Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Break Lately...

Watching- The Mindy Project I have been watching this show non-stop it's the only thing I am watching at the moment. As well as lots of youtube videos! Check out Hannah's youtube

Reading- The Moon & More I adore Sara Dessen's books and I picked up this one two days ago on a trip to Powells. Everyone's posts as always! I have been loving Vivian's blog and all her blogmas posts!

Listening- to Mako! I just discovered Mako and their music is amazing! Phenomenal.  Smoke Filled Room by Mako is a song you MUST listen to and I am making it easy to listen to this song. Just click on the link!

Writing- Christmas letters to friends (photo above) nothing like the feeling of putting mail in the mailbox and hoping the letters get to your friends in time. I might have sent the letters four days before Christmas hoping they will arrive Christmas day... I have also got back into the habit of writing down my dreams. They keep getting weirder and weirder the more I write them down.

Eating- lot's of white rice, salad, homemade power bars, eggs, and of course ice cream!

Working out- My legs, arms, and abs. Pretty much the normal for me. The other day I created a leg workout and it shredded my legs. If any of you want this workout just comment and I will reply with the killer workout.

Wearing- comfy clothes. Anything comfy you can think of I am probably wearing. Sweatpants, yoga pants, PJ's, sweaters- if it's comfy I am wearing it.

Watching- the snow fall and then being trapped inside for four days!! I love the snow but this was a little overwhelming for myself.

Not wearing- anything I can't move in.

Staying- at home while I enjoy being extremely introverted the first week of break. I have been on break for a week now! That brings me a little sadness!

Thinking- of a blog plan for 2017. Don't get too excited because the layout will most likely not change but the content will vary a little.

Ignoring- most every guy and watching the news.

Jamming- to older pop songs that were fun to dance to four years ago.

Trying- to learn a hip hop routine from youtube... it's really difficult. Hip hop is not where my roots as a dancer are.

Stressing- about creating my winter college schedule. The time frames for the classes I want to take and need to take are off. I have a gap I need to fill this is also something I am putting off.

Wishing- I was exploring the world in a meaningful way.

Spending- an unhealthy amount of time with my sister. I feel like in three weeks to come we will be just plain sick of each other but for now we are golden.

Needing- to play the violin and ukulele. It has been so long since I have played the violin. I just don't have as much time as I use to! (says the girl who's been sitting at home the past week)

Calling- my dad whenever I get the chance. I am trying to call him more often since I don't see him as often as I should.

Laughing- At all the Christmas meme's out there! Some of them are so funny. Lauren (my sister) has been sending me a daily dose of meme's and they are just the best.

Anticipating- WINTER! It is now officially sweater weather season. I am also kind of excited to see what winter break holds for me.

Feeling- kind of unmotivated to do anything productive. I have been taking it easy for the past week. Also feeling content with the fact I have time to be with myself and I.

Enjoying- writing this post.

Wishing- that each of you is embracing the holidays and spending this time doing what you love and with the people love.


  1. Those Christmas cards are so cute x)

    Sounds like you've been having a good winter break!! Merry Christmas, Vanessa!! <3

    1. I am glad that you like them! My breaks been great, I hope yours has been just as great! Merry Christmas!

  2. Sounds like a nice break so far-- sometimes it's nice to just be lazy for a bit and enjoy doing nothing. Thanks for mentioning me <3 I've been enjoying your blog as well :)

    1. I love doing nothing sometimes! You are always welcome here!

  3. Ohmygoshhh YES to sweater weather. This girl seriously loves her sweaters. *nods* Also "eating lots of white rice". Literally me.

    I'd love it if you could check out my blog, For All Who Wander. Thanks, Vanessa! <3

    1. RIGHT!!! I love being suffocated in their warmth?...

      I took a look at it yesterday and followed you to get post updates!

  4. Hey I like killer leg workouts? Tip: I do 30 frog jumps and they burn. (you might wanna add it on there;P) Oh and sweaters, ahh yes sweaters. Sounds like you're having fun.

    Merry Christmas!!


    1. Lunges 10x3 (each side)
      Lunge Squat Combo 10x3 (for this one you lunge on one leg then squat then lung on the other side the trick is to stay low and not move your feet)
      Jump Lunge 10x3
      Squats 10x3
      Ski jumps 10x3
      Frog Jumps 10x3
      Hip Trust Hold 2minutes

      That's the leg workout pretty much! Have a wonder Christmas!

  5. This is such a sweet post... and those cards look gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you! They were fun to make! Hopefully they mail in time.

  6. I love listening to older pop songs too!
    Ranyel x

  7. I really love this so much that I might steal it *mwahhhhhah*
    And yes, I'm totally interested in the killer leg workout!

    1. GO AHEAD! I would love to see you post something like this! The leg workout is in the comments above!! (; Merry Christmas!

  8. Hey stop making me feel bad for not working out!!! I don't need to workout...(*quickly copies down your leg workout and grabs my workout clothes*)

    Dude i loved this post, this is one of my favorite things to write and read. Sounds like quite the cozy winter break :)

    1. HAHA let me know what you think about that workout if you end up doing it! I am glad that you liked this post! Merry Christmas!

  9. I actually discovered 'Smoke Filled Room' by Mako this month too! During the holidays, it was one of the few songs my older bro was playing repeatedly on his guitar, but I still like it...Sometimes I forget to go listen to more of an artist's music after liking one song...*goes off down the rabbit hole*

    *sighs*...I should figure out a workout for my arms and core. I'm such a wimp. Once upon a time my bro took me to the gym, but that only happened once because he was embarrassed by my lack of strength...

    1. Oh yay! That's a neat little story about how you got listening to them! I do the same thing when I like a song too- forgetting they have MORE music too!

      These stories! They make me laugh! Just let your brother know that he wasn't always strong either. If you want core and arm workouts just let me know, I have a lot of goodies up my sleeve!

  10. This post is so amazing in so many different ways! <3 Also all the memes. ;)


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