Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Q and A Answers!

Let's just get right into the questions (:

What does a day in your life look like?
Every day is different for me, but I always find comfort in my mornings. No, I am not a morning person, but I love my morning routine. I wake up around eight or nine in the morning and the first thing I do is remember what I dreamt about. As I am thinking about that I make breakfast, sit at the table, and write my dream down. Then I do one of two things, I go running or look through blogs posts. The rest of the day varies from going on day trips, paddling, or having a lazy day at home.

What would you like to accomplish in your life?
Independence. I'm not a very independent person but I want to be!

What would be your most favorite blogs?

What do you feel like is the most important part of blogging?
For me, it's being able to write down my experiences and thoughts so I can look back at them later in life. That's the sole purpose of this blog.

What have you been up to lately?
A LOT of paddling! My team has been getting ready for our all women's race in Seattle. Dragon boating and outrigger all the time.

Who takes your pictures? The ones with you in it?
My sister takes the pictures of me. It's a huge struggle! She is not a photographer one in ten of every picture she takes looks okay XD. I take all the other pictures.

What is your favorite word?
SUPERCALIFRAFILISTICEXIALIDOCIOUS! You have no idea how much fun it is to respond with this in text, it throws people off.

What is the best gift you have ever received?
My camera. It was a gift I bought with the money I got for my 15th birthday. My camera has definitely taken me many places and shown me how to look at the world a little differently.

What are you favorite songs currently?
Fire and the Flood- Vance Joy
Let me be- Charlie Brennan

What was the last book you read and what you thought of it?
Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen. This was the second time I have read this book which means it must be good because I am not the kind of person to read a book more than once, I have a thing for romance books and novels.

Which country would you most like to visit?
Can I visit them all?

What is your favorite 'Classic' film, that you have watched?
The Wizard of Oz! I watched this so many times when I was younger always hiding from the Tin Man and the Lion when they appeared.

What is your favorite 'Classic' Book, that you have read?
Adaline Falling Star by Mary Pope Osborne. When I was little my dad started reading this book to me, he stopped reading it to me before we got halfway, but I read the rest on my own and loved it.

What is your guilty pleasure song?
Backseat- New Boyz
Sexy B****- David Guetta
Only Girl (In The World)- Rihanna
I have some pretty funny memories with these old pop songs. 2011 pop was my thing.

What is a fashion style you thought you'd never like, that you now do?
Colorful workout clothes and yoga pants. Younger me tried to dress with less colorful workout clothes, now I think my workout clothes are more colorful than my casual wear.

Black or pink?
Black. I am that person who wears dark clothes throughout summer...

If you could go to lunch with three bloggers, who would you pick and where would you go?
You all are invited! I can't list only three bloggers, you all are so special to me. A picnic kind of potluck would be a lot of fun, especially in summer!

What is your fondest memory?
Playing in the creek with all my friends in the summer. That's something I miss doing but am grateful to have done. We use to walk up and down the creek, have mud fights, and catch water bugs.

What is your dream job?
I can't answer this question! I am trying to figure that out right now. There are so many options that I have no clue what I want to do. #overwhelmed

Three things you can't live without?
1-Running shoes
2-A quiet place
3-And my sister, even if she is a pain sometimes.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
I have no clue... in ten years I would be 29, I would hope that I would have found a steady job, and be married. This question just put a million thoughts into my mind. Which is also why I love being asked questions like this, they put your life into perspective and allow you to learn more about who you are as a person!

A quick and sweet thank you to everyone who commented questions, this post is possible because of you all! <3

Much love,


  1. VANESSA! Your so beautiful, girl! GORGEOUS!!<3<3
    I loved reading your answers to all the questions!

  2. You are SO cute <3
    And seeing my blog as one of your favorites made my heart happy. Thank you for being so supportive of it and for all your little comments. They make my day.

    1. You're so welcome! I really do enjoy reading all your posts.

  3. You are so gorgeous, Vanessa! <3
    Also, I loved your answers! It was so much fun asking you questions! :)

    1. Thank you! And a huge thanks to asking some of the questions!

  4. I agree with Hannah. You are most beautiful.
    I lovveed reading all your answers. Thank you so much for dubbing my blog one of your favourites! It means so much to me!



    1. Thanks you for the sweet comment! Your blog makes me really happy! You are supercalifragilisticexialidocious!

  5. Oh my word, you are stunning, Vanessa!
    It was so much fun to read all of your answers!!!:)

  6. Such great answers! Loved reading these!

  7. Love the pictures, you're so pretty.

    1. Thank you! Those were some of the few good pictures taken by my sister (;

  8. YAY haha it made me happy to see that my question put a million thoughts in your mind x) LOVE the pictures!! And I also loved allllll your answers

    1. Thank you for coming up with a question! Youre sweet like sugar!

  9. My WORD you're beautiful <3


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