Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Brighten Your Mind

Make sure the thoughts that are in your head are healthy thoughts. To love yourself, you need to make sure you are preaching the right kinds of words to yourself. The thoughts that sit in your mind can have a huge impact on your life so make sure those thoughts are positive and encouraging.

Self-love isn't something that comes naturally. Society has a lot to do with why self-love isn't easy. I won't get into what society does to us too much because what I would point out are things you've heard over and over again. However, I will bring up this: society thinks you have to look a certain way and be a certain kind of person to be content with yourself. The way society advertises everything trains your thoughts to be negative toward yourself and that's wicked! 

What we need to do to love ourselves more efficiently is talk through the hard times, show love, and give compliments to ourselves! Push aside the negative thoughts and bring in more positive thoughts. 

Three approaches to brighten up your mind:
1. Give yourself pep talks- I have become a sucker for pep talks. As someone who has a lot to worry about and a lot to do in a day, a pep talk before the day starts or when I am stressed is something I find myself reaching for. A little "You got this" or "There's nothing you can't do" can change a lot. Believe in the words you preach and encourage yourself to do what you thought was impossible. It's all about self-encouragement through your own words of wisdom. (If that doesn't do the trick and you need more than yourself God has got you. Pray.) 

2. Give compliments to yourself like you would want someone to give them to you- This is a huge step in the right direction if you want to have kinder thoughts floating in your mind. A compliment given to you from yourself takes a lot more effort than receiving one from someone else, but it's more rewarding all around. Praise yourself! Try it out right now. Find something about yourself that you like and give yourself a compliment. Don't forget to smile and accept the compliment too. I would love to know what you have complimented yourself on too!

3. When reoccurring negative thoughts pop up, battle them with positivity- Negative thoughts are so quickly thought of, and they can really sway a day in the wrong direction. If and when you find yourself dealing with the same negative thought over and over again stop and think about it. Reflect on that thought and why it bothers you then, come up with a more positive solution. You know in math how a negative and a positive cancel each other out? Well, cancel the thought out. Negative thoughts plus positive thoughts equal no thoughts. Problem solved. Now, you aren't fixating on a thought that isn't worth it.

Thoughts are powerful so the more positivity you have up there, the better you can love yourself. Loving yourself is a journey, but it's one that's worth making. Keep your head up and your thoughts brighter for an all around better life. 


  1. Hey! I tagged you on my blog http://savedbygrace7.blogspot.com/2017/04/the-sunshine-blogger-award.html

  2. THIS POST <3 thank you for it. I need to do more of this ALWAYS AND FOREVER. :') So true, it can be really hard to compliment oneself...and even harder to find things we like about ourselves. I usually tend to focus on the shortcomings and the ways in which I can improve, rather than my strengths. BUT ANYWAY YES I LOVE THIS AND I'M GOING TO WRITE MYSELF AN ENCOURAGING NOTE RIGHT NOW. <333

    rock on,

    1. Your comments always make my day! How is it that you always know what to say? I'm working on it as well! Thanks for reading <3

  3. This is beautiful, Vanessa <3 <3 You are an incredible writer and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing this!


    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me!

  4. This is so awesome!!! Thank you for this post!! <333

  5. This is so well written! It's always important to keep your mind clear and think of nice things. It's equally important to have the strength to change the negative thoughts into positive ones.

    -Kathie K
    Half A World Away

    1. THANK YOU! Changing up thoughts can be more hard than to leave them but it's worth it.

  6. Planting positive thoughts in your head is so important. Self love is a journey, and it's not an easy one. I think sometimes society does make it seem like you have to look a certain way to love yourself, and that's not the case. Baby steps like the ones you mentioned are something we should all practice. Lovely post! xx

    Kathlyn |Kathlyn's Korner


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