Monday, November 9, 2015

A Few Thoughts:

Saturday, November 7

Sometimes I just like to sit down and type something. It doesn’t have to be anything special, it just has to stratify the need to write. Sitting in my room listening to music and typing something on my laptop is my idea of a relaxing time. That’s what I am currently, but instead of writing on the blog layout I am typing on word since there is no WiFi at home. It’s okay though, I’m pretending to be on blogger.

What I should be doing is studying for an anatomy test, that’s not happening obviously. I just want to hear the clicking on a keyboard while I ponder life and pretend I don’t have a thousand other things to be doing at this moment.

I love relaxing music. I have a playlist full of relaxing music. Looking for you Again by Matthew Perryman Jones is playing and I am in love with this song. It’s such a sweet song. I hope the man I love loves me this much. “I hope I die with you in my mind”... I feel like I am going to melt.

The man I love. It’s such an unfamiliar term. Not very often do I think of the one who will love me as much as I love him. Of course I have those moments that every teenage girl has where she wants a guy to take her to all the dances but, when you think of the man you will marry it’s completely different. I have no idea how to explain how different it is compared to the love you give to people now.

The scary thought is that I’m 18 in a few years I might be married. I would have a husband, a job, a house to call my own, my life would be more independent, and other grown up things. I think of myself reading this in a few years. I wonder whether I will be able to say yes to any of the things I think up of now. A house? Good job? Happy life? Strong faith? A husband? Pets? Gives me the chills to think that 25 year old me might be reading this, correction, will be reading this. Maybe them you, as in future me, can help me explain the whole man I love thing.

Well this post went a long ways. No kidding I have been sitting here for about two-ish hours. Time really flies when writing. 697 words right now. Easy to keep clicking on the keys that write out the ideas in my mind. I think I will be forever in love with the sound of typing. 6:16pm my mother is yelling at me for being in my room for to long. She demands that I go down stairs.


  1. I know what you mean - having to sit down and write, even it is just rambling. And it is scary to think of the future sometimes - getting married, having kids, or running a business. (I'm eighteen too, by the way. :) Thankfully our God has all of that in His hand.

    1. I think its a definite need for bloggers to sit and write. Your right, it is good that God has all this taken care of :)

  2. I'm usually a person to enjoy blog posts with a dozen pictures and short captions more than a post with just words. However, this is the best short, rambling-type post I've ever read. Really inspired me to look at things in retrospect. Don't worry about the future! You got this! And you have a great blog! :)

    If you ever want to check out my blog, the link is (I'm about to be your next follower so heeey)

    1. Wow Hanna! I love feed back like this, thank you for this comment, means a lot. I usually like those too but I couldn't find pictures that fit this post. I have followed your blog (:

  3. A postilion driving you away from all your thoughts in his carriage driven by white mare; standing amidst passels,if you Freudian slipped,the one standing by your side;but pugnacious to cheer you up in harsh or gaily times...and so more must be there for such amiable miss. I accidentally espied here in search of a teenage blog, but it's proved to be a mixed heritage....i am new and I don't understand how to write one..I presume you wouldn't mind helping me...


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