Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What's Keeping V Busy


BOY HAS IT BEEN A *LONG TIME! Where have I been? Well, everywhere and nowhere! I have been bumbling like a bee lately. November has been super busy for me. Almost too busy. I like being busy but to an extent.

*more than three days of not blogging, reading blog, or catching up with any and all of you! 

I am forcing myself to stay awake and write on my blog instead of sleeping. It is around 7:40pm which is super early but when you have lots of things to do and the sunsets at five it feels like it's later. Daylights savings is really messing me up right now! I get home at around three and it gets dark in two hours. WHAT IS THIS? I have people to see and places to go!


Stressing about scheduling my classes tomorrow- I am not too stressed but it has been on my mind a lot. I have a few classes that I must get into and I am hoping they don't fill up quickly. I also need to think about classes I want to take. School has been on my mind a lot recently!

Volunteering at a summer camp- THIS is why I have been tired for the past three days. Last weekend I went on an adventure with my dad's family; we all went to camp. Not for fun and games but to volunteer. To help build and restore different areas of the camp. My sister and I shared a cabin with a bat and a mouse, ate camp food, built stairs and cleared a pathway, and spent time on the beach. Lot's of fun memories made but I am paying the price atm! It was still worth it

Going to the gym and eating healthy- I have been going to the gym after school for the past couple of days. I am finally over my lazy period and junk food addict stage. That's a thing if you are wondering! Every single gym rat and health freak goes through times where they simply need a rest and some junk food for a long period of time! YUP. Well, now I am back at it. (I have some gym workout videos I made if anyone is interested? lemme know in the comments)

Not doing homework- My ducks still aren't in a row!

Stretching!- GUYS! It has been more than half a month and I have stretched every single dear day! Super proud of myself since it is hard to keep a routine like this one. And I am  slowly but surely getting closer to finally getting my splits. Might have my right side split!


  1. Sounds very busy, but fun!! I understand the junk food phase. Lol. Good for you on stretching!! That's awesome. It's super helpful too right?!

    Btw, I love how you call yourself V. I've always wanted to have a child and name her Via or Vivi and call her V all the time!! Eek. :)

    1. Thanks for reading! Stretching does have a lot of great benefits to it! THANK YOU! It is a nickname I have adapted on blogger along with Nessa! Vivi is a cute name!

  2. Sounds like you've been busy!
    Ahhh good for you for doing almost a month of stretching!! I need to start stretching x)

  3. Woot woot!! You go girl! Stretch those limbs and work that body! ;)

  4. I know what you mean about the time change - it makes the evenings an eternity! And with the cold, I never want to leave my home after dark. You'd think after this many years, I'd have gotten over the inevitable change, but no, I'm still grumbling and getting caught taking the dog on a walk after dark...Oh well...

    1. HA! Yes see someone understands me! I always get caught in the dark thinking I have time to run but the darkness creeps up on me! CRAZYYY! Going to stop by your blog!

  5. November is the busiest month of the year for me, so I feel you. I need to get back into the blogosphere!

    Volunteering restoring a summer camp sounds like a cool family exercise. Hope it all went well. And good luck to getting into all your classes! When does your semester end?


  6. I too have been so busy with college and registering for classes and procrastination. I've missed blogging and reading all you lovely people's posts. <3

  7. Daylight Savings is blowing my mind!!! I'm so behind on blogging right now- I've missed you!!! <3

  8. Hey Vanessa,
    I know that really good it's like your day only have the half of time. You want to do so much things but while you are learning the sleep is coming and you'll sleep until tomorrow. Nevertheless the plan was doing five other things.
    For me a big aspect because of feeling like so busy and don't having time is that the sunlight is only really short here and it's dark here until 4pm.


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