Friday, February 26, 2016

Let's Talk About Death

Death, it's an uncomfortable topic for many young girls, but we need to start talking about it. As young adults, serious conversations such as this one will start to pop up. As young ladies, we need to be prepared for serious conversations, it's part of growing up.

I welcome you to the second post in my death series. 
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There are a lot of aspects of death to talk about, so many things that I can't choose what to talk about first so I'm going to start with something simple.

What is death?

Death has a lot of meanings to different people, but the underlined fact is that someone will pass away. That's the sad part of death, someone you love and care for will die. This person might have been terminally ill, old, or it was a surprise and no one expected it. It happens.

Dying is part of life. Whether you like it or not you cannot live life with going through death. This is probably one of the hardest concepts to understand. How can death be part of life? Well, how can you live without knowing you will die? If you have any thoughts on this please comment.

As I write this I think about the three most recents deaths in my life. My grandma died unexpectedly, my dog was put to sleep so that she would not suffer, and Sara, the family friend was slowly dying from cancer. All these deaths have a very different reason for happening. The reason each loved one died was completely different from the rest. I have more experience in dealing with different death scenarios now which isn't a bad thing at all.

I think that dying after living isn't a bad way to finish life. Knowing there is a better place for you than the one you were just in sounds almost comforting. The scary thing is leaving the people behind. It is almost always harder for family members to cope with the death of a loved one than for the loved one to leave. This is something I will talk about in my next post.

I would love to hear your input on my somewhat confusing and definitely unorganized post. If there is something you would like me to talk about in a further post let me know by leaving a comment.

Much love,

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pictures of 2016

Much love,

Monday, February 15, 2016


I wish we had more time.
I wish we could spend another spring summer, fall, and winter together.
I wish you didn't have to go.

I love you.
I love the way you jump up on my leg when you want food.
I love the way you beg to be loved.
I love the way you run to home.
I love the way you're always there for me to hold.

I'll miss you accidentally pooing everywhere.
I'll miss taking you on walks while ice nips you're paws.
I'll miss the funny positions you end up in each morning.
I'll miss you.

I can't imagine how lonley I'll be without you.
I can't imagine you not being at the table begging for food.
I can't imagine not coming home from school go you waiting eagerly at the door.
I can't imagine my life without you.

I know you'll be with the angles.
I know you'll be watching over me and protecting us like you always have.
I know your spirit will always be with us.
I know you will still be in my heart, and for that I am thankful.

In the good times and in the bad, you've been there. I will always love you. I'll miss your soft warm ears, I'll miss you trying to bite my nose. The way you easily make friends and love attention. The way you bark at the people outside of our car. Sitting in between Lauren and me on trips to the beach and rolling in the sand...

It's going to be painful without you my Aluchi. But I'll love you forever and I know you will do the same.

I love you.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

10 Things To Say Instead of "I'm Sorry."

When apologizing:
1. I understand what I did was wrong, please forgive me. I didn't mean to upset you and I apologize for hurting you.

2. What can I do to make you trust me again? I know what I did wasn't right

3. Can we start over?

For death: 
4. What can I do to make you feel better?

5. I know it's hard to lose someone but things will get better. I sympathize for your loss.

6. Give them a HUG!!!

When you upset your parents:
7. Mom/Dad/ Both I know what I did upset you, and your disappointed in me, I am too. I won't do what I did again. I love you and I apologize for my mistake.

Teacher and late work:
8. Mr./ Mrs. I did something wrong. I was going through a hard time (for this part think of something on your own) I would be so grateful if you took a look at my paper.

Best friends:
9. Buy them their favorite food/ candy/food and give them a hug, tell them how much they mean to you!!!

10. Write them a note telling them you apologize and why you love them so much.

Much love,

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Goals

1. Meet new people- this doesn't seem lame at all... Okay yeah it's a little lame but I think meeting new people and learning from them is a lot of fun! All of high school I ignored the people in my own grade because most of the students seemed dumb, but I guess it's about time to get to know them.

2. Gain 10 pounds of muscle- If I can gain muscle and not look fat this will be a HUGE confident builder. The gym and eating right will help me accomplish this, it won't be easy, won't happen in a month but at the end of the month I want to be able to say I am closer to my 10 pounds. 

3. Dance and teach someone to ballroom- Honestly teaching someone to ball room seems like so much fun!! Dancing is so much fun too! I can't wait to dance more, I love making up choreography then preforming.

4. Don't be RUDE- Enough said....


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