Sunday, March 27, 2016

Catching Up With V: Spring Break

Lately and to come in my life- that's what you will be caught up in!

The past week I have been on spring break, and let me tell you a break from school was much needed. I have a serious cass of senioritis! I have pretty much given up in anatomy mostly because I don't need the credit but moving on... spring break!

I went hiking with my dad when spring break started. Little did I know he subcutaneously plans on going on a very long hike. I didn't pack food!

My sister and I have spent a lot of time watching movies.  One of my favorites was The Spectacular Now although the ending was awful the movie was enjoyable! Teen Wolf is pretty awesome too! The main character reminds us of a boy we know. (My sisters long time crush even if he won't admit it)

I went on the most wonderful paddle on Thursday. My coach invited another paddler and I to paddle on the outrigger for two hours. It was a beautiful paddle.

I've been having a lot of dreams involving school and the people who attend my school. Hellooo subconscious I don't want to think about school! I also have had a few dreams where I struggle to call 911.

Sushi is always a must. I went to get sushi with my mom twice this week. Thank goodness for 20% off discounts.

Speaking of food I made the most delicious rosemary and garlic hashbrowns. Those were to die for. Probably going to make some more tomorrow morning!

Yesterday night I went to the most wonderful Easter mass. It started off in the darkness then gradually got lighter as everyone lit candles. Several people got baptized Catholic, this was my favorite part. I am looking forward to going next year.

Today, I spent time packing my suit case for my trip to North Carolina! I'm going with my mom and sister to my grandma's memorial. I was surprised how easy it was to pack. I am quite excited for the trip, I'll get to see my cousins who I haven't seen in ten years! I know right, that's a long time!

What I've been listening to:
Whisper by Chris Rice 
Carolina Can also by Chris Rice 
Parachute by Kris Allen 

Much love,


  1. Beautiful post! It sounds like you had a very relaxing spring break!

    1. I have! It's been good but I'm ready to do things now!

  2. sounds like a beautiful break! i hope your Easter was wonderful as well:)

    1. Easter was good too! (: Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It's looks like so brill! Totes amazed. Later days, and I will be back again :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Checking out your blog now!


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