Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day Trip: Cannon Beach

Dark gray clouds casting over the sky and wind mixed with grains of sand that prick at your legs as you walk on the side of the ocean. The waves of the Pacific Ocean are as cold as ice water. The smell of salty water fills you up with pleasure, the ocean's lullaby is whispered to you, and the view of never ending seas at sight make you wonder and soon you forget the things you were complaining about. It's the beauty of the ocean and the cool salt water air in Oregon . 

Much love,

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Golden Birthday

If there is one thing that has been on my mind all day it's that I don't feel 19. However, it's okay because the more I think about it the more I understand that we define the age we are -the number doesn't define us. There isn't a certain thing you have to do at a certain age, it's all up to you and discovering who you are at a certain point in your life.

Much Love,

Friday, June 17, 2016

Silent Agreement

i sit here haunted by the silent agreement we made
we never truly said goodbye

a photo that lies in my mind
are the only things i have of you

the photo is gone for good but it's forever burned in my mind

i see you clearly in it
 you are doing something mischievous
 trees around you
 a smile brought to your blue eyes

i wonder if you remember me taking that photo

a few short days
that's all the time we got
it was enough
yet i still want more

emotions for you are hard to explain 
i don't want to see you
when i do i remember the fun we had
sadness washes over me as i try to grasp that we are only memories now

a lost photo
a silent agreement

...to never speak again
Much Love,

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

4 Tips for Writing Thank You Notes

I spent a good chunk of today writing thank you notes to relatives and friends that came to my graduation and party. While my hands were cramping and my mind slowed a thought came to my mind. I thought that it would be delightful to write a small post on writing thank you notes.

Tips for Writing Thank You Notes:

1. Write from the heart- It might feel like a thank you note is something you have to do, but don't let that take over the letter. Be sincere, thoughtful, and YOU. Thank someone through your writing like you would in person.

2. Relax- There might be a lot of thank you cards to write and you're trying to get them sent out as soon as possible, but take your time and relax. You might as well be comfy.

3. Keep it short and sweet- Thank you notes should be kept short and straight to the point. Keeping the note short will help you stay on topic. This isn't a letter you need to ramble in.

4. Send out thank you notes for anything- You can give out thank you notes for the simplest things and I guarantee you, you'll make someone smile a bunch! Random short and sweet notes are some of my favorite.

Much Love,

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Graduation 2016

Graduation is a night I will always remember. I started the night by getting into my mom's car at 5:30pm. We drove through loads of traffic and when we finally got there I got little butterflies in my stomach because of the thought that this was actually happening. I also had some bizarre fear of my counselor telling me last minute I wouldn't graduate.

As we pulled into the parking spot I saw a lot of my class getting into their caps and gowns. When my sister and I got out of the car she immediately helped me put on my gown a few seconds later her eyes started to tear because of how happy and excited she was for me. This happens to be one of my favorite moments.

My mom had reminded me to smile to matter what. She really didn't have to- I was so overjoyed to be graduating. I walked into the ceremony smiling and really the smile never left my face. Walking across the stage with millions of eyes watching and my family shouting my name was a great feeling. I waved my diploma in the air and smiled up at my family.

My mother over here was just as happy as I was to see me graduating.

The next day, which was the 9th, I got into the car with my grandma, aunt, sister, and mom thinking we were heading to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate little did I know my mom had planned a graduation party for me. The picture above is one of my favorite photos. My two lovely friends which my mom brought to my party helped me get through high school.

For dinner my mom and my family. I knew nothing about this cooked a typical El Salvadorian turkey and made rice. The food was wonderful.

So last week was a pretty great week. I am happy to say I am not sleeping on the floor anymore and am looking forward to getting some good nights rest. This has little to do with graduation. I hope that when I look back I will remember what graduation was like. 

Much love,

Monday, June 6, 2016

Strenght Training


Okay, let's get to it. LIFTING! Last semester as a few of you may know I took strength training to fill a gap in my schedule and it's honestly one of the most rewarding things I have done.

 I started strength training in October in an ALL GUYS class. When I decided to fill the gap in my schedule with weight training I initially thought there would be at least a couple of girls, but to my surprise there weren't. This was probably the most challenging aspect of taking this class. I remember going to strength training the first day and being a bit intimidated when I saw no girls had taken the class. The teacher or as we call him, coach Merrick, asked me if I was sure I wanted to be in a class of all guys. HECK YES I wanted to be there! I was not going to back out of what I signed up for just because it was an all guy class! I told him it was fine.

And it was fine. I learned all the lifts with help from the freshman that took me under their wing. I didn't realize it at first but the reason the seniors fled from me was because they lift A LOT more than I would ever and to change weights back and forth is ridiculous. In the beginning, I couldn't lift much weight at all. Even if I was a newbie to lifting, it felt good to be in a class that challenged me both physically and socially.   

A typical hour and a half in weight training would look like this:
Two laps around the track
Going into the weight room and starting on lifts 
Hang Clean + Push Press 4x3
Back Squat 4x5
Romain Deadlifts  4x5
Bench 4x6
Bent Over Rows 4x5
Pull Ups 4x4
Russian Twists 4x20
Then a group timed ab exercise.

I got use to the routine until Friday came. Fun Fitness Friday. DUN DUN DUN The only reason it's fun or at least to the guys is because we play dodgeball or kickball at the end of the class. Please excuse me while I sit in the corner and hope not to get hit by a dodgeball! The first one-third of the class we do a mini cross fit workout- I enjoyed this part.

Now let's talk progress:

When everyone was comfortable with the lifts, we tested our max's (the maximum weight you can lift  once) When I first started off I couldn't lift a lot. I benched 85 pounds, hang cleaned 95 and didn't squat much. I either was not pushing enough or I could lift anything.

Second semester came around and I put weight training back into my schedule because I wanted to get better. I definitely made progress. At the end of the semester when we tested our max's I could hang clean 115 pounds! In February when we tested max's again I could barely hang clean 105 and to now be able to hang clean 115 makes me so happy!!! My goal to gain muscle was met, and I am so much stronger. I also went from squatting 175 pounds to 190! That's 15 more pounds I was able to lift!

Who said lifting was just something guys enjoy? 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

High School in Bullet Form

Freshman Year:
  • Didn't know anyone 
  • School was overwhelming due to how big the school was (2,200)
  • Colorfully color map to get me from class to class
  • Always used locker
  • Went to El Salvador for two months in the middle of school year
  • Lost a friend over details I don't remember 
  • Sat with girls who were boring to listen to 
  • Moved into Trillium Hollow
  • Went in and out of feeling energetic to slow and down
  • Did not have good grades 
  • Went to a football game
  • Started a blog in study hall out of boredom about fashion and beauty called simply perfect
  • Made "friends" with wrong people
  • Tried to start a dance club 
Sophomore Year:
  • Made a friend in chemistry (Hollie) who invited me to her birthday party and made a friend (Isabelle) there
  • Sat with Hollie and her friends at lunch 
  • Met Jamie a girl who moved schools in Study Hall
  • Enjoyed chemistry until I there was drama with a guy, typical me
  • Second semester in Chemistry made friends with a girl who moved from Indonesia (Tania)
  • Joined the dragon boating club 
  • Tried to put a blogging group together
  • Met Stefanie my penpal from Austria 
  • Went to my first high school dance -homecoming
  • Got stressed out because of finals
  • Started blogging on Simply Me 
Junior Year:
  • Moved into apartments 
  • Had classes I enjoyed
  • Didn't pay attention in Spanish until the teacher had to talk with me
  • History with Jamie and Isabelle was a blast
  • I tried super hard in history only because all the homework was graded
  • Loved having dance with my friend Tania second semester 
  • Took Field and Biology. I loved that class. Mostly because there was a garden and we never did a ton!
  • Struggled in math. Algebra 2 is hard!
  • Had an amazing lunch group
  • To convey the point of how much I loved Junior year I still remember my schedule ( Odd days: algebra 2, dance, lunch history, and teacher assist Even days: Lit and Comp, Spanish, lunch and field and bio!)
  • Went to California over spring break
  • Got confirmed 
  • Went to homecoming and got rear ended by a white van right outside the school (still went) 
  • Met Alex in April 
  • Played Powerpuff with Isabelle 
  • Went to Prom with Ian
Senior Year:
  • Senioritis kicked in from day one
  • Got the internet disconnected 
  • Had zero classes with any of my actual friends
  • Writing 120 hit me in the behind after getting a 69% on my first essay 
  • I took weight training 
  • Our cancer ambassador Natalie who was also a student passed away 
  • Went to cram the stands 
  • Was a teacher assistant for field and bio
  • Could have gotten suspended. Mr. Hardy (field bio teacher) have me his keys to go into another classroom to get ipads for him. Long story short Mrs. Profit wasn't happy
  • Tried to get a decent grade in anatomy the first semester and totally gave up second semester 
  • My grandma Dee passed away
  • My dog got put down 
  • Sara the blueberry lady passed away
  • Tried to hard to become a leader for the dragon boating club
  • Jackson happened...
  • I became a better writer thanks to the class I struggled in the most
  • Went to prom with Isabelle and Jamie 
  • Senior Breakfast 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Goals

It's my birthday month! *does a little happy dance* I am turning 19 on the 19th which means it's my golden birthday. June! So many exciting things happening. The one thing I won't stop talking about *cough* *cough* graduation is on June 8th and I finish school this Friday! Also, some of my family members are visiting and it's going to be fantastic.

We now stand half way through the year and I am glad to say I have kept of with the goal of writing monthly goals! Soooo without further ado here are this months goals:

Get a gym membership- I am going to need something to do with my free time and the gym is always a great place to be. Plus it's only a ten-minute walk there! This is also all part of the

Drink more water- I love love love water.... nope not really but I keep telling myself this because I have to remind myself to drink water.

Dream Journal- I am aiming to dream journal everyday of the month but sometimes I can't remember a dream so I want to journal as often as possible.

Much love,

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