Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Wisteria Writer Tag

I have been seeing this tag go around for a while and I finally got tagged to do it!! Thanks for tagging me in this Abbie! (Go take a look at her blog) A Little disclaimer first! I have never written a book, however, I have written some shorts stories and lots of posts on my blog which is a kind of writing. I even took writing 120 in school and that class made me write a couple of stories! Guys, I do write I promise just not books... yet. *wink wink*

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Answer the ten questions
3. Write ten questions of your own
4. Nominate ten other people for the tag!

1. What is your earliest memory of writing?
In the third grade we all were introduced to writing stories and as class work, we had to write one of our own. I remember writing a story about a girl named Lucky (Lucky was my imaginary friend before my sister was born) She had this magically garden full all these colorful flowers in the shape of a rainbow. After turning it in for editing by the teacher I remember seeing all these red marks on my paper. I was proud of my story because Mrs. Murphy wrote that she liked it, but ashamed of all the spelling and grammar errors I made.

2. Girl’s POV or guy’s POV?
For sure girls POV. I just don't get how guys think. How on earth am I supposed to write in a guy's point of view when I have no clue what their point of view is. Maybe this is why we think guys are so odd because girls write what they think guys think which isn't what they think and it makes us think they are weird when really we are the weird ones for thinking they think that way!!! RUN ON SENTENCE.

3. What is your best motivation to write?
Everyone who reads my blog motivates me to write. I mean gosh you all have given me the motivation to write a story. That's HUGE!

4. Most words you’ve ever written in a day?
*Frantically searches for longest blog post* I'm not sure. I will get back to you guys on this... Eventually!

5. Tea or coffee? (While writing…you know. The question is relevant.)
Abbie why must you tear my soul into two like this. I love tea when I write but also iced coffee has been my thing recently. I don't knowww.

6. Out of everything you’ve written, which book blog post is your favorite?
What You Don't See This post was super meaningful to me and it felt good to write it. I am also super thankful for all the support and lovely (Graces favorite word) comments you all have left me on that post. Means a lot. I just adore that post.

7. Who is your favorite character and why
My favorite character... why must these questions be so hard to answer. I love Sarah Dessen's books so probably Ruby from Lock and Key.

8. Writing method: slow and steady or LIGHTNING! BOLTS! OF! INSPIRATION!
Bolts of inspiration. Things have to come to me for me to write, and when they do they are messy thoughts coming into my head giving my fingers a seizure. I will start to write little notes on my post after I get out a few sentences summarizing the idea. I don't know, it's just a mess. A MESS I tell you.... a mess. But I love to write that way.

9. If you had to burn one of your books posts, which one would you choose?
AHAHA.... Like all the ones I wrote my first year. They are super embarrassing. Lots of errors and stuff but I do like them since they show me how much I have grown as a blogger and writer but they are so cringy. CRINGY.

10. Worst spelling fail and best spelling victory?
I can't spell. I depend on spell check. It's awful but in high school, I would be worried that everyone would see that I had lots of spelling errors so I would fix them as soon as the error popped up. not efficient but that's just how I work. See what I mean!

1. If you could have any writing power what would it be?
2. How do you plot your books?
3. What is the most frustrating thing that has happened to you while writing?
4. What's your favorite thing to snack to have while writing?
5. Which word would you say you write too often?
6. Where do you get your writing inspiration?
7. Longest amount of time you have written for?
8. Most loved blog post?
9. Tips for new book writers?
10. Favorite season to write about?

Anne, Vivian, Julia, Grace, Clara, Sunset, Abby , and more! (lazy here, sorry not sorry)


  1. I literally love this post so much. I'm so excited to participate in the tag!!!! It looks like so much fun.

    1. It is a fun tag! Can't wait for you to do it.

  2. Thank you so much for tagging me! This looks like a blast:)

    1. It actually is a really awesome tag! Have fun.

  3. Thanks for tagging me!! Cant wait to do this!!

    1. It'll be wonderful. Thanks for reading.

  4. EEEP this looks like so much fun! (Oh, and btw your new (?) profile picture is so awesome :) Your're so GORGEOUS!)
    Haha, and I love this post so so much. I don't think I could even write in a guy's POV either...I have no idea how they think. Hm.

    1. Doesn't it give my blog a more elegant vibe? (Gahhh! You noticed!!) I have to write a guys pov for my book and I'm freaking out. Going to have to read about that.

  5. I can totally relate to spell check. My grammar and spelling sucks, and I literally cannot write well without spell check. :P

  6. Love this, and thanks for the tag! I love doing these writing tags- hopefully I have time to do it (even if it happens way later because school haha)

    1. The nice things about rags is you can do them whenever you feel like it... Most the time.

  7. Haha this is such a fun tag! I really enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing :)

  8. Thanks for the tag, Vanessa! I'm really excited to do this!

  9. This is awesome. I love reading posts like these to learn about other writers out there. Nice! Thanks for sharing your inner writer with the rest of us. :D

    Skylar | Skywriting

    1. You are welcome. Thank you for reading this. You should do the tag yourself, I would love to read it.

  10. I love your answers. I also cringe whenever I read my earliest blog posts...and I agree. How are we supposed to understand a guy's brain when their way of thinking is sooooooo extremelllyyy different.


    1. Thanks for reading this!! Right?! It's utterly confusing.

  11. I love getting to know bloggers! Great tag.
    Amy xx

  12. Writing tags are so fun, aren't they? :)

  13. I loved this post! I am glad I found your blog! If you'd like to follow each other you could check out my blog and see if you like it? I am always looking for people to chat with :) Xx

    1. Glad you found me and now I found you! I am going to follow you right now! <3


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