Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Thing about Death

I have been going through so much the past few days.

My grandma died 3 am January, 25th, 2016, her funeral is on April 2nd. I miss her a lot but, I am happy she can be in peace rather than laying in a hospice room on life support. Up in heaven resting surrounded by angels and people who love her. One day I will be able to have endless conversations with her while I am up there.

Death, it's an uncomfortable topic for many young girls, but we need to start talking about it. I am sure each one of you have had some encounter with death whether it be a family member or a loved pet, indirect or not we have all dealt with something similar. We all need to talk about it, in this world and century it is often not talked about. Considered a topic "adults" but if we want to be understanding people shouldn't we talk about it too? Yes, We should.

Welcome to the new therapeutic death series on my blog. I am doing this for all of you who want to have serious conversations about death openly but also for my self to sort out my thoughts. To help me cope with grieving for all the loved ones, I miss.

Death brings everyone together. It reunites the members of the family that are the farthest apart. 

When someone in the family passes everyone flies to where they are, they all get together to spend time grieving with family who understand exactly what they are going through.

My dad is one of the people who knows what I am feeling but unfortunately he doesn't want to talk to me about his feeling. The night before my grandma passed we were talking about all the good memories she left us with and the thing she showed us to do before she passed:
She showed us to be strong. She held on to life for 36 HOURS! She showed us that you need to be STRONG IN LIFE. That's something I am so thankful for.

Point is that you need to be around family and look for all the positives you an. Forget about the fact that their body is in a hole REMEMBER that their soul is FREE.

Much love,

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Welcome to My Blog

One of the goals I have for this year is all about connecting with more people. To make new friends and simply take to others I wouldn't normally talk to. How does this even relate to my blog you might ask, well, my blog is a part of who I am. It shows you what I like to do and what my values are. If you like the person you are reading about why not stop by and say hi. This is why I am converting my once very private blog to something I share with more than the internet.

Welcome to my little world.

Your new friend,

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Prayer for the Weak

God, I ask that you send your angels to protect the weak, to watch other the ill, and hold hands with the dying. People around me need your blessing and love. May you shine a light on them and protect them while I can't. I am worried for the people I care about, they are not strong enough to carry themselfs. May you send my love, care, and prayers to them. May they regain strength soon. Bless the people who need your blessings. I ask for your help in keeping them safe in these hard times. 

My grandma is currently in ICU, she lives in North Carolina. I can't be there with her but I am praying that she will recover. She was found in her bathroom by her neighbors after 36 hours. An aneurysm ruptured. It's a miracle that she wasn't gone when they found her. She has spent two weeks in the hospital and just as we thought things were getting better she was found not breathing by a nurse. At the moment she is on life support.

 It's a scary thing to know her life and body is so fragile at the moment.

 I am praying for her.

I love you grandma.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

15 Random Facts About V

15. I hate when people dot push in their chairs. This gets super annoying at school, I'm that one person pushing everyone's chairs in.

14. I've never kissed a guy, and a guy has never kissed me! Virgin lips, bad joke I know.

13. I am a Gemini and if seems like I match every description.

12. I have been writing my sleeping dreams down since I was a fifth grader.

11. I go to school with the rich and preppy! Thankfully I will be graduating!

10. After school, I want to travel to learn Spanish then attend school in January 2017.

9. I am not afraid of spiders. They are friends, not food.

8. I have failed math a total of two times! Fun fact I suck at math more than you think!

7. I love winter. The refreshing weather is the best! Cold chilly and crisp air, yes please.

6. I can power clean 100 pounds! Ay, arent I strong. As of yesterday I lifted 100!

5. I am the only girl in my weight training currently! Oh the struggle that can be.

4. Someday I would love to visit my childhood home! I might have to pretend to be a land surveyer to do that. Gotta think about it...

3. I have too many friends out of state. I've met them on Instagram, or here.

2. I think high school boys are idiotic, this probably why I haven't kissed any of them, college guys yes please.

1. It's 8:12 and I am in math not paying attention!


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 2016 Goals

Well, this is the start of my monthly goal series!!! Each month will have a few goals and as it goes on I will write what I have done in the month. The goals are made to help me become a better person, achieve things I have wanted to get done, and keep life organized. 

The following goals will be written near my bed, fridge, and binder to remind me of the things in my life I want to improve.

1. Get lower on the splits
To be able to do the splits is a goal I have wanted for a long time! I have tried many times, but then fail to follow through after a week or two of constant stretching. I want to be able to do the splits because it makes other things I want to do easier too. (Back walkovers)

2. Treat all people with kindness, family first
Year 2016 is a year we are suppose to show mercy towards others and I want to start the year off by showing kindness to everyone, liked or not. I will start to show more kindness to my family and then spread that towards my friends. Kindness is something we all need to work on, whether it be showing someone you love them, standing up for them, making someone feel better, or simply helping them, I want to be a kinder person.

3. Eat healthy
Yep, this is mentioned on my blog a lot, and here it is again. I want to keep eating healthy. Over the holidays I was careful what I ate but still slipped. With January here and no reason to eat like a crazy person, I will be eating very healthy again! What fun. I am doing this because I love my body and I want to feel better about what I ate on a daily bases. I tend to snack a lot coming home from school or have a big dinner so minimizing that is one way I will be healthier.  

Much Love, 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Monthly Goals

It's insane to think that another year is in front of our eyes once again. It seems like the older you get the faster time flies by, which isn't a bad thing, but it can be shocking. I am shocked and also really excited that I will graduate this year of 2016! I have been waiting much to long for this. That's besides the point. It's going to be 2016 very, very soon! Incredible. 

People make New Years resolutions in order to complete a long term goal within the new year. However, most people tend to have a hard time sticking to their unrealistic goals. A big goal can be hard to keep at since progress may not be seen within the same month so a little less than halfway through the year they say, forget it. 

This year I am going to make monthly goals for myself. This is something I have seen on other blogs and I thought that it seemed like something I could stick to doing. I like the idea of monthly goals because it lets you focus on making little improvements in your life, A month is not a lot of time, but it is the perfect amount of time for small and realistic goals. Usually, the idea of a goal isn't my favorite, though, I want to try this out for a year. 

I plan on making changes I can see this year. I want to become a better person and accomplish health related goals too. The idea and I am repeating this so it sticks with me is to make small yet effective changes this year.

With a mind ready to change, I welcome year 2016 into my life!

Much love,

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