Friday, April 28, 2017

Dandelion Tea // Sunshine Tag

I'm not sure who but someone mentioned dandelion tea on their blog, and the idea of it stuck with me. So today, I googled how to make dandelion tea and made some of my own! HOWEVER being overly concerned about allergies arising I only drank a little of the tea before I decided not to risk it. I wish that I could have sipped more of this tea because the taste was surprisingly pleasant.

For the curious, I will quickly explain how to make the tea. What you are going to want to do is pick dandelions that are free of any chemicals. Make sure to only pick the top part of the flower like shown. Rinse them with cold water while you boil hot water. 

Put a handful of dandelions in a bowl and pour hot water over the flowers. Let the flowers steep until the hot water cools down. When it does strain the flowers from the water.

Add a little sugar and drink warm or add ice. 

The SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD (Kara @ Saved By Grace)
1. Who is your favorite character from literature? 
That's a hard question!

2. You're the main character of the last movie you watched - who are you?
I would be Paige Townsen from Famous in Love. Which I know is a T.V. series... 

3. What are you wearing right now?
Running shorts and a tee-shirt! I was all healthy today and went for a run! Did three miles resting between each mile. 

4. Do you own any signed books?
Sadly, nope.

5. Favorite summer drink?
Smoothies count as a drink, right? A frozen banana and almond milk smoothie with a little spinach. 

6. A movie you thought you'd hate but enjoyed?

7. Least favorite chore as a child?
Doing Laundry. It still is my least favorite chore.

8. Something on your summer bucket list?
Summer feels so far away. It's not but it feels distance so I haven't put much thought into plans.

9. Something you want to do before your birthday?
Get my right splits!!! June 19th is the day (;

10. A talent you wish you had?
To be able to wink with both eyes.

11. Favorite blog post of 2017 so far that you or someone else wrote?
I'm really pleased with the last blog post I wrote about brightening your mind. As well as the one where I talk about being in a relationship with myself.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Brighten Your Mind

Make sure the thoughts that are in your head are healthy thoughts. To love yourself, you need to make sure you are preaching the right kinds of words to yourself. The thoughts that sit in your mind can have a huge impact on your life so make sure those thoughts are positive and encouraging.

Self-love isn't something that comes naturally. Society has a lot to do with why self-love isn't easy. I won't get into what society does to us too much because what I would point out are things you've heard over and over again. However, I will bring up this: society thinks you have to look a certain way and be a certain kind of person to be content with yourself. The way society advertises everything trains your thoughts to be negative toward yourself and that's wicked! 

What we need to do to love ourselves more efficiently is talk through the hard times, show love, and give compliments to ourselves! Push aside the negative thoughts and bring in more positive thoughts. 

Three approaches to brighten up your mind:
1. Give yourself pep talks- I have become a sucker for pep talks. As someone who has a lot to worry about and a lot to do in a day, a pep talk before the day starts or when I am stressed is something I find myself reaching for. A little "You got this" or "There's nothing you can't do" can change a lot. Believe in the words you preach and encourage yourself to do what you thought was impossible. It's all about self-encouragement through your own words of wisdom. (If that doesn't do the trick and you need more than yourself God has got you. Pray.) 

2. Give compliments to yourself like you would want someone to give them to you- This is a huge step in the right direction if you want to have kinder thoughts floating in your mind. A compliment given to you from yourself takes a lot more effort than receiving one from someone else, but it's more rewarding all around. Praise yourself! Try it out right now. Find something about yourself that you like and give yourself a compliment. Don't forget to smile and accept the compliment too. I would love to know what you have complimented yourself on too!

3. When reoccurring negative thoughts pop up, battle them with positivity- Negative thoughts are so quickly thought of, and they can really sway a day in the wrong direction. If and when you find yourself dealing with the same negative thought over and over again stop and think about it. Reflect on that thought and why it bothers you then, come up with a more positive solution. You know in math how a negative and a positive cancel each other out? Well, cancel the thought out. Negative thoughts plus positive thoughts equal no thoughts. Problem solved. Now, you aren't fixating on a thought that isn't worth it.

Thoughts are powerful so the more positivity you have up there, the better you can love yourself. Loving yourself is a journey, but it's one that's worth making. Keep your head up and your thoughts brighter for an all around better life. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Coffee and Writing

I ditched writing 122 today and went to a local coffee shop to do some writing of my own. So technically I'm not skipping writing because I am still writing.

Normally, I wouldn't be in a coffee shop all by my lonesome but today I had some time to kill and a craving for a mocha. So, I took myself on a mini writing date. Just me the coffee shop, and my laptop to write on. The smell of fresh coffee is floating around in the room; the smell is the slightest bit distracting.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of writing on my own. I have all these short story ideas and poems popping into my head that I now carry a notepad in my backpack with me on the train and to school. A few days ago I read something about how important it is to carry a pen and pad of paper with you. Something about being able to write whenever you get an idea is such a wonderful thing.

Yesterday it was raining so hard that on my walk home I managed to get soaked by the rain. I was even wearing a rain coat! A lady with an umbrella passed by me and a rush of thoughts pieced together to make up a story. A boy. A girl with no jacket or umbrella. Lots of rain. Soaked clothes. A shared umbrella! It was simply little thoughts that turned into a very neat short story.

"I stared at a nearby puddle. The puddle looked as gray as I had become but as I focus on the reflection I see an umbrella over my head. The image must be distorted because I know for a fact I am soaked. I think about it for a second and realized the rain isn't steeping my already soaked jacket. So I look up and as I look up I see an umbrella above my head. 

Startled I step back and bump into the boy with the umbrella. "Sorry!"

As I turn around the boy with blue sneakers smiles as he says, "Thought you could use an umbrella to stand under."

I realized in that moment that the boy and I were sharing his umbrella. It all happened so fast.

I am stunned. "Thank you."

So the writing world has been treating me pleasantly and it's time for me to go! 

Friday, April 14, 2017

In a Relationship With Myself

I'm not single! I'm in a relationship with myself. (smirking emoji) I feel like I have just hacked the system since not a lot of people have actually acknowledged this is a thing they can do. I am here to tell you it is something you can do. You can date yourself. Hah, I know that sounds a little strange but just hear me out. Having a healthy relationship with yourself is the most valuable thing you can do for yourself.

Society puts so much pressure on the idea of being in a relationship that when you aren't in a relationship, you feel sorry for yourself. It's a shame because a lot of us are too young to be in relationships, but we feel like we have to be in them! We shouldn't have to deal with that kind of pressure! There are so many movies and books that have to do with high school sweethearts that you can't help daydreaming about love and then looking for your own romantic story. For example, prom. The time of year where you are nudged to find a date to go to the dance with. There's nothing wrong with going with friends! But for many young adults, they feel like they have missed out on something if they go with friends! Society is brainwashed into thinking you will be happier if you are in a relationship. 

Towards the end of last year, the idea of ditching boys sounded great to me. My friend and I had a short conversation about how people seem to notice her when she is focusing on herself. We thought that was because she was less stressed when she was looking for someone to mingle with and enjoyed her time alone more. I simply just wanted to forget about a love life and start one with myself, so I googled being in a relationship with yourself. The articles that came up were all so encouraging and empowering that I wanted to be single without the "ready to mingle" sign attached at the end of that word. 

I'm not really single, I'm dating myself. I take me out to eat, I buy me clothes, I love me.

I have adapted to the idea of dating myself. The wording is a little weird, but it simply reminds me that I should treat myself like I'm in a relationship with myself. (and do that actively) I don't think about this concept all the time but I know that I am here for myself when I need someone. I will go on mini walks with myself, treat myself to spa days, and make myself fancy foods. I also I tell myself I am beautiful and give myself as many pep talks as I might need. I have become pretty darn good at giving myself pep talks to calm my nerves. 

Although this might seem like a lonely concept to many, I can tell you that it's not because I have me and that is really all I need. I can put all my effort into pleasing myself and learning what I like and don't like as well as figuring out what I want to do in life. Having a relationship with myself is kind of the best thing ever. I have so much time to do whatever I want! 

I've been single for a while now and I have to say. It's going really well.

Like... it's working out.

I think I'm the one.

I still have a whole year to figure the whole dating/ in a relationship with yourself thing out, but so far it's going great. In the four months I have been doing this the one thing I have learned is how much I enjoy my own company and just doing things on my own. It's been really fabulous spending time with simply me, myself, and I! (Whoop! Blog title reference!) I am actively committed to treating myself the way I deserve to be treated. 

According to society, I am single but according to my books I am in a relationship and I am taken by myself. I might be a little crazy for thinking like this but I feel like this metal state is helping me a lot. 

I'd love to know if you want to hear more about this concept or just know what you think! Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

More College Classes

A new term has begun my friends, it's spring term! The term right before summer and my third college term ever. Part of me can't even believe I made it this far. One morning, while I was walking to one of the first classes of the new term a thought came into my mind. The thought flooded my mind. How amazing is it to be walking on campus and attending college classes, this is something I didn't think would happen as a freshman in high school and something I knew was near when I was a senior but to be living it out is surreal. A moment that you dream about and barely believe it's happening when it happens. Having this thought made my day and week so much more astonishing as a whole.

New Term- New Classes! I wanted to share a little of my first impressions of the classes I am taking this term to look back on later in the term or later in  life.

Math 65- Math! WHOOP! No one is ever really that excited about math. I know I'm not. Math is intimidating but I will try harder as the level of math goes up. This term I am taking math with the same teacher I had last term and a lot of the same people as well. The little Indian professor who treats the class like she might treat her children I have learned to love. 

Printmaking- I didn't really know what printmaking was until I googled it. I took this class because I needed an art credit and it was one of the few classes that fit into the time gap I had. (if you don't know what printmaking is I would look it up) I walked into this class seeing a bunch of serious art students and a very relaxed professor. This class will be kinda spendy...

Writing 122- Rate my professor is a site that is very handy to college students who have to choose professors. The professor I choose had good reviews and he is so far proving himself to be rightful of those reviews. I am pretty excited for another writing class I had a good time in my last writing class so hopefully, this one is just as exceptional. I am aiming to become a better writer. 

Dance Hip- Hop- I am finally off the wait list for this class. Future note to self that I need to take more seriously: sign up for classes as soon as you can and do not wait until the last minute. As a dancer who has danced mostly jazz, ballroom, and some Irish hip-hop feels kind of awkward and I'm not going to lie after the first class I thought about dropping the class. OH GOSH! It was so weird coming into this class seeing that a little more than half the class were guys- nothing against them but this is not what I'm used to in a dance setting. Looking forward to the class still.

4 classes 12 credits a full-time student. Spring term should be busy but inspiring.

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