Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fall, No Internet, and Hard Work

Fall is here! Aren't we all excited that it's officially (marked by the calendar) here. It still doesn't feel like fall just yet, but I know it will soon! I love fall when its in full swing. Going to pumpkin patches and no-school-November is my favorite thing ever. Plus listening to my fall playlist!

I've read a lot of fun posts on fall and I couldn't help but write about it too. I think everyone gets excited for a new season and its great.

Fall started the 23rd and ever since that date I have been sick. It's funny becuase I am drinking all this tea and bundling up trying to get better, when I realized that all this is making fall feel like fall. Forgetting the weather, it's like early 70s here. As weird as this sounds being sick the first few days of fall isn't all that bad.

Something that is bad is no internet at home. We disconnected the internet Thursday the 24th and its driving me crazy. I know this is very bad becuase we shouldn't be so attached to the internet, but it's senior year and I have stuff to get done. It'll be a challenge at first. My phone battery drains quickly if I leave data on too. Why me?

HOWEVER, the plus side of this is having more time to do stuff. Instead of wasting time on Instagram I'll study or do something productive instead. It's not all bad and distance from your phone can be a good thing to.

So far senior year has been a lot of work. Always homework and I can not slack off. I need those last few credits to graduate and I'm going to get them. My hard work will pay off.

I think that's enough of a rant about the fall and other things going on in my life for now. Also, this is being typed on my phone so there are probably a few typos sorry about that. Thank you for taking the time to read!


  1. I am SUPER excited for fall!! I have already changed my bedding!

    The Writer

    1. Ohhh I need to do that! It's still too warm for that though

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. :) Yeah, how I wish I can experience fall where I live. >< I live in Singapore, just in case you were wondering. :P

    Keep blogging, lovely!

    1. No problem! I was wondering, I saw a few of your Instagram photos


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