Monday, November 7, 2016

Don't Just Watch {A Poem}

It's 17:14.
I am tired, confused, and a little shaken.
I take a deep breath as I write these things.

Lately- no one is phased by the things going on in the world.
You heard about people being murdered, places being bombed, 
nations going broke, people missing, ect.
Just watch the news.
Just watch.

That's all we do now a days.
We don't think about the things going on.
We don't pray for the people being mistreated
or the accidents that are happening.
We just watch. 
What is wrong with us?

We watch the news, think about it for a little, then forget.
How can you forget about such serious issues?

I will tell you what I can't forget.
I can't forget my family members that passed away from cancer.
I can't forget about the girl I knew that was murdered
and I won't forget what happened today.

Today opened the eyes of a girl who didn't see what was going on around her.
I said goodbye to my mother, gave her a hug, and walked out the door.
I hoped on the train then bus.
and I arrived to college.

A loud beeping noise and message being played on the speakers
 telling everyone to evacuate.
A bomb threat sent everyone home.

They sent us home with lots of unanswered questions about what happened.
Was it really a bomb?
How did they find out?
Is anyone hurt?
Is this serious?
And the question I am asking myself- 
How did we get here?

I wonder how many people are watching the news about the bomb threat
then I wonder how many people are passing the channel as they talk about it
or how many people sit in front of the screen with an expressionless face.
I can't blame the people for just watching.

These things happen too often.
It's 2016 and bomb threats, missing people, and terrorist are not uncommon.
We hear about these issues all the time and that is the real problem.

Do not forget 
do not just watch.


  1. Holy cow. This is such an important piece of writing, and it words the exact thoughts I've been having for the past few months... so many awful things have happened recently and people brush over them and forget about them instantly. I am so sorry you had to go through such a scary incident with the bomb threat, no one deserves that kind of terror. And yet, it's not even the worst thing I've heard all day... where is this world going? What are we coming to? Beautiful writing as always.

    1. Thank you! I did not expect this many people to relate as well as they did. I am glad to hear there is a small group of people that thinks the same thing I do.

  2. This is beautiful. The world is such a disaster right now, but this is truly inspiring me to do more than just watch. Thank you, love <3

    1. Keep praying and helping when you can dear!

  3. Their is so much pain in the world, I find it impossible not to see it.

  4. So beautiful and true! Thanks for this!!


  5. Wow. This - thanks for calling us all to realise what's going on and remember basic human empathy and compassion. We're like the frog in the saucepan in a lot of ways; things get worse, and we get more comfortable. Since when have we become so apathetic?! I notice it in ways besides murders and terrorists too - so many people feel alone, suffer from depression, and end their life in suicide. We watch that too. Maybe we can't help the accidents and mistreatments as portrayed in the news, but we can help that.

    Sorry for the rant. I guess your point in this post is something I feel strongly about too. And I'm glad the bomb was only a threat, and you're safe and sound. :)

    1. Rant all you wish to on my blog! It is an open space for my readers as well! Frog in the saucepan... good analogy! I am glad to see that people other than myself think about these things as well.Empathy and compassion are beyond important but we often time don't give it to the people who need it.

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  7. I recently felt like I came close to a near death experience and the one thing I was more afraid of than death was not being able to tell those how I truly felt about them. I remember feeling paralyzed and helpless while starring at my phone sitting on a window sill. I tried to move my arms towards my phone because I wanted to text those who I love and those who I have not told that I love and appreciate how much they meant to me. That feeling of never being able to tell someone how much you mean to them was more terrifying than no longer existing in this plane.

    It sounds horrible to have family members, close and extended, pass away. Perhaps in this crazy world we live in, we should always be frank with each other and interact with each other like it may be our last time. When there is an obvious range, we can celebrate life, but when we have to face the daily struggles and dangers, telling those we love and those we want to love how we feel is important.

    I was lucky in that my near death experience was only a symptom of my fever that caused me to hallucinate to the point of thinking I was paralyzed and dying. In the end I was able to tell most of everyone my situation and I had the courage to tell them how I felt about them. I say most because there was one person I never sent the message to. It sat in my drafts for the longest time because the moment felt so unreal and the natural fear of rejection was real.

    Now knowing your near death experience and how close of a reality it is to lose someone you want to consider close to, perhaps it is time I sent that draft message to that person. Or better yet, tell them face to face, because seeing someone's facial reaction to your feelings is important in this digital age. Whether they accept your feelings or not, we can't hide behind these screens anymore.

  8. Yes. This is such an important message. I'm so, so bloody glad that it was just a threat and that you are okay. I remember my ex having been in brussels the day before the attacks, and I suppose it is only when things come close to home like that that we realise the full force of them. We are all so guilty of being passive, and as you said, just watching.

    Thank you for writing this, and I'm really glad you were unharmed <3

    1. Thanks for sharing what you have gone through. Keep praying and thanks for reading.

  9. This was so meaningful and such an amazing well written reminder, Vanessa! <3
    Thank you.

  10. Oh my gosh, Vanessa, this is absolutely horrifying. I'm so glad that you're alright. We live in such a messed up world...

    1. We do live in a messed up world but what fun would it be if it were perfect all the time?

  11. Wow... This poem is so powerful, and so eloquently put. More people definitely need to read this, it makes such a huge point about humans, and humanity... I guess that's part of the whole news thing now, though? We really have become so distanced from the terrible happenings in this world, and it's so awful.

    I hope you're okay, and thank you so much for sharing this message with us x

    1. Thank you so much for that. Distance can be an awful thing at times. I am glad you enjoyed reading this. I always appreciate the feed back. I am more than okay but the fact that this happened never changes.

  12. This breaks my heart because it is so very true. We've become so immune to the tragedies around us, it's awful! As a christian, it's my duty to pray for these things, to love and encourage, to shine the light of Christ in dark times, yet here I am just reading it on the news like, "Oh another person went missing? That's sad." Life goes on. But it doesn't go on, not for those affected my such events. I should know that, I should feel what they feel. I should be in constant prayer, asking the Lord to save this country, this world, my people.

    Praying for you after what happened! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and being bold. I truly appreciate your voice and the lessons your share with us.


  13. This is raw and truthful and just what everyone needs to hear especially in 2016. It works really well as a spoken piece and I think it's very powerful. It resonates with so many of us. Cause honestly, this year has probably made so many people feel disheartened and disillusioned.
    Great piece of work.

    Skylar | Skywriting


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