Saturday, June 4, 2016

High School in Bullet Form

Freshman Year:
  • Didn't know anyone 
  • School was overwhelming due to how big the school was (2,200)
  • Colorfully color map to get me from class to class
  • Always used locker
  • Went to El Salvador for two months in the middle of school year
  • Lost a friend over details I don't remember 
  • Sat with girls who were boring to listen to 
  • Moved into Trillium Hollow
  • Went in and out of feeling energetic to slow and down
  • Did not have good grades 
  • Went to a football game
  • Started a blog in study hall out of boredom about fashion and beauty called simply perfect
  • Made "friends" with wrong people
  • Tried to start a dance club 
Sophomore Year:
  • Made a friend in chemistry (Hollie) who invited me to her birthday party and made a friend (Isabelle) there
  • Sat with Hollie and her friends at lunch 
  • Met Jamie a girl who moved schools in Study Hall
  • Enjoyed chemistry until I there was drama with a guy, typical me
  • Second semester in Chemistry made friends with a girl who moved from Indonesia (Tania)
  • Joined the dragon boating club 
  • Tried to put a blogging group together
  • Met Stefanie my penpal from Austria 
  • Went to my first high school dance -homecoming
  • Got stressed out because of finals
  • Started blogging on Simply Me 
Junior Year:
  • Moved into apartments 
  • Had classes I enjoyed
  • Didn't pay attention in Spanish until the teacher had to talk with me
  • History with Jamie and Isabelle was a blast
  • I tried super hard in history only because all the homework was graded
  • Loved having dance with my friend Tania second semester 
  • Took Field and Biology. I loved that class. Mostly because there was a garden and we never did a ton!
  • Struggled in math. Algebra 2 is hard!
  • Had an amazing lunch group
  • To convey the point of how much I loved Junior year I still remember my schedule ( Odd days: algebra 2, dance, lunch history, and teacher assist Even days: Lit and Comp, Spanish, lunch and field and bio!)
  • Went to California over spring break
  • Got confirmed 
  • Went to homecoming and got rear ended by a white van right outside the school (still went) 
  • Met Alex in April 
  • Played Powerpuff with Isabelle 
  • Went to Prom with Ian
Senior Year:
  • Senioritis kicked in from day one
  • Got the internet disconnected 
  • Had zero classes with any of my actual friends
  • Writing 120 hit me in the behind after getting a 69% on my first essay 
  • I took weight training 
  • Our cancer ambassador Natalie who was also a student passed away 
  • Went to cram the stands 
  • Was a teacher assistant for field and bio
  • Could have gotten suspended. Mr. Hardy (field bio teacher) have me his keys to go into another classroom to get ipads for him. Long story short Mrs. Profit wasn't happy
  • Tried to get a decent grade in anatomy the first semester and totally gave up second semester 
  • My grandma Dee passed away
  • My dog got put down 
  • Sara the blueberry lady passed away
  • Tried to hard to become a leader for the dragon boating club
  • Jackson happened...
  • I became a better writer thanks to the class I struggled in the most
  • Went to prom with Isabelle and Jamie 
  • Senior Breakfast 

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