Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Monthly Goals

It's insane to think that another year is in front of our eyes once again. It seems like the older you get the faster time flies by, which isn't a bad thing, but it can be shocking. I am shocked and also really excited that I will graduate this year of 2016! I have been waiting much to long for this. That's besides the point. It's going to be 2016 very, very soon! Incredible. 

People make New Years resolutions in order to complete a long term goal within the new year. However, most people tend to have a hard time sticking to their unrealistic goals. A big goal can be hard to keep at since progress may not be seen within the same month so a little less than halfway through the year they say, forget it. 

This year I am going to make monthly goals for myself. This is something I have seen on other blogs and I thought that it seemed like something I could stick to doing. I like the idea of monthly goals because it lets you focus on making little improvements in your life, A month is not a lot of time, but it is the perfect amount of time for small and realistic goals. Usually, the idea of a goal isn't my favorite, though, I want to try this out for a year. 

I plan on making changes I can see this year. I want to become a better person and accomplish health related goals too. The idea and I am repeating this so it sticks with me is to make small yet effective changes this year.

With a mind ready to change, I welcome year 2016 into my life!

Much love,


  1. monthly goals seem like such a great idea, actually!


  2. I know right? I'll be graduating in 2017 and it also feels so soon. ~ Good luck with your goals, its hard to see progress day to day but you really can change the world if you put your mind to it!
    Kate @

    1. If will be here before you know it!!!! I will have another post realting to this

  3. What a clever idea! Wish you the best! Lol.


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