Friday, April 28, 2017

Dandelion Tea // Sunshine Tag

I'm not sure who but someone mentioned dandelion tea on their blog, and the idea of it stuck with me. So today, I googled how to make dandelion tea and made some of my own! HOWEVER being overly concerned about allergies arising I only drank a little of the tea before I decided not to risk it. I wish that I could have sipped more of this tea because the taste was surprisingly pleasant.

For the curious, I will quickly explain how to make the tea. What you are going to want to do is pick dandelions that are free of any chemicals. Make sure to only pick the top part of the flower like shown. Rinse them with cold water while you boil hot water. 

Put a handful of dandelions in a bowl and pour hot water over the flowers. Let the flowers steep until the hot water cools down. When it does strain the flowers from the water.

Add a little sugar and drink warm or add ice. 

The SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD (Kara @ Saved By Grace)
1. Who is your favorite character from literature? 
That's a hard question!

2. You're the main character of the last movie you watched - who are you?
I would be Paige Townsen from Famous in Love. Which I know is a T.V. series... 

3. What are you wearing right now?
Running shorts and a tee-shirt! I was all healthy today and went for a run! Did three miles resting between each mile. 

4. Do you own any signed books?
Sadly, nope.

5. Favorite summer drink?
Smoothies count as a drink, right? A frozen banana and almond milk smoothie with a little spinach. 

6. A movie you thought you'd hate but enjoyed?

7. Least favorite chore as a child?
Doing Laundry. It still is my least favorite chore.

8. Something on your summer bucket list?
Summer feels so far away. It's not but it feels distance so I haven't put much thought into plans.

9. Something you want to do before your birthday?
Get my right splits!!! June 19th is the day (;

10. A talent you wish you had?
To be able to wink with both eyes.

11. Favorite blog post of 2017 so far that you or someone else wrote?
I'm really pleased with the last blog post I wrote about brightening your mind. As well as the one where I talk about being in a relationship with myself.


  1. How have I never heard of this before? Totally wanna try this now.

  2. Have you ever done dandelion jelly? My older sister made some a few years back and it was so good!! <3
    You should try it.
    Dandelion tea might actually help you with your dandelion allergies though (if it's the pollen you're allergic to), as counterintuitive as it sounds. ;) We have beehives and people actually eat honey to get rid of their pollen allergies because honey is made out of flower pollen (obviously). So it actually might help! Don't quote me on that—you should research it first . . . but I know that at least goes for honey.
    Also, apparently you can make dandelion root coffee too . . . ;D
    Looks so good! Thank you for sharing!!


    1. No I haven't but that sounds pretty good! OHHH! I get that. In our kitchen have bee pollen to fight allergies so I understand what you are saying about the counter intuitiveness of the flower and it's pollen. Thanks for sharing that with me(:

  3. OMG totally trying this! These pics are also so stunning. So glad I'm caught up on your blog now!! Good luck with finals (if those are a thing for you yet...?) Thanks for sharing :D

    1. Thank you! Thanks for taking the time to catch up as well, I appreciate it. <3

  4. Makes me want to try the tea!

    Splits is a good goal! when I was in my first year of dance, I piled pillows up so high it was just *barely* uncomfortable to sit in the splits-and then read a book in that position. I had them in about two weeks! and I still do, twelve years later. : ) Its hard when you're a little older though! Have you also tried resistance stretching? Lie on your back, and have someone push gently your leg back towards your body into its full extension. Press against them for eight seconds as hard as you can, then relax for eight seconds.

    1. Go ahead and try it!

      I LOVE YOU! Thank you sooo much for this helpful comment about spits I'm going to try this using a stretch band! I am hoping to get to the ground soon haha I am close but not close enough.

  5. the dandelion tea looks quite good.
    i have so many dandelions in my backyard. wouldn't hurt to try to make some. :)
    i've always heard that the tea is super bitter but that wouldn't be a problem for me because i actually love bitter tea.

    thanks for sharing!
    i hope you are doing well!

    1. It was, I wish I could have had the rest! It's a little bitter but sugar does the trick. What doesn't sugar solve?

  6. I don't think I've ever heard of dandelion tea before! (Have heard of dandelion greens/salad though)

  7. I've seen more tea companies carrying dandelion tea of late, and I actually tried some and liked it. Last year, I tried to make dandelion fertilizer for my plant. The process was similar to this, but I think you just used the leaves, not the buds.

    1. I have never seen it in the stores!! I am going to look for it now.

  8. i never tried it yet,thank you for sharing my friend.

  9. Oh my word I love this tag so much!! Also now I want to go make dandelion tea...


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