to chew gum in order to be cool that's wrong, you are giving too much power to something so little," he said something similar to this. He went on to talk about how we are what makes the gum cool. That the gum should not make you cool, you should make the gum cool. This discussion took a good 5 minutes out of our dance time but it was worth it because not just any dance teacher will take time out of their class to better their student's mind.

This mini conversation we had in the dance studio made me think about how I looked at things that were like the gum.

I thought about the clothes I wear and the makeup I put on and then I realized I subconsciously thought that the clothes I am wearing were making me more confident and were giving me something I could not give myself.

I am wrong.

I don't need anything to make me more confident or cool. I am everything already! I am what makes things look excellent. I have it all already. I just need to remind myself to think like this more often.

I share this with you so that you can reevaluate the way you think too.

Change the way you think about yourself and I promise you that you will open yourself up to more self-love.

Over the past few days, I feel like I have changed for the better with only one small mindset change. I challenge you to think about this and make some small changes to the way you think. We can all change the way we think to better our lives.

Have you realized that you think this way too?
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  2. It's so awesome how a rant about gum sparked this important lesson. I completely agree with you Vanessa. I always hear the saying "you wear the clothes, the clothes don't wear you" and this post reminded me of that. A mindset like this is so important to have. Walking in this type of self awareness speaks so much confidence to who you are. I love it!

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn's Korner

    1. I am happy that you are taking away something from this little rant of mine! OH YES THAT SAYING. I totally forgot about it but it relates a lot to this post.

  3. Such interesting thoughts here. I know sometimes I purposely wear certain clothes or makeup just to remind myself of the person and potential I have inside.

    1. Thank you! We need to think a little differently about our clothes and things like "the gum."

  4. <3 <3 <3
    beautiful post, sweet vanessa. what a truth.
    we are beautiful. because we were made beautiful.
    there is a precious glow we all carry inside. that the world craves to see.

    this was so lovely.
    thanks for sharing.


    1. I really appreciate this comment. Thank you!

  5. I love this post, Vanessa! This is very interesting and thought-provoking. Now I'm thinking to shift my mindset to this :D

    Have a nice day!

    Let's follow each other!

    1. THank you! I will follow you on your blog!

  6. You brought up some good points, Vanessa! I agree with you - we often put too much emphasis on what clothes (or chewing gum for that matter) will do for us, when that's not what really makes the difference. Although, I have to disagree with a couple of things - we don't create our own power, only God has all-power. And we aren't everything in ourselves, because the Bible says with Christ we are nothing! (John 15:5)

    It sounds like you have a thoughtful dance teacher too! I like how you take these lessons to heart and apply them to other aspects of your life. :)

    1. Those are points we should not ignore! Thank you!

  7. That's true, nothing is this world make you confidente or powerful if that's not written in your mind. It's all about your mind set, and the way you face things.


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