Tuesday, March 29, 2016

north carolina

*not my photo!*

that's when i'll be departing into the night sky 
39,000 feet above sea level 
39,000 feet closer to the moon 
39,000 feet and stars surrounding 

goodbye, oregon
familiar roads and faces 
i'll be back soon

hello, north carolina
 i don't know you, 
 I know someone who did

she sent cards from you to me
never will i receive one more 
for she is up in a place i'll be closer to tonight 

i can't wait to get to know you
this isn't how i imagined it'd be 

i will wander where you walked
you won't be with me
i'll know you're there

i'm sitting here counting down the hours until we meet

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Catching Up With V: Spring Break

Lately and to come in my life- that's what you will be caught up in!

The past week I have been on spring break, and let me tell you a break from school was much needed. I have a serious cass of senioritis! I have pretty much given up in anatomy mostly because I don't need the credit but moving on... spring break!

I went hiking with my dad when spring break started. Little did I know he subcutaneously plans on going on a very long hike. I didn't pack food!

My sister and I have spent a lot of time watching movies.  One of my favorites was The Spectacular Now although the ending was awful the movie was enjoyable! Teen Wolf is pretty awesome too! The main character reminds us of a boy we know. (My sisters long time crush even if he won't admit it)

I went on the most wonderful paddle on Thursday. My coach invited another paddler and I to paddle on the outrigger for two hours. It was a beautiful paddle.

I've been having a lot of dreams involving school and the people who attend my school. Hellooo subconscious I don't want to think about school! I also have had a few dreams where I struggle to call 911.

Sushi is always a must. I went to get sushi with my mom twice this week. Thank goodness for 20% off discounts.

Speaking of food I made the most delicious rosemary and garlic hashbrowns. Those were to die for. Probably going to make some more tomorrow morning!

Yesterday night I went to the most wonderful Easter mass. It started off in the darkness then gradually got lighter as everyone lit candles. Several people got baptized Catholic, this was my favorite part. I am looking forward to going next year.

Today, I spent time packing my suit case for my trip to North Carolina! I'm going with my mom and sister to my grandma's memorial. I was surprised how easy it was to pack. I am quite excited for the trip, I'll get to see my cousins who I haven't seen in ten years! I know right, that's a long time!

What I've been listening to:
Whisper by Chris Rice 
Carolina Can also by Chris Rice 
Parachute by Kris Allen 

Much love,

Monday, March 21, 2016

New Look!

I have spent way too long on my blog! I have been working on it since 11am; it's now 4pm but, I am happy to say I have a brand new layout I like! Okay, not like... LOVEEE. I also got super lazy half way and used a free blogger template but, that seemed to cause more problems. A lot of online templates seem to be wayyyy to complex. It's easy installing it but having to tweak every feature sucks!!! 

Happy to announce to myself and to all of you that I am DONE! 

WONDERFUL! Anyways, let me know what you think! I am eager to hear feedback. Good or bad! 

Much love, 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Possibility and Chance

Ever think about how your possibilities are bigger than you can imagine? I've been thinking about that, a lot.

Everyone is talking about moving on to college, they have a college and major in mind; which is good, but I see things differently. I see so many possibilities, big or small. Not just college; or one pathway. I see many opportunities and too many to choose just one from. Choosing a pathway after highschool is where the realtity of creating a life all seems to start. I want to have many options open to me. Only problem with options is the fact im very indecisive. I probably don't know half the things I could do once I graduate.

Then, there are the possibilities of chance. Chance is an incredible thing, if you have the right mindset you can focus on the positive possibilities and the chance of them happening. Possibility is taking a chance on something, anything, for the better. "There is a fair possibility my life will be great, and I'm taking a chance on it." There are an infinite of possibilities, I like knowing that. I find it comforting to know there are possibilities for you and me.

Remember when your math teacher in the 7th grade told you to reach into a bag filled with different colored marbles and asked what the possibilities of getting a purple marble was? You probably knew what that possibilty was.

Now, imagine not knowing how many different colored marbles and how many of each color are in that bag. The bag is similar to the possibilities you get in life; How many, big or small. In life you don't know how big or small a possibility is. It could be a bag filled of only purple marbles or a select few purple marbles. This is what you take a chance on when you choose to have faith in the possibilty.

This may seem risky, but the chances are generally always bigger than you can imagine. That's what I like about possibility. Something so unlikely to happen could have a huge possibility of happening. You simply musy take a leap and trust in the possibilty.

Much love,

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

not here.

not there.
although i rather be anywhere
but, here.

tired of these people
these people 
barely anything 

where is the person i have been unconsciously looking for,
all. my. life.
where are you?

i know where you aren't 
you aren't 

i will find you one day.
you will be here one day.
promise you that.

where ever you are...

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Goals

Another month is here and with that comes along more goals! Setting small monthly goals instead of big yearly goals has been working wonders for me! Each month I look forward to setting new goals and working towards them.

1. Work harder in Writing 120
School. It's second semester, I am a senior, and let me tell you I am getting more unmotivated as the year goes by. The last credit I need to graduate is a writing credit, with that being said I can not let myself slip up. Doing all the homework and paying attention in Writing 120 is a priority this month. I want to be able to say I learned a lot and did all the work I needed to in order to be successful this month.

2. Love my body

3. Get into yoga
Yoga is something I have always been interested in and it's time I start getting into it this month! I have already created what I call a yoga corner in my room and this month it will be used. I hope to get more back flexibility through yoga.

4. Appreciate the people around me
"You never know what you have until it's gone."
With everything going on I am becoming more appreciable for the people around me. I want to continue appreciating them through life and work on it this month.

5. Cook more often
Cooking is something I have always loved, this month I want to cook more good food. Good food, happy mood.

Much love,

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