Thursday, January 14, 2016

15 Random Facts About V

15. I hate when people dot push in their chairs. This gets super annoying at school, I'm that one person pushing everyone's chairs in.

14. I've never kissed a guy, and a guy has never kissed me! Virgin lips, bad joke I know.

13. I am a Gemini and if seems like I match every description.

12. I have been writing my sleeping dreams down since I was a fifth grader.

11. I go to school with the rich and preppy! Thankfully I will be graduating!

10. After school, I want to travel to learn Spanish then attend school in January 2017.

9. I am not afraid of spiders. They are friends, not food.

8. I have failed math a total of two times! Fun fact I suck at math more than you think!

7. I love winter. The refreshing weather is the best! Cold chilly and crisp air, yes please.

6. I can power clean 100 pounds! Ay, arent I strong. As of yesterday I lifted 100!

5. I am the only girl in my weight training currently! Oh the struggle that can be.

4. Someday I would love to visit my childhood home! I might have to pretend to be a land surveyer to do that. Gotta think about it...

3. I have too many friends out of state. I've met them on Instagram, or here.

2. I think high school boys are idiotic, this probably why I haven't kissed any of them, college guys yes please.

1. It's 8:12 and I am in math not paying attention!



  1. Aww, so great V, love these facts :). haha, some of these are so funny! Keep up the cute posts!

    1. P.S. I love those photos of you on the beach, you and the ocean are both so beautiful, and it is such a neat photo shoot

    2. Thank you so much! I had fun making this post too! Unfortunately had to repost it but it's okay

  2. These facts are so cool! I've done a similar post for my email subscriptions, but you totally nailed it! Your posts are so humerous, they always put a smile on my face. Keep on doing whatever it is that you're doing, you brilliant human bean!


    1. Yes! Thank you! Happy to hear positive feedback on this!!

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  4. These are cool facts. Glad to get to know more about you. I'm Gemini too :D *high 5


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