Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Few Sweet Summer Memories

Going to the movies with my friends Jamie and Tania. We always talked about wanting to theater hop that's seeing more than one movie with one ticket. It was a Wednesday when we decided to get together to see two movies. Oh, the nerves were high when we walked out of one movie straight into another and left the second we saw the end of the second movie. Later sitting down for Thai food and having wonderful conversation at the table.

Running the morning after it rained. It feels like it barely rains here but it's cloudy a good percentage of the time. I woke up one day to see the ground was dampened with water. Going on a run and being able to run into puddles in the middle of summer was electrifying.

Eating lunch on the deck with my sister.  Lauren and I made pasta, put a table cloth on the table outside, and ate yummy food while Latin music played in the background.

Having sushi. Sushi is my go-to summer food. There is a place my mom, sister and I go to that's new that has the most amazing sushi train. The only train I want to ride is the one with sushi.

After dragon boat racing all day in Seattle and placing in second, I unexpectedly dropped what I was carrying to run into the water fountain! I ran through the water getting soaked and just having a wonderful time letting the child in me play. My sister, mother and my mother's friend all stood their shocked that I had just done that. This was much needed and reminded me of how spontaneous you should be during the summer.

Listening to a man play the guitar at the farmers market. I was with my mother, sister, and cousin. An ice cream truck came around and the guy playing the guitar, Steve, asked if anyone was from California. My mother raised her hand as he asked what the ice cream trucks play when they go down the neighborhood. "La Cucaracha!" she said. Then Steve said, "Well you see I am worried to take ice cream from there, what if I find something crunchy in my ice cream..." I laughed so hard at this.

Walking in the Columbia River and taking photos with my sister. We just walked to the middle of the river with my phone and took some photos, a great photo shoot area, surprising. Just easy going vibes enjoying the water and beautiful view.  Calling out to each other with the Indian hollers.

Making smoothies, there is close to nothing I enjoy making more than smoothies. I have made so many this summer, mostly frozen banana and almond milk smoothies. oh. the. joy.

Talking to random people all over the world. There is this little app that goes by the name of Wakie which I am almost positive is owned by the Indians but you can talk to people from around the world for ten minutes and it's super fun. I have had some fun conversations and music jams in those small ten minutes. My favorite chat was when someone asked me if they could sing and of course, I said yes. They started singing and playing the piano. That my friends is how I came across Dominic Francesco

Hanging around the beach with my friend Tania and trying to skimboard. Leaving to the beach at 10 arriving at 11 and exploring all day. Tania and I both taking as many pictures possible with our camera's. Talking about the things we could do and what we are afraid of and me building a sand castle only to give up on it and try to skimboard.

Watching the Sunset with my sister, cousin Lulu, and a few other friends. Trying to get the right photo but struggling because it happened to be a day I didn't bring my camera but ended up needing it. Playing the ukulele while the sunsets. Loving how the orange sky turned black and you found little diamonds in that sky. Wishing I could stay there all night. Falling asleep at 1am.

Paddling 3 hours at 6am. I had watched stars the night before and got four hours of sleep before I had to wake up, get dressed, and drag myself outside to the city of Portland to paddle on the outrigger. I paddled with a group of 5 guys including my coach and we went 18 miles within the three hours. A wonderful day to watch a sunrise.

Imagining I was in a warm foreign country while I say on the floor of a church and listened to music and songs being played.

Spending time with my team at a pool party. We had some of the most wonderful food and spent lots of time in a pool playing volleyball and trying to touch the bottom with Sophie. I am going to miss that girl. Can not believe that it's my last year with the team. Looking forward to that last race in Septemeber.

Plotting my FRIST BOOK! Yup, that's right! My first book... guys I am writing a book! It was super fun figuring everything out, from charter names to the plot and writing it down on so many sticky notes... and then reading this now thinking I need to get back to it.

 Getting food with my friend E before practice. We got food at this really interesting place, it's a yoga studio with a shop and a restaurant. How convenient is that? If I lived closer to it I would be going ALL THE TIME. It was a really nice time, I always enjoy the time we spend together!

EEPPP! So these two came to a practice to surprise everyone. I set everything up with Mark, got the green light, and they showed up to practice. That's the day we saw two double rainbows as we were paddling up the river. These two made my day. Right before this practice I had gone to the AuqaRocket's practice because I am helping them out. The couch wasn't there for the first 15 minutes so we got on the boat and started to paddle out. Somehow in all of this, I got placed up front as lead with a guy named Elliot. Practice was HARD. Race piece after race piece and my bench mate threw up, but all this resulted in the coach talking to me and telling me I would become lead... so we will see. That was one of the back to back practices. The other was with my team and that one killed me as well. I said goodnight at ten that night!

Racing in Portland overall one of the best times I have had paddling. It was great to paddle with two teams, make new friends, and spend a lot of time with the girls I have been getting to know for three years now.

Visiting a friend at work. I had no idea I would end up visiting this friend, but I was in the area so I stopped by. All summer he has not had a lot of time to get together with people and there forward had the biggest smile on his face when he saw me. That day I also ran into an old friend who I went to terra nova with and we had a really vivid conversation about lucid dreaming.

Being a third wheel on my friends date.

Visiting Terra Nova on a Thursday with Colin at 7:30am. It felt just like I was going back to school, but in the best way possible because Terra Nova is really one of my favorite places of all time. I am hoping to do some volunteering there. (Also known as the day I got called mom by someone younger than me.)

Dancing at the park to dance because my plans for that night didn't go as plan. I laced up my converse, put my hair in a ponytail, got my headphones, and walked to the park. Dancing until and after the sun set.

Going to run three miles in the rain with shoes I need to break into. It really is a struggle to break into running shoes. The rain really made it more enjoyable though, I got home soaked but it was all worth it.

Getting my face painted. I literally felt like a fairy.

Taking my friends, Gaby's, senior pictures after she had saved me from my first awful date. We wandered around Portland, talked about boys and then we took more photos after we ate. It was just a really good time overall! Even did a little jewelry shopping!

Sitting on the couch at 07;59am thinking about how the summer is almost over but how it was one of the best summers I have had. Although it may have started off slow July, August, and yes my friends September have been really special! It saddens my heart to know that the summer of 2016 is over but I am super eager for Autumn and making another memory post like this one!


  1. This all looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!! I REALLY enjoyed reading this post, Nessa!! Like I think this has to be one of my favorites. ;D

    1. IT WAS A LOT OF FUN! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read!

  2. I love this, girl! You are amazing and so is your blog!

  3. Hey Vanessa,
    Wow, you have had a lot of great experiences in summer and it was really interesting to read it. All in all I'm so lucky that I've reading this post. It's an amazing one, the pictures are great and the storys behinde are so lovely. I love your blog and love this post. Thank you for sharing this moments.

    1. LEA! THIS COMMENT IS SO SWEET!!! This post is a hit, I will be doing more of these! Thanks again!

  4. Looks like such an amazing summer <3 Love these pictures and seeing what you had to say about them.


  5. AAAH I love this post so much, dude :) It just captures so many summer vibes and the pictures are all so cool. Summer is the best season, hands down.

    1. THANKS!!! Summer was great! I hope yours was this wonderful too! Thanks for reading!

  6. Love all these photos <3 sounds like you had a blast this summer!!

  7. Sounds like you made many memories this summer. It's so cool that you do dragon boat racing! And I will have to check out Wakie sounds really cool.


    1. Be careful on the Wakie. It's fun but always be careful! Looks fun!

  8. What an amazing summer- I had so much fun reading all about it <3

  9. This is a wonderful catalog of memories to treasure. I hope your autumn is just as full. xx

    1. Be looking forward to another of these fall posts!

  10. Wait, you had a horrible first date?! Tell me about this! haha

  11. All this is so full of good memories! I'm so glad you had a wonderful summer!

  12. Looks like you had an awesome summer! I absolutely LOVE all of the photos! :)

    Have a great day!

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

  13. Oh, I want SUmmer back! I've never been so sad that Summer is ending....I am just not ready for cold days.

  14. I'll have to theater hop one day. It seems so fun.

  15. This post made me SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY. Oh my goodness. I loved reading all of these stories about your adventures. ♥♥♥


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