Monday, May 30, 2016

Blog Layout + Mini Rants

LONG STORY SHORT: I changed my blog layout again! The old layout made me crazy and I couldn't take it anymore so I spent all day today changing my blog's layout. I am proud to say I have a simple hassle free blog layout. Oh, the time I put into this blog.

On a completely different note, I have FOUR days of high school left and nine days until graduation! It still hasn't hit me that I am going to be done with high school. This week is going to go by rather quickly. I would like to say the four years I have spent in high school went by quickly, but looking at it day by day they really didn't. I am just glad to be almost done.

My sister has spent the past two days looking like a crocodile. She has red bumps all over her skin... out of love I have been calling her crocodile. I think I might be getting on her nerve. I only bring this up so when I am reading my blog later in life I can remember this incident.

I don't really have anything else to talk about. This weekend has been the most mellow week I have had in a long time. I think I have left the house twice? Once to the farmers market for more lettuce and again for church. I am pretty introverted and that's cool. I think it's going to be weird to have to talk to people at school again. I wonder if any of you have this problem that when you spend so long alone doing whatever you want that when you have to interact with people again you question how you'll be able to survive doing that? Am I the only person this happens to? Is this normal?

I sound semi- crazy that's also cool.

Much love,

Friday, May 27, 2016

Pancake Recipe + Tag

Saturday morning pancakes is a thing. I love waking up and going straight to making pancakes on a Saturday. After a week of school and having to make a quick breakfast of oatmeal, making pancakes and slowing down on Saturday morning became my thing. I wanted to share my favorite pancake recipe with everyone today so you all can make pancakes tomorrow morning! 

Here is a printable recipe. It would make me so happy if you end up printing this because it took me forever how to figure out how to do this. 


Team Waffle vs. Team Pancake Tag 

I found this tag on Silver Mess while I was reading posts before I was about to post this pancake recipe. Little did I know there had been a discussion about waffles and pancakes.

1. Thank/link the person who tagged you.
2. Answer the questions.
3. Tag 5 people
4. Include your favorite waffle/pancake recipe. (optional)

1. Describe your ideal pancake/waffle in three words.
2. If you could eat pancakes/waffles with anyone in the world, living or dead, fictional or real, who would you want to eat with?
3. Top three condiments to put on your pancakes/waffles?
4. Describe why you think why pancakes/waffles are better than the other option.
5. If you could make your pancakes/waffles into any shape or size, how would you make them?

1. Describe your ideal pancake in three words.
Delicate, sweet, and of course fluffy.

2. If you could eat pancakes with anyone in the world, living or dead, fictional or real, who would you want to eat with?
Any of my fellow bloggers. I think it'd be so much fun to make pancakes with you guys.

3. Top three condiments to put on your pancakes?
Maple syrup, Strawberries, and peanut butter. I love putting peanut butter in between pancakes it's so yummy. But I ran out of peanut better so, unfortunately, no peanut butter and pancakes this morning.

4. Describe why you think why pancakes are better than the other option.
Pancakes are more fun to make. Honestly, I think I have more fun making pancakes in the morning than I do eating them. Don't get me wrong- I love eating pancakes. BUT waiting for bubbles to come to the surface then flipping them over is the best. You can't do any of that while making waffles.

5. If you could make your pancakes into any shape or size, how would you make them?
I am perfectly content with how I make them now. What i like doing is making mini pancakes and having a lot of bite size pancakes.

I tag: 
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...and of course, anyone who wants another tag to participate in!

Much Love,

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday's Famers Market



I told myself last night that today I would take photos today and I did! Today I spent some time in the farmers market with my mom and sister. Originally we had gone to the market just to get popcorn, but of course we came home with a few other goodies as well as stopping at the library for some books to read. I really do love the famers market. The one where I live is small, but I have been going there since I was little and it's a pleasant place to hang out.

Guess who has internet back at home, yep, me. It's been 7 months since I have had internet at home, with it being senior year it was difficult to keep on top of school work but I managed all year... I don't know how. BUT now I have more time to read everyone's posts and create more of my own. Can't wait to be able blog more!

Much love,

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Prom 2016

I am delighted to finally be able to upload and share photos from prom on my blog. I wrote about my prom experience last year and had to make sure to write about it this year, as well. This year I went with friends and my friend Isabelle's date. 

There is a short somewhat sweet story about the dress I wore to prom. Long story short I was looking for dresses at a small boutique two months ago for my grandma's memorial and tried that very prom dress on for the fun of it. Never did I think that dress would still be there two months later for me to wear to prom. I felt like that dress was meant for me. 

Planning for prom was a headache. For about a week my friends and I were in circles trying to figure out who's house to go to, what time, who drives, and what we will eat. Personally being in the middle of plans is no fun for me. Eventually and when I say that I mean the day before we figured it all out. 

On Saturday, I drove back to Portland from Vancouver with my dad, showered once I was home, picked up Isabelle and went to Jamie's house. This is where things get funny. We ordered a pizza online and started doing makeup when half way through we hear the doorbell. Isabelle's date from Vancouver was here with her dad. We answered the door in sweats and half-done makeup. We later then drive to get the pizza, eat, and get dressed. 

My mom insisted on driving me to prom. Honestly, she might have been more excited than I was. Anyways she drove Jamie and me to prom and we met Isabelle and her date there. 

We were in the line to take photos at the photo booth when we see the principle heading toward us. "Isabelle... your dad would really appreciate it if you went to take photos." Oh, of course, our parents want to get photos of us. So being good children we walked other to where not only Isabelle's dad was but my mom as well and took let them take more photos of us. 

From there we went to the dance floor. My favorite songs to dance to were Low by Flo Rida since that song gets me pumped and Staying Alive by Bee Gees. It was just a fun time and much enjoyed because it was spent with the right people. Am I getting rambly? Yes. 

Much love, 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Self Respect

Self Respect: pride and confidence in oneself; a feeling that one is behaving with honor and dignity.
{Thanks to Google for defining that for me}

Writing about something a little different today since I thought I needed to switch things up. Down below you will find a few ways to have self respect. 

1. Accept that you make mistakes- Don't worry about the mistakes you have made they are in the past. They are long gone and dwelling can be oh so tiring. Come to terms with them and start being proud of yourself for learning from the mistakes you have made. 

2. Stand up for what you believe- Being able to say no to something you don't want to do because of your beliefs is having respect towards yourself! Have pride in what you believe.

3. Know you are beautiful- The fact that you are the only person like you is beautiful. Try not to compare yourself with others because they aren't you. You are beautiful and if you come to terms with that it's easy to love yourself. 

4. Do something nice for yourself everyday- Listen to your favorite song, take a walk, or enjoy time painting. Do something you love to do everyday. 

5. Stop trying to be normal- Can anyone tell me what normal even is? I think it's a made up concept and we are trying too hard to be something unrealistic. 

Much love,

Monday, May 2, 2016

May Goals

Graduate- I can barely believe that the school year has almost (that's the key word here) come to an end. I will be done with school June third and with that being said I need to push through this one month of school I have left to make sure I get the credits I need. Not graduating is my worst fear at the moment to be honest.

Take time to chill out- With there only being a month of school left I know things will get hectic and I will feel overwhelmed. I want to take at least 15-10 minutes at any point in the day to listen to music and stretch the stress out! Missed doing this yesterday... OOOPS but I will start today!

What are your May Goals?

Much Love,

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