Monday, September 12, 2016

Sun Goddesses // Aqua Rockets // Last Race

This was a weekend to remember, a weekend I will look back on when I am 87, a weekend that made my life so much better than it already was, a weekend I learned to deal with conflict, a weekend I learned to stand up for myself, a weekend I spent with the people I love, a weekend I made new friends. and a weekend I paddled until I was content. I will be forever grateful for this weekend.

The last race with my woman's team was something I will always remember. patient power came into play and we crossed the finish line strongly! (You might be a little lost if you aren't a paddler!) Durning that last race we kept up and kept building power until we were in front of the boat in front of us. You know how they say slow and steady wins the race? Well, it's true! That race felt so amazing. I benched in 6 with my friend Kata and together we took charge of the power section. Calling 7, 8, 9, 10, POWER NOW, *GRUNT!* we took the team to the finish line.

I am going to miss this team so much! I have been with the Sun Dragons since I was a sophomore, I have grown so attached to this team, leaving them will be difficult. There is something about dragon boating that ties you with different people you never thought you'd be friends with and with each race you race together you strengthen the friendship. Some of the girls in neon I have known for three years and some only this year, but we are all a very close group. 

We fell short on guys this year, having to make our team a woman's team to enter races and the SUN GODDESSES were born! It worked out so well. Our third race together was  this one and we kicked dragon butt. I mean look at how bass ass we look! It was super wonderful having an all woman's team since we could all talk openly, beautified with glitter and tattoos, and just having girl time! I would say I missed having guys on our team but I can't because.... 

I was on a mixed team too! (mixed means it's both men and woman competing) The AQUA ROCKETS!! Their team needed more woman so we got asked to be a part of their team! BOY, was that an experience! Somehow I got placed in the first bench with a guy by the name of Elliot! Their team has so much energy, and I am so glad to have made more friends. 

As we raced me and Elliot made sure to communicate throughout the race piece mostly telling each other to slowwww our rateeee. The races were phenomenal. A great few races with some really great people! We took 3rd place in B division which is again, phenomenal for a youth team. Beating a competitor that beat us in our Salem race! Chanting 7 on the ups with Elliot and going into a zen mode of firce relaxation before the announcer said, "We have alignment!" "GO!"

Another part I didn't mention was setting up! On Friday the three youth teams helped set up the entire race site from setting up tents, to moving dragon heads, we did it all! This was one of my favorite things to do because we got to make connections with teams we never thought we would be friends with. Kraken is a terrific and funny team! AND the Aqua Rockets are sweetly energetic! Friday was a long day but driving in the back of golf carts dropping green poles everywhere, and driving a golf cart with 5 people crammed in it, made it super!! 

This here is a weekend I will miss, a weekend I will cherish, and a weekend I will ALWAYS keep in my heart! CHECK THE VIDEO OUT! 

And here is me taking an ice bath in the cold falls of Portland! 

I'm just blessed that I didn't fall from here. That would have sucked. but look at how neat this picture is! i think my mom might take better pictures than my sister! KIDDING, love you Lauren!

I was here for five minutes! That was something. After a while, you start to feel warm and like you're on fire because the water numbs you!

The medals! Just realised that there is one more for the race in Salem but I am too lazy to re-take this photo! You all have a wonderful day! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read about my life! <3


  1. That's so cool! I love your little travel posts! :)

  2. That looks like such a fun event! I loved all the pictures and getting to see a little peek into your life. I loved this post :)

    1. It was so much fun!!! Thank you for peaking!!! I love ya!

  3. Replies
    1. It really was I am going to miss these races!

  4. THIS IS SO EXCITING, BRILLIANT, BEAUTIFUL, AND AMAZING NESSA!!!!!! <3 Your experience sounds like SO MUCH FUN! And I'm so happy you were able to connect with other lovely people this summer! <3

    xoxo >>Hannah<<
    (P.S. A reply to your email will be coming soon. :P :) )

    1. THANK YOU HAN!!!! It was so great, thank you! Ah this is such a nice comment! I love ya!

      (p.s. YAY!)

  5. Oh my goodness, this is so cool!! It looks like such an incredible weekend!:) I loved getting this sneak peek into your life. I don't know much about dragon boat racing, but it sounds like a lot of fun. I'm glad you had such a great experience! :)

    1. THANK YOU! and hello thanks for catching up with me!


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