Thursday, September 29, 2016

College Overview!

I am a college student now! Finally, it has happened and it is going so wonderfully. College is so wonderful at the moment! It's the kind of school you want to be at and the kind of place that makes you want to learn. So far college has been superb. (; 

I came back from the first day of classes saying that the vibe college gives off is really relaxed. The people at my college generally look relaxed as they take their time to get to class or talk to friends, even during the classes! I never thought this would be possible until now. The people there are also so polite! Unlike the kids at high school, people will generally hold the door open to you and answer any questions you ask! In class, people are open-minded, ready to learn, and passionate about the subjects they are studying. I love the vibes!

The people are so freaking awesome. So FREAKING awesome. I can finally hang around people who are my age and older without having to deal with people younger than me. I love having friends who are my age and a few years older. I guess you could say that I am more mature than most of the people my age. I have found one or two people my age that seem pretty damn intelligent. (don't take offense to this) but people are drastically less intelligent than they use to be. Common sense is NOT common anymore. Praise to the people who do have common sense! However, since the people at PCC are generally older than me I don't have a problem with making friends. If anything I have met more genuine people this week alone than I did in one week of high school!!

I have to take the train to school and back, I leave at 7:45 and arrive at around 8:30. It is all fun and games. I have started reading the Bible on the train and then listening to music on the bus, seems to be working well. Friends, get on my back about Bible reading I need more of it in my life. So the bus is a little less liked than the train however it is more or less like taking a school bus so it's fine. I am going to be a broke college student because I will always be taking the train/bus. Someone donate your money to this poor college girl I know who would smile if someone paid her train pass. A good birthday gift if anyone is really having trouble with that. It would be much appreciated! 

So I have the most amazing classes ever. First Aid and math 60 on Monday and Wednesday from 9am-2pm and then painting and jazz dance (the class I wanted to take the most that needs to be longer than an hour and 20 minutes) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. First Aid has been great, we are covering the basics of how to respond to life-threatening injuries.  I got off the waitlist for Math the first day I went to the class and started learning the basics right away, this class makes me feel smart. Painting is my joy and life and this class is a light in my world. The first-day lecture was almost three hours, but I made it through and now we've moved onto the fun. This being the perfect excuse to buy all the art supplies I want for painting. Then there is JAZZ. I am in love with dancing and in love with the mix between hip-hop and ballet. Two worlds that have come together and started here in America! I just bought FOOT PANTIES! ( I hope if you are skimming you found this and decided to read this, you cheater! Skimming is for the lazy people, but I do it too. Be enlighten!)

First Aid- She's such a kind teacher, and funny. 
Math- I like her. She is strict (I think) but also really sarcastic which is funny "since raising your hands is too much work for you all give me a thumbs up." 
Painting- My grandma use to paint and this teacher reminds me so much of her. I relaxed this while she was talking too day and teared up a little. She is so passionate. 
Jazz- Favorite teacher by far. Almost could be gay, actually, scratch that probably is gay! He is such a good teacher. And I am so lucky that this is Jazz leave one and two since two is more where I am at even if I haven't taken this class with him 

It is honestly so beautiful people and all everything about it is beautiful! Lots of trees, places to study, meditate. eat, walk, and workout! It makes me feel like I am in a huge fancy af school. Even though it is most likely nothing like one. Point is it's so much better than I thought it would be! 

College is great. The only thing I am worried about is being over it in a few weeks. There is a small fear about being done with school in a few months and not feeling this excited. This however. is a good kind of fear. My friends, college whether it is at a local one or not is worth going to.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

College // Frustrations with My Schedule

Tomorrow I become a college student! A college student who's trying to figure out what the hell she's doing. A college student who wonders about everyone and everything. A college student who is always looking to go on an adventure. I am going to be a college student! I am having serious problems believing it but somehow tomorrow I transform into the college student my younger self-imagined as being awesome. 

As I start to grasp the reality of college my blog will also shift and all of my lovely readers will start to see a change. Little by little,  as the high school writer fades into the pages and stories this blog has and Simply Me will grow into a young college girl's blog. This is one of the many changes I am excited about.

I am hoping that college will be an eye opener and a game changer. I want to be enlightened with knowledge and I want to learn. I just want new experiences and to be someone who's presence inspires others around her to do great things.

I can't say I am nervous for tomorrow, but there is this unexplainable feeling. It's many little feelings coming together to form one huge and confusing feeling. A feeling of confidence, being unsure, feeling ready but not ready at the same time, feeling overwhelmed but not frustrated, relieved but on edge too. SO MANY FEELINGS. 


All of this post is so deep, so let me dig us out of the hole for a minute or two with this short story. Yesterday I started freaking out because I made some major schedule changes resulting in having to change my whole schedule and start from scratch. Now let me tell you one thing. Classes fill up and it becomes hard to take classes when all the classes you need are full and there is this thing called a wait list that doesn't guarantee you anything.

All today, because of yesterday's mistake I was looking through classes and trying to put together a schedule so that I could take classes tomorrow and more importantly the rest of the term! That was the most frustrating thing. I started with one class I really wanted and worked around that class. many times having drop a class because I accidently signed up for a class that was on a different campus or having to drop it because it was at the wrong time. OOPS.

Eventually, things worked out and I found some pretty neat available classes to take. However, as I type this I am hoping that I signed up for the right classes and times and that it all works out. Fingers crossed that tomorrow I can go to the First Aid and maybe get off the waitlist for math! AND that on Tuesday I will be able to go to Sculpture and Jazz class. (Jazz class is the one class I really wanted to take, I know, I know, not a priority but hey I like love dancing!)


So, tomorrow marks the start of my college journey but, until tomorrow, I am only dreaming of what it will be like, and imagining how it will happen.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Shorter Hair // Autumn Bucket List


wear boots (finally)
write a short story
see friends (sleep over)
order hot coffee (spontaneous coffee with stranger)
go to lunch
make zucchini tater tots
dance (class and for fun in the rain!)
football game
dress in layers
drink tea
go to the pumpkin patch (family run w/best swings)
book and blog day
binge watch a show
collect leaves
buy a baked good
do homework somewhere random
talk to bloggers (message friends!)
watch nine lives of chole king
make friends in college (sure I mean 
people I just met will be friends)
apple pie
pumpkin pie
go on a date
wear a beanie
buy one first
go trick-or-treating
breathe in fresh air (crisp air and wetland at college)
walk (where have I not walked)
go to bed early (7:30pm)
got to bed late (two at night first 
week of college YUP)
food coma (went runing after
was not a good idea)
enjoy school
add more to this list (look down)
run in the cold weather
go to the gym 
buy art supplies
foot thongs

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Few Sweet Summer Memories

Going to the movies with my friends Jamie and Tania. We always talked about wanting to theater hop that's seeing more than one movie with one ticket. It was a Wednesday when we decided to get together to see two movies. Oh, the nerves were high when we walked out of one movie straight into another and left the second we saw the end of the second movie. Later sitting down for Thai food and having wonderful conversation at the table.

Running the morning after it rained. It feels like it barely rains here but it's cloudy a good percentage of the time. I woke up one day to see the ground was dampened with water. Going on a run and being able to run into puddles in the middle of summer was electrifying.

Eating lunch on the deck with my sister.  Lauren and I made pasta, put a table cloth on the table outside, and ate yummy food while Latin music played in the background.

Having sushi. Sushi is my go-to summer food. There is a place my mom, sister and I go to that's new that has the most amazing sushi train. The only train I want to ride is the one with sushi.

After dragon boat racing all day in Seattle and placing in second, I unexpectedly dropped what I was carrying to run into the water fountain! I ran through the water getting soaked and just having a wonderful time letting the child in me play. My sister, mother and my mother's friend all stood their shocked that I had just done that. This was much needed and reminded me of how spontaneous you should be during the summer.

Listening to a man play the guitar at the farmers market. I was with my mother, sister, and cousin. An ice cream truck came around and the guy playing the guitar, Steve, asked if anyone was from California. My mother raised her hand as he asked what the ice cream trucks play when they go down the neighborhood. "La Cucaracha!" she said. Then Steve said, "Well you see I am worried to take ice cream from there, what if I find something crunchy in my ice cream..." I laughed so hard at this.

Walking in the Columbia River and taking photos with my sister. We just walked to the middle of the river with my phone and took some photos, a great photo shoot area, surprising. Just easy going vibes enjoying the water and beautiful view.  Calling out to each other with the Indian hollers.

Making smoothies, there is close to nothing I enjoy making more than smoothies. I have made so many this summer, mostly frozen banana and almond milk smoothies. oh. the. joy.

Talking to random people all over the world. There is this little app that goes by the name of Wakie which I am almost positive is owned by the Indians but you can talk to people from around the world for ten minutes and it's super fun. I have had some fun conversations and music jams in those small ten minutes. My favorite chat was when someone asked me if they could sing and of course, I said yes. They started singing and playing the piano. That my friends is how I came across Dominic Francesco

Hanging around the beach with my friend Tania and trying to skimboard. Leaving to the beach at 10 arriving at 11 and exploring all day. Tania and I both taking as many pictures possible with our camera's. Talking about the things we could do and what we are afraid of and me building a sand castle only to give up on it and try to skimboard.

Watching the Sunset with my sister, cousin Lulu, and a few other friends. Trying to get the right photo but struggling because it happened to be a day I didn't bring my camera but ended up needing it. Playing the ukulele while the sunsets. Loving how the orange sky turned black and you found little diamonds in that sky. Wishing I could stay there all night. Falling asleep at 1am.

Paddling 3 hours at 6am. I had watched stars the night before and got four hours of sleep before I had to wake up, get dressed, and drag myself outside to the city of Portland to paddle on the outrigger. I paddled with a group of 5 guys including my coach and we went 18 miles within the three hours. A wonderful day to watch a sunrise.

Imagining I was in a warm foreign country while I say on the floor of a church and listened to music and songs being played.

Spending time with my team at a pool party. We had some of the most wonderful food and spent lots of time in a pool playing volleyball and trying to touch the bottom with Sophie. I am going to miss that girl. Can not believe that it's my last year with the team. Looking forward to that last race in Septemeber.

Plotting my FRIST BOOK! Yup, that's right! My first book... guys I am writing a book! It was super fun figuring everything out, from charter names to the plot and writing it down on so many sticky notes... and then reading this now thinking I need to get back to it.

 Getting food with my friend E before practice. We got food at this really interesting place, it's a yoga studio with a shop and a restaurant. How convenient is that? If I lived closer to it I would be going ALL THE TIME. It was a really nice time, I always enjoy the time we spend together!

EEPPP! So these two came to a practice to surprise everyone. I set everything up with Mark, got the green light, and they showed up to practice. That's the day we saw two double rainbows as we were paddling up the river. These two made my day. Right before this practice I had gone to the AuqaRocket's practice because I am helping them out. The couch wasn't there for the first 15 minutes so we got on the boat and started to paddle out. Somehow in all of this, I got placed up front as lead with a guy named Elliot. Practice was HARD. Race piece after race piece and my bench mate threw up, but all this resulted in the coach talking to me and telling me I would become lead... so we will see. That was one of the back to back practices. The other was with my team and that one killed me as well. I said goodnight at ten that night!

Racing in Portland overall one of the best times I have had paddling. It was great to paddle with two teams, make new friends, and spend a lot of time with the girls I have been getting to know for three years now.

Visiting a friend at work. I had no idea I would end up visiting this friend, but I was in the area so I stopped by. All summer he has not had a lot of time to get together with people and there forward had the biggest smile on his face when he saw me. That day I also ran into an old friend who I went to terra nova with and we had a really vivid conversation about lucid dreaming.

Being a third wheel on my friends date.

Visiting Terra Nova on a Thursday with Colin at 7:30am. It felt just like I was going back to school, but in the best way possible because Terra Nova is really one of my favorite places of all time. I am hoping to do some volunteering there. (Also known as the day I got called mom by someone younger than me.)

Dancing at the park to dance because my plans for that night didn't go as plan. I laced up my converse, put my hair in a ponytail, got my headphones, and walked to the park. Dancing until and after the sun set.

Going to run three miles in the rain with shoes I need to break into. It really is a struggle to break into running shoes. The rain really made it more enjoyable though, I got home soaked but it was all worth it.

Getting my face painted. I literally felt like a fairy.

Taking my friends, Gaby's, senior pictures after she had saved me from my first awful date. We wandered around Portland, talked about boys and then we took more photos after we ate. It was just a really good time overall! Even did a little jewelry shopping!

Sitting on the couch at 07;59am thinking about how the summer is almost over but how it was one of the best summers I have had. Although it may have started off slow July, August, and yes my friends September have been really special! It saddens my heart to know that the summer of 2016 is over but I am super eager for Autumn and making another memory post like this one!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pheasant Lane {Poem}

There are a lot of things Google Maps can't tell you.
It can't tell you what a place was like
or who lived there before,
 what it smells like,
or what it feels like to stand on that ground
it simply shows you the place
no more
no less

I can tell you my experience and you can sit and imagine what I smelled, felt, and saw
but you'll never understand completely.
even if you do get around to visiting the place I am going to describe
 it will never be the same for you as it was for me.

My childhood was so much greater because I grew up on Pheasant Lane
or was Pheasant Lane so much better because I lived my childhood there?

Pheasant Lane was a long road that you'd turn right on from Augusta Lane.
The road would curve left then distinctly turn right.
Sunlight started to shade as the inside of the car as drove farther into the road
 and numerous trees started to surround you as got closer to house 17870.

Reaching house 17870 was the best feeling.
As you turned into the house you started to relax
as the trees stood over you and the cabin like house came into view
you would suddenly felt at home.
A house became home.

Sunsets washed away every night letting the darkness fill the sky.
Owls warned and crickets laughed while the raccoons sneakily walked through the creek.
The squirrels peaked into the house before getting off to bed.

A little girl with brown hair got into her PJ's as her brown eyes got heavy.
She brushed, said goodnight, and walked to her bed.
The little girl laid under warm blankets listening to the rain hit the metal roof,
she thought of marbles falling on the floor, fell asleep, and dreamt of a new day.

Sunlight crept back into the house and morning hit.
The little girl got up and eagerly got up to  watch Sesame Street.
She said hello to big bird and said goodbye to Elmo.

She got dressed and ran barefoot into the woods.
The girl joined the world that Lucy was a part of.
she played with fairies and imagined everything.
No one else could see the kind of forest she saw.

The only thing that you could see was how beautiful the creek she played in was.
Cool water flowed from one end to another,
water bugs skied back and forth in harmony,
and if you looked closely you could tell the creek was as fortunate as the girl playing in it.

She danced in the water,
fished clay like mud from the bottom,
adventured like no one was watching,
screamed at the snakes,
but tried to find frogs to kiss,
and sat on the bridge with a bamboo pole and string attached.
The brown haired girl loved the creek.

Taylor was Vanessa's best friend.
Together they grew up playing in the creek,
making mud pies,
swinging on a yellow tree swing,
and playing with their American girl dolls.
Together they made the best memories.

Most of the best memories I have still remain un-touched at Pheasant Lane.

Wrapped and embraced in the depth of the woods
and tangled in the trees.
Kissing the crisp creek water.

The ground stained with memories
The air haunted with the past.
The stories bleeding from the trees.

Google Maps will never be able to tell you what I can.

Friday, September 16, 2016

GUYS. It's NOT Autumn!

NEWS FLASH!!! IT"S NOT AUTUMN!...YET! It is September but AUTUMN doesn't start UNTIL THE 22TH of SEPTEMEBER! HELLO HI, summer IS NOT ever yet! School has started for many of you, but it does not mean summer is over. The feeling of it may be fading, but guysss summer is still here!


Here are FOUR things that need to WAIT until AUTUMN:

1. THE PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE - Wouldn't it be awesome if Starbucks actually waited for the weather to be chilly and the leaves to brown until they released the PSL. I am certain if they released the PSL on the first day of Autumn people wouldn't be confused about when Fall starts!

2. SAYING, "I LOVE FALL." - Nope, you actually don't like Fall because, guess what? It's STILL summer, you heard it here folks, it's still summer! Not autumn, check your calendar! Seriously, though! So many people I know are being a little d u m b and saying things like "I love Fall" "Isn't Fall so great?" Well yes, I love Autumn too, but when it's actually here!! UGH THE STRUGGLE!

3. HALLOWEEN ADDS! - Hey! Yo! Advertisement people, it's still summer! You're a tad early... Halloween is at the end of October, You have a full (insert number) days to advertise Halloween candy after fall has started!

4. WEARING BOOTS! - Excuse me BUT your foot might be dying in that boot!! It's probably shriveled and swelling inside of that shoe but you do you. YEAH actually don't do you because it's still too hot and it is not, I repeat IT'S NOT FALL!

5. BLOGGING ABOUT AUTUMN!- I hate to be the person to rain on your parade but it is not fall yet! I do love and adore your fall posts with poems and pictures and outfits HOWEVER IT'S NOT FALL. Take a look at a calendar my friends.

How to annoy V: Do any of the above before it's OFFICIALLY fall. (DISCLAIMER: Don't take anything I say to seriously)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Last Days of Summer Bucket List

ice cream run
no make up for a week
good great food
wear a bikini
swimming in portland on market street
see Jamie and Tania
sister date
read blogs
run miles
learn a new song on the ukulele
play the violin
be a hippie
make new friends
breakfast date
movie day
grow some muscles
try something new
see my dad
take pictures
hike in the woods!
call someone on the phone
see Isabelle again
do some cartwheels
be spontaneous (face paint)
give hugs
listen to lots of music (yay for Spotify) 
find a new favorite artist (James Arthur)
write about everything
cross out things on this list!
hang out with someone I haven't seen in forever
dream journal 
visit terra nova
write a poem
embrace love
get all these things done!


Summer isn't over yet! We still have until the 22th! That's a little less than ten days, but these are the things I want to do before summer is officially over! Starbucks with their PSL is sure confusing people, they should really release it the first day of Fall! Just because the PSL is out it doesn't mean that it's Autumn already! I will be embracing the last days of summer... and not drinking any PSL's! 

How will you embrace the last days of summer?

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sun Goddesses // Aqua Rockets // Last Race

This was a weekend to remember, a weekend I will look back on when I am 87, a weekend that made my life so much better than it already was, a weekend I learned to deal with conflict, a weekend I learned to stand up for myself, a weekend I spent with the people I love, a weekend I made new friends. and a weekend I paddled until I was content. I will be forever grateful for this weekend.

The last race with my woman's team was something I will always remember. patient power came into play and we crossed the finish line strongly! (You might be a little lost if you aren't a paddler!) Durning that last race we kept up and kept building power until we were in front of the boat in front of us. You know how they say slow and steady wins the race? Well, it's true! That race felt so amazing. I benched in 6 with my friend Kata and together we took charge of the power section. Calling 7, 8, 9, 10, POWER NOW, *GRUNT!* we took the team to the finish line.

I am going to miss this team so much! I have been with the Sun Dragons since I was a sophomore, I have grown so attached to this team, leaving them will be difficult. There is something about dragon boating that ties you with different people you never thought you'd be friends with and with each race you race together you strengthen the friendship. Some of the girls in neon I have known for three years and some only this year, but we are all a very close group. 

We fell short on guys this year, having to make our team a woman's team to enter races and the SUN GODDESSES were born! It worked out so well. Our third race together was  this one and we kicked dragon butt. I mean look at how bass ass we look! It was super wonderful having an all woman's team since we could all talk openly, beautified with glitter and tattoos, and just having girl time! I would say I missed having guys on our team but I can't because.... 

I was on a mixed team too! (mixed means it's both men and woman competing) The AQUA ROCKETS!! Their team needed more woman so we got asked to be a part of their team! BOY, was that an experience! Somehow I got placed in the first bench with a guy by the name of Elliot! Their team has so much energy, and I am so glad to have made more friends. 

As we raced me and Elliot made sure to communicate throughout the race piece mostly telling each other to slowwww our rateeee. The races were phenomenal. A great few races with some really great people! We took 3rd place in B division which is again, phenomenal for a youth team. Beating a competitor that beat us in our Salem race! Chanting 7 on the ups with Elliot and going into a zen mode of firce relaxation before the announcer said, "We have alignment!" "GO!"

Another part I didn't mention was setting up! On Friday the three youth teams helped set up the entire race site from setting up tents, to moving dragon heads, we did it all! This was one of my favorite things to do because we got to make connections with teams we never thought we would be friends with. Kraken is a terrific and funny team! AND the Aqua Rockets are sweetly energetic! Friday was a long day but driving in the back of golf carts dropping green poles everywhere, and driving a golf cart with 5 people crammed in it, made it super!! 

This here is a weekend I will miss, a weekend I will cherish, and a weekend I will ALWAYS keep in my heart! CHECK THE VIDEO OUT! 

And here is me taking an ice bath in the cold falls of Portland! 

I'm just blessed that I didn't fall from here. That would have sucked. but look at how neat this picture is! i think my mom might take better pictures than my sister! KIDDING, love you Lauren!

I was here for five minutes! That was something. After a while, you start to feel warm and like you're on fire because the water numbs you!

The medals! Just realised that there is one more for the race in Salem but I am too lazy to re-take this photo! You all have a wonderful day! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read about my life! <3

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


The Jeep or the junky jeep as my dad called it was where he claimed to live since I was eight until I found out what "sleeping in the car" actually meant. 

Junky Jeep with lots of junk in it.
Junky, was what the car became after he put junk in the Jeep.
Junk was the cars signature and my dad's way of living.
A car filled with work, hobbies, and food.
Sticky windows, a run down heating system, and a gasoline-fueled heart that failed in the middle of the runway. 

Every Saturday my sister and I saw my dad.
Saturday was funday- a day to spend with my dad and friend. 
His car was a huge part of our Saturday's. As my sister and I said hello, all the junk got moved back to make two spots. One for my sister and one for me. 

The Junky Jeep took us everywhere on Saturday. 
We'd drive to Costco, Goodwill, garage sales, Safari Sam's, and other entertaining places.  
The car held thousands of our conversations, jokes, and memories. 
One of my favorite memories being on a summer day with the sunroof open and all of us car dancing and singing along to Party Rock Anthem while the music played loudly. A rare memory since the radio was always off to make room for conversation. 

After all the fun, we would say our goodbyes. 

If you looked at us from afar you would see a mother waiting for her children, a father giving hugs to his daughters, and two little girls with sad brown eyes saying goodbye to their daddy.

From within the hearing range, was a mother saying hello quickly, a dad joking about how much he hated to sleep in his car, and two little girls imagining their poor daddy sleeping in his car. 

I believed my dad slept in his car for years

Until one day when I found out that "sleeping in his car" actually meant he was staying
in another house with another lady that was not my mother. 

Friday, September 2, 2016


Sometimes all I want to do is cry.
I want to cry my eyes and heart and soul out.
Just to make it all better.

I sometimes want to be a sad mess.
I want to feel present and confused and lost all at once.
Just to make me numb.

At times I want tears to draw a streaky line down my cheek.
I want people to know how I feel and look at me differently and feel with me.
Just to make me feel like I'm not alone.

The sadness hits me like an ocean wave.
The madness stings like cold water.
The tears bloom from the inside of my eyes.
The wetness of the tears burn like a wildfire.
Then they dry like sticky sap on a tree.

raw, bare, and stripped
heavy, out of control, and shaken
weak, vulnerable, and fragile
frustrated, confused, and barely present

Various feelings mixed into one extraordinarily delicate emotion.

blue, purple, black, gray, white, it's like a bruise. 

red, purple, dark blue, then black

and then


s l o w l y


a w a y

The ocean wave rolls out
The ocean wave hits hard
and then the ocean waves
creep back into itself
leaving traces of salt behind.

The tears form and fall
The emotions splatter on the table
The tears ache and then they dry,
leaving salt on top of the bruise the sadness left.

All this making me feel
alive, relieved, and most importantly human.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Surprise VLOG// September Goals


I have been wanting to do a video for the longest time but never got around to it, until now. I was at the beach on Thursday and thought the trip would make for an entertaining vlog. It went better than I thought and was more awkward than I ever imagined however it was a really good experience, and I think you all will enjoy hearing my lovely voice.

Is it just me or are these monthly goals getting boring and repetitive? YES? Let me try my best to change that! 

Make the most of the 26 days left of summer before college!- I swear I'm not trying to brag that I have about a month until I start school but I have to include this in this post. I want to adventure more on my own, see my friends more often, and write my book. 

Find a Fitness Buddy- Guys, I'm stilling looking for someone to be my workout buddy. I need an actual physical in my life real person to help me. Hopefully, I will find someone at college or at the gym? I feel weird walking up to someone at the gym... I am determined!

Be more HIPPY like- I took this quiz and found out I am an activist! I want to love more, live in the moment, and go with the flow this month! 

"You are an activist! You are what makes the world a good, safe, and positive place. Whatever cause you stand for, corporations and politicians may try to stop you. But don't give up! Children are still dying in wars, racism still exists, and trees are being cut down! The world always needs you and your determination! We only have one love"

Did you guys like this post? Please give me feedback!
Should I do more vlogs at the start of each month
Tell me how you've been! Let's catch up!

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