Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Wisteria Writer Tag

I have been seeing this tag go around for a while and I finally got tagged to do it!! Thanks for tagging me in this Abbie! (Go take a look at her blog) A Little disclaimer first! I have never written a book, however, I have written some shorts stories and lots of posts on my blog which is a kind of writing. I even took writing 120 in school and that class made me write a couple of stories! Guys, I do write I promise just not books... yet. *wink wink*

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Answer the ten questions
3. Write ten questions of your own
4. Nominate ten other people for the tag!

1. What is your earliest memory of writing?
In the third grade we all were introduced to writing stories and as class work, we had to write one of our own. I remember writing a story about a girl named Lucky (Lucky was my imaginary friend before my sister was born) She had this magically garden full all these colorful flowers in the shape of a rainbow. After turning it in for editing by the teacher I remember seeing all these red marks on my paper. I was proud of my story because Mrs. Murphy wrote that she liked it, but ashamed of all the spelling and grammar errors I made.

2. Girl’s POV or guy’s POV?
For sure girls POV. I just don't get how guys think. How on earth am I supposed to write in a guy's point of view when I have no clue what their point of view is. Maybe this is why we think guys are so odd because girls write what they think guys think which isn't what they think and it makes us think they are weird when really we are the weird ones for thinking they think that way!!! RUN ON SENTENCE.

3. What is your best motivation to write?
Everyone who reads my blog motivates me to write. I mean gosh you all have given me the motivation to write a story. That's HUGE!

4. Most words you’ve ever written in a day?
*Frantically searches for longest blog post* I'm not sure. I will get back to you guys on this... Eventually!

5. Tea or coffee? (While writing…you know. The question is relevant.)
Abbie why must you tear my soul into two like this. I love tea when I write but also iced coffee has been my thing recently. I don't knowww.

6. Out of everything you’ve written, which book blog post is your favorite?
What You Don't See This post was super meaningful to me and it felt good to write it. I am also super thankful for all the support and lovely (Graces favorite word) comments you all have left me on that post. Means a lot. I just adore that post.

7. Who is your favorite character and why
My favorite character... why must these questions be so hard to answer. I love Sarah Dessen's books so probably Ruby from Lock and Key.

8. Writing method: slow and steady or LIGHTNING! BOLTS! OF! INSPIRATION!
Bolts of inspiration. Things have to come to me for me to write, and when they do they are messy thoughts coming into my head giving my fingers a seizure. I will start to write little notes on my post after I get out a few sentences summarizing the idea. I don't know, it's just a mess. A MESS I tell you.... a mess. But I love to write that way.

9. If you had to burn one of your books posts, which one would you choose?
AHAHA.... Like all the ones I wrote my first year. They are super embarrassing. Lots of errors and stuff but I do like them since they show me how much I have grown as a blogger and writer but they are so cringy. CRINGY.

10. Worst spelling fail and best spelling victory?
I can't spell. I depend on spell check. It's awful but in high school, I would be worried that everyone would see that I had lots of spelling errors so I would fix them as soon as the error popped up. not efficient but that's just how I work. See what I mean!

1. If you could have any writing power what would it be?
2. How do you plot your books?
3. What is the most frustrating thing that has happened to you while writing?
4. What's your favorite thing to snack to have while writing?
5. Which word would you say you write too often?
6. Where do you get your writing inspiration?
7. Longest amount of time you have written for?
8. Most loved blog post?
9. Tips for new book writers?
10. Favorite season to write about?

Anne, Vivian, Julia, Grace, Clara, Sunset, Abby , and more! (lazy here, sorry not sorry)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Post-It Note Fairy

Invisible glitter wings, a red lipstick smile, and the most charming handwriting were all the traits of the post-it note fairy. She walked confidently into the library and left trails of post-it notes behind. Looking around the library she swiftly she pinned a sticky note to a book praying to be unnoticed. With each note left behind, she hoped whoever found a post-it would feel loved and cared for. This fairy was wishing that she could add some glitter and smiles to everyone's day.

The fairy imagines a younger girl about the age of 14 and a half wandering into the library. This girl is hopeful of finding the perfect late night summer read. Reading would be her escape from the little daily struggles she went through. As she seeks for the book that will take her away she stumbles upon a little piece of paper sticking out of a book. Being the curious girl she is she reaches towards it and finds out the post-it note is meant for her. "I know life can be hard at times but cheer up my dear and make some lemon aid out of those lemons! You are strong and I believe in you! <3, The Happiness Fairy"

The fairy is celebrating as she imagines the girl using that note as a bookmark for her job has been done! Sitting with keys under her fingertips and a smile she writes about her accomplishment to make everyone feel more loved.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Catching Up With V (Photo Edition)


A little bit of what I have been doing the past few days. I feel so blessed to be having a wonderful time soaking in the sun. I have been trying to live in the moment as things happen and it's been working out just fine *perfecto emoji*! I hope to look back at these photos and think about how amazing of a summer this has been.

The summer I may have been 19 but lived like I was 17.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Fitness and Health Group Set Up!


The app is called GroupMe and I have attached photos of what the app looks like on my phone, it's super clean and easy to use. I will be using it for the fitness and health group everyone wanted in on. (Check my last post if you are confused) Anyways, I think this will be a great way to keep in touch with everyone who wants to talk about health and fitness. PLUS we can totally have other blogger groups on their too!

Here is a little about the heath and fitness group I am starting (Nothing is set in stone yet, but these are some general ideas, let me know if you have other ideas too!)

How will it work?
I will be posting more health and fitness related content on my blog that everyone will be able to read. Things like monthly fitness and health goals, little day challenges, workouts, and more.

What does the app have to do with all this?
Well, the app is a simple way everyone can keep each other motivated throughout the school year by talking to one another. It also has a really neat calendar feature that will let you know when there will be challenges and monthly goals. That kind of thing.

How do I join?
You will need to send me an email (simplyperfectone{at}gmail{dot}com)and I will send you the link to join the fitness and health group on GroupMe. You can either download the app or log in on the computer. It's so handy!!

Can my blogger friends join too?
YESSSS!!! The more the merrier right? Once you're in the group, simply post a post similar to this one talking about what I have in store for everyone! You can also share this individually with your blogger friends! Once in the chat, you will be able to link people to it.

Any questions? If so, just comment and I will get back to you! Hoping to hear from you all soon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gym Membership //Fitness and Health buddy

Soooooo remember in June when one of my goals was to get a gym membership... well that didn't happen... Ms. Lazy here didn't want to check the prices and pay. HOWEVER, I got a one-month membership yesterday! As well as signing up for weight training and personal health at the community college I'm going to.

Here is the amazing part of this all. I was at the gym today and my prom dates dad was there working out. We had talked the day before and today he came up and asked me if I come regularly. I told him yes and that I pay month to month. Then guess what he did? "Vanessa, I want to pay for a yearly gym membership for you, as a graduation gift." Like what? I stood there and told him that he didn't need to do that, but he simply walked towards the front desk asking for my name. I thanked him and he told me I need to continuing studying in school. That is just the nicest gift ever.

I have a year and a month membership with the gym now. I feel blessed and inspired to continue doing what I love which is staying healthy. Maybe I will even find a career in the area of health and fitness.Who knows?


So, I was thinking, who is interested in hearing more about my fitness journey and ways you can achieve a healthier lifestyle? Who wants to be my workout buddy or should we start a group of bloggers that have a chat to talk about fitness and health every once in a while? Bloggers because we really should help each other get off the internet. Pairing up with Julia's no sugar challenge? Hmm? What do you all think? Let me know in the comments because I will for sure put together something if enough people are interested in starting a health and fitness group.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

What You Don't See

I feel like I have dual personalities, which according to my horoscope is right. This little fact is something I have always kept to myself. The few people who do know about this know the struggle I have had trying to figure out which of my personalities is me or rather which one is me in my normal state. Am I the overly energetic adventurous person or am I the quiet, cautious, and thoughtful person?

Freshman year is when my personalities decided they would like to complicate my life. I went through times where I would talk to everyone at school, feeling super confident! Energy would dance through my body as I searched for someone to excite me!! Sneaking around feed my soul, and never thinking twice before jumping off a cliff gave me pleasure!!!

I felt alive.

Until I became aware of the things I had done.

Regret would flood over my body, sadness would seep in, and tears would leak out only to be soaked back in. My mind fixated on a few simple questions. What have I done? Why was I like that? Why am I like this now? The questions swirled in my head and blurred my mind. Simple conversations would seem to last an eternity as I would have to force my brain to think about responding. Everything tired me out, but the thoughts that lurked in darkness of my mind kept me awake. Who are you? What did you do? Why are you so different now? 

I switched personalities like this for two very long years, until things started to mellow out. Are you okay? Which use to be a question I got asked often started to be answered less and less for I seemed okay for the most part.

One of my biggest fears is slipping into this phase again. It still happens, but it's never as bad as it once was. I have learned to control this and not let the energetic side of me get too wild or the overly careful and thought thinking side take away my life like it once did. 

Both of these personalities are mine. I have accepted that. These are two sentences with powerful meaning to me because until this very moment I have never wanted to talk about this or wanted to accept both personalities because I though I could only be one, but two can be put together to make one.


Everyone has something they don't share with lots of people, something that makes them uneasy, or keeps them up at night. I want you to share these things because no one has it all together even when it looks like their life is perfect. There is almost always something that is hiding inside of someone knocking on the door from within wanting to be let out. Share these things. Not Only for yourself but for others too. 

It would mean a lot if you made a post in the similar format. 
-Hannah - Grace - Sarah - Raquel - Vivian - Julia - Autumn - YOU-

Friday, August 12, 2016

Photo Tour of My Summer Whereabouts

The great city of Portland. The city of Roses they call it. This here is my home, where I spend all of my time. I love the city, it's weird, friendly to the eye, and there is always something going on around the city. 

I spend a lot of time paddling on a boat in the Willamette river. This is by far my favorite thing to be doing in the summer. I mean how cool is it? Dragon boating for the W!

Luc Lac!!! I love loveee loveeeee the food here. They have the best Vietnamese food for a reasonable price and I mean look at how chic this place is. 

Portland's Saturday market. I don't think you've been to a market until you have been to this one. 

Cannon Beach. Windy weather and cold water the beach is always about 15 degrees cooler than the city which makes it the perfect getaway when the weather is hot. I was there yesterday with my mother, sister, cousin, and friend. I am trying to teach myself to Skimboard. It's so difficult!

The Columbia Gorge is another of these wonderful spots I visit when it's too hot to be in the city. You could never tell that's where I was when I took this photo but I reassure you that the river is there in the background.

The local Saturday market. Place you are most likely to find me during the summer.

Or at this nice ladies house playing with her dog. I use to spend a lot more time at her house but not so much anymore, however I am still there a lot.

My room. how could I leave this place out? I am here about 75% of the time. My room is the place I come to after a long day of adventures, so how could I not include it?

This post is a COLLAB with Leila @dear future self if you haven't taken a look at her blog please do! She is a wonderful blogger and a lovely person!

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